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Fum Oasis Pie

Fum playing a guitar :D.
Born Fum Oasis Pie
February 29, 1978 (1978-02-29) (age 41)
Olde Antarctica
Gender Male
Education Citizen
Occupation Artist, Sweeper
Years active 6
Notable works Art
Home town Shiverpool
Height 2ft 9in
Parents Sue Pie (mother)
Garmield Pie (father)
Relatives Feey1 Pie (brother)
Not to be confused with the user, User:Fum!

Fum Pie is the child of Sue Pie and Garmield Pie, and is married to Jamie Pie.


Fum was born on February 29, 1978 to Sue Pie (Arctic) and Garmield Pie. He had great brothers and sisters, and was the youngest brother of the Pie family. He decided to learn about Mythology and developed a liking for the "mythological and magic" theme, which gave him the secret goal in life to become a Mage...

Ever since, he has imagined as a child, he had a wand and did spells. His teachers said he had a creative imagination, not to mention his excellent scores in grades. He left school with excellent grades, excellent A+ and tremendous A*. Meanwhile, during school he had met alot of friends, he had met a girl named Vanessa, a guy named Ben, and encountered some of his parent's friends from school as his later teachers.

After he left school, he wanted to be a ruler of an island, an inspiration to his subjects, in which his older brother Feey was his rolemodel. He'd left with his parents and closest friends, with some other people/friends, whom they all sailed to find an island near Yow Kingdom. They were lucky they'd encountered a majestic and grand, yet so humble island.

Crab War 1[edit]

During Crab War 1, Fum didn't do anything however, he gone to rescue his brother with the troop and was offered to be in the Three Pieteers. He is currently fighting in the Crab War 1 in a troop and he was nearly killed. He helped out during the war and served as a Pilot and warsman.



  • He is the brother of Feey1.
  • Coldless once attempted to kidnap Fum but failed when Feey's bodyguards rescued him.
  • Once, he borrowed his brother's 3D glasses for his winter expedition.
  • Fum was nearly killed during the Crab War 1.
  • Fum is right-flippered.
  • Fum is the first Fum in his family, his son second, grandson third (etc).
  • He has two chicks, Fum II (hatched in 2010) and Hilda (May 29, 2012).
  • His favorite Colo(u)r is red and his favorite food is Chocolate Squid.
  • He likes classical music, sometimes French and Pop Music, but personally, soul does speak to him.