Fun, Games, Icebergs, And Other Fun Stuff

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This is the story of Alebettina and Slendar. It involves them (almost) tipping icebergs, throwing multicolored snowballs, and saving CP from Mwa Mwa Penguins.

Chapter 1: Water Party Dreams[edit]

It was a sunny June Club Penguin day in 2008.

"GRUB GRUB GRUB! I'm in Grub? GRUB GRUB GRUB? What's a Grub?" a young female Penguin was singing. "There is so much FUN things at the Water Party!"

The penguin waddled over to the Plaza, where the ice cream stand was. "FREE ITEMS!" she screamed. She then grabbed an apron from the coat rack. She tried one on, and scooped ice cream, and then proceeded to eat it.

"I guess I'd better try something from the Iced Treats stand over there." she said, and waddled there.

When she approached the stand, an older, male penguin was there. "Hello, what would you like?" he said.

"I'd like an ice pop, please."

"Coming right up? Say, have you heard of the Mega whale?"

"Um, no, I haven't."

"You should really check it out! I'll get you there."

The penguin pulled out his map, and the two warped to the Iceberg.

"I see a mega whale!" said the younger penguin.

"Just jump on it!" said the older one!"

The two climbed on the whale, and stayed there for a very long time.

At the end of the day, the older penguin asked "Say, what's your name?"


"That's a pretty name! Anyway, mine's Slendar."

"I've never met anyone with that name!"

"Neither have I."

And that was a start of a friendship that would last for years to come.