Futurity Of Time

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Futurity Of Time is when Redspeed3 and many important characters solve puzzles leading into danger. Redspeed3 and a couple of Fanon characters somehow get sent back in time, while the other Fanon characters find past characters in present time. The Fanon characters have to find their way to get Redspeed3 and other Fanon characters back to present time without sending them into The Time Of Doom. Redspeed3 and the Fanon characters with her have to figure out why time stopped in the present time. Something went wrong in the present time that changed everything around, like Herbert succeeded and will succeed every time he tries to destroy. EPF and PSA fail and mostly retire after Herbert decides to use Gary as a slave. Redspeed3 and the Fanon characters have important roles that shows just how much you never want to mess up time.

Chapter One: The Starting of a Bad Day[edit]

Redspeed3 woke up to the phone ringing constantly and annoyingly. She never had to wake up this early but she went anyways. It seemed that her job, an undercover agent, was not undercover cause the phone woke everyone up in her neighborhood. She answered it, but no luck. The guy who had called her, said that he called the wrong number. Redspeed3 was almost sleep walking when something catches her eye. A view if a penguin dressed up as in the 1900's of CP watch in her window. She thought it was just a costume though it was believed to be oddly real. The guy glanced at her, stopped, and waved hello to her. This guy wore an old baseball uniform that was dirty and looked like cloth. Redspeed3 just looked and had no idea what to do. She then went outside and tried to find the penguin, but it was to late, no luck. Redspeed3 decided to report to the nearest person she knew, which was Gary. Gary, unexpectedly was busy.Gary never worked on weekends. Redspeed3 then went to Aunt Arctic.Once Redspeed3 told everything she saw,Aunt Arctic nodded and said,"Perhaps you should get some rest, you may be imagining." Redspeed3 said thank you and skipped back, until she saw the guy again.This time the guy was coming to her. She thought to run and report this straight away, but something said she should stay and observe. Redspeed3 did both, which lead to her spraining her foot while going to the hospital.The hospital chair,which she sat in, tipped over and crashed into the lighthouse. This was unfortunate luck. Suddenly, a wheel chair was under her and she felt unable to escape. When the wheel chair arrived, the hospital was being robbed. The robber seemed familiar, to familiar.Though Redspeed3 had no time to lose and waited for the right time to make her move. A police guard saw her and unbuckled her. Redspeed3 leaped out in a flash and sprinted quickly to the nearest route,which was the forest. The robber caught sight of her and grinned. The robber turned out to be Redspeed3's friend. Redspeed3 didn't noticed until she found out she was stuck. A puffle appeared, somehow similar to Mabel, glanced with disgust at Redspeed3, and began to walk. Redspeed3 found out it was Mable. This was a good sign, that she was still in CP. Redspeed3 commanded,"Mabel, Tell me where is CP town?"Mabel rolled her eyes and said,"Why would I tell you, and do I look like a tour guide?" Red just stood there grinning. Mabel was finding this creepy. Red then phrased,"Mabel, you have no sense of direction either, no wonder,but thanks for pointing it out so I can tell Explorer!" Mabel looked stunned as if someone was about to eat her. Red smirked and ventured through and found her igloo emptied and destroyed. This didn't look at all messier then the igloo before. Red jumped in shock and called EPF,PSA,RPF,ACP,IWA,MODS,and everything she could think of. They came about an hour or two, but Red wasn't there. It turned out that she was Kidnapped...

Chapter Two: The Mystery of The Kidnapper[edit]

The kidnapper didn't leave but just sat there. Red tried to get the groups or teams to notice, but they were busy finding evidence. As a matter of fact, Red and the kidnapper were on the roof of her igloo! Red had no idea what was happing, no clue at all. The only thing she could do was watch, it was like the day that time froze..... even, the kidnapper said," Time froze kid, I'm in control and you have no idea of what I could do!". Then the kidnapper, who was holding Red by the collar, had let go of her, and she was falling. The kidnapper used something that was like a watch, but instead gave signals, like waves and Red was floating above the ground. Red looked up and saw the kidnapper was now behind her. She tried to run, but she couldn't...Time was in his control. The kidnapper jumped back up on her igloo with Red, when the groups of forces and teams came outside. They seemed tired,so they left and continued home. The kidnapper looked around while still grabbing hold of Red,{ which Red had been hanging behind the igloo almost about to fall}, and he then dropped her the second time, not stopping her. She landed perfectly, unexpectedly, and looked up. Only what she saw, was no one. The kidnapper had vanished in thin air. So Red came inside of the igloo and found everything was put to normal. The kidnapper didn't leave... and something seemed odd about him, he was the 1900's guy from the window! Red gasped at the fact that that stranger was from the past. Red certainly wanted to figure out what has happened to the time period.The lost man seemed quite happy to the fact that he thinks he lives in Red's igloo! Red was not going to let this kidnapper try to trouble time! Red jumped up and tried to grab him, but he dodged quickly. The kidnapper had the strength of the world's strongest wrestler champion, but Red knew his weaknesses. Red's antlers blasted a light that seemed to have pulled the watch from the wrist of the stranger and magnetically, flew to Red's wrist. Red grinned and focused back on the kidnapper but time seemed to do him away. The kidnapper gasped and a portal appeared showing numbers and things flying through it; Red snuck up on him and tripped him into the portal. The portal soon gave a train sound and a deep bellowed out voice and phrased,"I will NEVER forget you and I will make sure that you won't be safe from time! You are in SERIOUS danger! If I were you, I would LEAVE club penguin and NEVER come back!". Red was just raged at the fact that this kidnapper never thought things through. She just sighed and from the blast of her antlers, the portal vanished in thin air. Red went back and fell asleep at 10:00PM.

