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History of Antarctica
The Early Years
Settlement of Antarctica/Birth of Regular Penguins
High Penguin occupation of the Mainland
Land of Lord Guin
Babbelonian Empire
Penguin Empire
High Penguin Confederacy
Khanzem & Grand Ol' Land
Snowman Empire
A While Back
Olde Antarctica
Colonial Antarctica
Present Day
United States of Antarctica
(Free Republics of the USA)
Ninja Archipelago
Yowien Sea
Shops Island
Other Significant Former Countries
Republic of Poleland
Frozantium Empire
Old Yow Kingdom
Sherby Hoodwounds
Future & Hypothetical Scenarios
Mabel Dystopia
Snoss Civil War
The Last Stand
One Last Hope
The Spitfire

The Future is very volatile and subject to change. In the United States of Antarctica, Time Machines are incredibly common, and since the future depends on what happens in the present, those with motive enough are able to travel back in time and change it. Therefore, the future can never be set in stone, except for events that have been established by the Bureau of Fiction's Department of Time.


Alternate Realities[edit]

The future is a lot more complicated than some people think. The future state of this universe depends on what happens in the present. The general rule is that every action performed now occurs in the Alpha Timeline. However, any divergence from the events that lead up to it (for example, the Naughtzee winning the Civil War instead of the Resistance) creates an alternate timeline which is ultimately doomed.

Therefore, all hypothetical scenarios have occured/are occurring/will occur, but they exist in alternate, doomed realities that are separate from the Alpha Timeline. It is possible for one in an alternate timeline to escape said alternate timeline by traveling back to before the event that separated it from the Alpha Timeline, and stopping that event from occuring. In fact, this occurs in every case of the alternate reality, but those who travel back from it to stop it from happening are ultimately doomed to die.

An example of this is Doomed Kwiksilver, who returned from an alternate timeline where Kwiksilver did not take part in the Great Darktonian Pie War, and therefore the forces of good were defeated. He traveled back to the BoF, informed Mayor McFlapp who wrote Kwiksilver into the story and ensured victory. However, Doomed Kwiksilver, realising he was going to die, asked to be cryogenically frozen and kept in a safe place. He was sealed in stasis and currently sleeps under the ice in the Bureau's Cold Storage, hopefully never to be unfrozen.


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