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Furry Flats
The Furry Flats image.PNG
From left to right: Scooter, Xavier, Clyde & Danny.
Background information
Origin Club Penguin, USA
Genres Pufflepop, dance-pop, R&B
Years active 2008-present
Labels Holyberden Recordings (2008-2010)
Fourth Order Records (2011-present)
Associated acts The Young Shadows, Explorer 767's Puffles, Shadow
Website thefurryflats.com

Furry Flats are an Antarctican puffle band, consisting of members Scooter, Xavier, Clyde and Danny. The band formed in early 2008 very quickly and easily, as they all lived in the same igloo and had the same owner. Over the years they have released three albums and many successful singles. Their original style of music is known as pufflepop, but also do dance-pop and R&B songs. They are compared as being the puffle version of Penguin Band. At first they made music independently and released it onto the Internet, then were signed by Fourth Order Records in late 2008. They took a musical hiatus from 2009 to 2011 and returned with a third album. The band are well known for their comedy-styled songs.


2007-2008: Early years[edit]

The band started off with Danny, who regularly played the acoustic and electric guitar in Explorer 767's igloo. His best friend Xavier (note, they all lived in the same igloo) liked his music and was encouraged by Danny to pick up an instrument and start learning how to play it. Since Danny was an expert in guitars, Explorer bought him a bass guitar, and Danny taught Xavier how to play it. At the same time, Xavier got into the drums and started playing both the bass guitar and drums. Scooter started getting inspired by the two and started practising playing small instruments such as the xylophone, cymbals and the timpani. Clyde played the slide whistle from the start, and then the four started playing music together. Clyde worked with other instruments too, such as the harmonica and many other minor instruments. Scooter advanced to electronic musical instruments, and then was ranked as a producer. By December 2007 they thought of themselves as an official band. From there they created CDs and then sold them around Club Penguin. During the Christmas season, they performed at the Pizza Parlour and were invited to a meeting to discuss contract deals by the founder of Fourth Order Records. They heard the Furry Flat's music properly and then signed them in January 2008.

2008: The Furry Flats[edit]

2009: Intonation Plague[edit]

2011-present: Recent inactivity[edit]

Since 2009 the Furry Flats took a musical hiatus - at first, mostly touring, then stayed at home. Eventually, the Furry Flats recording company, Holyberden Recordings, let them go. The remaining members of the Furry Flats, Clyde, Scooter, Danny and Xavier, worked on an indie heavy metal song, Who are we? THE FURRY FLATS!, which was only sold in Club Penguin, due to the cost of selling it worldwide. Although DJ Crow played it at the Night Club, it only sold very few copies. Eventually, they announced a merge with the forming The Young Shadows. When they joined, they, along with the other members of the new bands, released a single, We Are Shadows.


  • Scooter -- He is the life-long percussionist of the band, along with Barkjon. He replaced Shadow in the band's early years when Shadow left the band due to missions.
  • Xavier -- Xavier usually plays the bass string section in the band (i.e. bass guitar, bass electric guitar). He enjoys concerts more than anyone else.
  • Clyde -- Even in concerts this little rascal goofs off. Clyde can be found singing, or playing a miscellaneous instrument.
  • Danny -- Danny is the natural leader of the band. He instructs the band during practice and plays on the synthesizer, electric guitar, or electric violin.
Furry Flats logo.PNG


Annoying Sounds[edit]

This album was made up to annoy Mabel. It has since become the #1 "album" on the charts.


  1. Cacophony-- The entire band plays their instruments, but in a very un-orderly fashion.
  2. Canon In G Major-- This is a recording of the band's earlier performance of "Canon Rock", but subject to the popular Internet meme "In G Major".
  3. Boogie Wonderland With A Layer Added Every Second-- "Boogie Wonderland" subject to the popular Internet meme "... with a layer added every second."
  4. Happyface141 Whacks Mabel With An Electric Guitar While We Play Unfitting Music -- Fred and Explorer play a sad, nostalgic duet on the piano (a sample can be found here) while Happyface chases Mabel around the studio.
  5. Bong, the World is Saved!-- Xavier and Danny play bass and treble parts on a synthesizer (respectively), Penghis Khan plays the gong, and the rest of the band shouts, "THE WORLD IS SAVED!!!" This has been used as the opening for the band's concert tours, except that they shout "DOOHICKEY!" instead.
  6. Squeeze Them Bagpipes! (known as "THX Bagpipe Remix" in Freezeland and The Happyface State)-- Guest starring Winston in a solo, where he "hugs" a single bagpipe several times. The band was out for coffee, and when they got back, they used an audio editing program to change the pitch and timing of the bagpipe sounds. The result: a series of bagpipe sounds that culminates into the THX Deep Note audio logo. The track was recalled because it blew up most stereos and DJ2Ks. The EPF and PSA, though, use it to obliterate heavy metal doors and similar things.
"Annoying Sounds" cover


This is the third album released by the band.


  1. Trinitrotoluene -- In this song, Explorer and Fred sing about how TNT is quite useful while the band plays a jazzy tune. Danny plays the piano, Scooter plays tambourine and cowbell, Barkjon plays the drums, Clyde plays the saxophone, and Xavier plays the bass electric guitar.
  2. Static Sonnets -- This track is the only one so far that the band does not actually play. Instead, it features the monotonous, steady crackle of radio static. Using audio editing programs, the band changed the pitch of the static so that in the final recording, it would seem like the static is "humming" a tune. In the climax of the "song", there seems to be an orchestra of static that hums the Promenade from "Pictures At An Exhibition". This track went Multi-Platinum in just one week.
  3. Trigonometry Is A Trifle -- In this song, Fred describes the reasons why math is so easy for him. The band has the same intruments from the "TNT" song, except that Explorer plays a duet with Danny on the piano.
  4. How'd This Track Get Here? -- This track can only be played if you press the play, stop, fast forward, and rewind buttons simultaneously at 3 minutes and 14.16 seconds, just when the song "Trigonometry" is about to end. In this track, Explorer and Fred speculate on how the secret track made it into the album, their "explanations" getting more and more far-fetched as the song progresses. Happyface and Danny play the electric guitar, Barkjon plays drums, Clyde plays synth, and Xavier plays the bass electric guitar.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
2008 The Furry Flats 1 1 1 2 1 4 1 3
  • CP: Diamond
  • USA: 14x Platinum
  • UTR: 8x Platinum
  • FRZ: 10x Platinum
  • TAP: 4x Platinum
  • PEN: 2x Platinum
  • PUF: 12x Platinum
  • DKL: 2x Platinum
2009 Intonation Plague 1 1 1 3 1 6 1 2
  • CP: 8x Platinum
  • USA: 10x Platinum
  • UTR: 9x Platinum
  • FRZ: 11x Platinum
  • TAP: 5x Platinum
  • PEN: 3x Platinum
  • PUF: 14x Platinum
  • DKL: 2x Platinum
2011 TBA
  • Released: September 25, 2011
  • Genre: Pufflepop, dance-pop, R&B
  • Label: Fourth Order Records
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • CP: ---
  • USA: ---
  • UTR: ---
  • FRZ: ---
  • TAP: ---
  • PEN: ---
  • PUF: ---
  • DKL: ---
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or receive certification.

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