Chapter Three: Troubled Time[edit]

Red felt an oddly furry ball on her back,which roused her up, it was Basketball and Mustard. They were alert and suspicious. From the past, that if Red doesn't pay attention to what Basketball and Mustard are curious about, something horrible will occur. So Red checked around her igloo, noticing that it was 1:00 AM in the morning. Red sighed and spotted her puffles about to jump out of the window. Red ran straight to the window and had shut it. The puffles were oddly looking out the window, curiously trying to figure out what was there. Suddenly Basketball, became aware that Red didn't know what had happened, and so he did something that made Red fell backwards. Basketball talked in English! Basketball breathed deeply and replied,"Dear Red, Mustard and I are wondering what is making the annoying noise that caused you to sleepwalk out of your igloo and traveled to the forest where someone unexpected visitor was gladly to see you.He sat you down and ran into a bush where Mustard and I thought that there was something harming about to happen. So we tackled them and they trampled off. Mustard and I had to figure how to get you back to home where you are safe. But then a portal appeared and a stranger came into the darkness, who was wearing a cloak that had a hood covering his whole face, that only his red eyes glowing in the darkness could be examined. His cloak drifted into the snow which, nothing touched it as it was glowing dark reddish. This stranger carried a staff that had a amulet with some odd ball of energy or light that glowed blueish whitish. The staff's pole was carved into a vine of doom weed that sparkled from the energy the amulet contributed.The stranger was looking satisfied with what you were doing. You were mumbling words of magic to the stranger, and bowed down not knowing.Mustard then bolted out and used her painting powers to save you. She had a magical paint brush that could delete anything by a touch or stroke of this wonderful brush. I simply jumped on the ground and a humongous monster, bigger then Herbert appeared. The monster grasped the stranger into his fist and crushed him until Mustard painted a vortex that opened up into the edge of the forest. I summoned the monster and the monster threw the stranger into the portal with a flash of speed." Red gasped at the fact, and thought for a minuet. From what she had heard, it was impossible to have a normal life.

Chapter Four: The Stranger[edit]

The stranger, Lazarus, seemed very petulant and despiseful of Red. Whom Red did not know, was that Lazarus was from the past and future. Lazarus was a powerful and indeed unknown wizard, and it would be very hard to spot him because,this story took place in the medival party (and Lazarus looked as medival as a famous medival person). Lazarus walked into the plaza, and there were five people talking in a huddle, two dinners bringing food and drinks,four couples dancing, and six people ordering from menus. When Lazarus walked in, he then knew what was happening. Lazarus snatched a picture of Red from his pocket and showed the picture to one of the dinners. The dinner said,"Well, I don' know 'bout where Red is, but she shoulda been here before." Lazarus stood there and shoved the picture back in while walking out of the plaza.Then when he came to the forest, he saw Red. Red looked up and stood there frightened. She thought,what she was going to do to her? Then she glanced around and suddenly, her puffles came out. Mustard and Basketball stared at Lazarus. Lazarus grinned. He knew that they were weak somewhere. What Lazarus did not know, was what Red knew. Red knew his weakness,her weakness and her puffles weakness.Lazarus held out his staff, but then a storm came from up above. The storm struck Lazarus to the ground but he was healed. He vanished and reappeared behind Red. Red knew what her senses were telling her, and what her brain tried stopping her. But she jumped forward and ran with her puffles, until she teleported to her igloo. Lazarus knew he should of blinded her. Then he went to his cave and brought out his two puffles. The puffles were named, XSparkyX and XflashX. They had a X on their forehead. The puffles were very dangerous in the fact that they could eat penguins. Lazarus knew these puffles wouldn't eat him but he took caution. He brought his two hungry puffles to the forest and they ate leaves. He thought about having his puffles eat Red but knew she would be saved by her puffles. Though Lazarus needed to get her, Red was able to sense him about a mile away.