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Future-Bro promises a new clear future... Whoops, spelt Nuclear wrong.
Welcome00 commenting on Future Bro's extremist political ideals
BroXeph Jean (the evil one!)
A very angry Future-Bro.
Title A twisted, evil monster bent on world domination
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Him, Money, Power
Health Extremely poor
Level 0
Status Unknown
Location In his secret base, Club Penguin Island.
Friends Travis Wolfe, Pheonix II
Enemies You
Archetype Evil (duh!)

Future-Bro (born BroXeph Jean) is the evil X-Antibody of Bro. He is an X-Antibody mashed with Bro from the future, yet somehow lives in the present. He controls the Brohailian Army, and is out to destroy the world. His plans often fail, considering he's quite stupid. His henchpuffle is Pheonix II.


Future-Bro is a snappy and secluded penguin who could care less about other people's needs. He treats his soldiers as dispensable objects, and doesn't care what happens to them. He looks down on everyone who isn't his friend or supporter.


Future-Bro's history is quite simple.

One day, Bro was digging in a mine, and he sneezed some black slime out of his beak. It was the X-Virus. The slime made Future-Bro, who went off to live a naturally twisted life. His wretchedness had him thrown in jail soon after being created for misconduct and high treason. He was bailed out afterwards by unknown sources. This only twisted him more, making him swear that all of Antarctica would feel his wrath So, he went to make the Brohailian Army.


Before Future-Bro turned evil, he lived in UnitedTerra as a public service official. However, after he got out of prison, he changed, for the worse.

He made a powerful army of over four thousand soldiers. He dreams of conquering Antarctica. He also dreams of capturing Sensei and using his power for his evil whims. He's in an unknown location plotting his next move.

He also direly hates Bro and wishes to kill him. However, considering he's quite dumb, he has a great disadvantage over an intelligent penguin like Bro himself.



  • He one of the X-Antibodies who doesn't like having the X in his name.
  • He has a 221 page long list of enemies. A majority of them are simply repeats of what he wrote on other pages.
  • He doesn't believe in Jedi or Sith.
  • He wields a Electro Staff at times as a weapon that he obtained off the black market.
  • He's a notoriously bad driver.
  • Any story that features Future-Bro as a main character will have at least one car chase scene in it.

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