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Image caption
Title The Seeker of the Future
Gender Female
Race Penguin
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Level Level 40 Superhero
Status Seeing the Future
Location Unknown

FutureSeeker, also known as The Seeker of the Future, is a female penguin who can see the future that is NOT part of the Time Agency. It is believed she has amnesia and confirmed that she is part of The Defenders. She formerly operated a palm reading shop, which may be a contributing factor to her ability. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Nothing is known about FutureSeeker's past. All that is known, is that she was found on the street, unconscious. She was wearing a black jumpsuit which had a crescent moon and a star on the center.

FutureSeeker finally scraped enough money to open a palm reading shop. he made a lot of money, and realized that those readings were true. She could tell prophecies.

When Darty went to her, he convinced the rest of The Defenders to recruit her. She agreed, and now, she only participates in some battles. She also told the United We Stand, Divided We Fall prophecy.


FutureSeeker is, apparently, still is a palm reader and a Defender. She knows all of the Defenders futures, but she did not reveal it to them 'for their own sake'.


There has been a notable number of responses about FutureSeeker.

Time Agency and associates' responses[edit]

The evil Director-headed Time Agency is currently researching FutureSeeker, and it was rumored that they have plants to kidnap and thoroughly examine her. When questioned by newspaper reporters, the Time Agency declined to give comment. Meanwhile, Kwiksilver, after research, confirmed that she does indeed tell the future, but he refuses to reveal anything about the United We Stand, Divided We Fall prophecy regarding her due to Doctor Hickory's Golden Rule.

BoF and Fourth Wall breakers' responses[edit]

The Bureau of Fiction has had no response on FutureSeeker. It is even said that the BoF, NOR the BoE, had created FutureSeeker, although this is a rumor.

Alex12345a, a non-BOF Fourth Wall breaker, responded that FutureSeeker could be totally unassociated with the BoF. He, apparently, posted this rumor in the Internet.

Kwiksilver, a BoF employee, had his response posted above.

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