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Fut-Ga Hochstadt
Fuut Ga in Mist.png
"Take me on, Swiss Ninja!"
Title Fut-Ga Hochstadt (笏嘎)
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Ninja and Rollback
Health Excellent.
Level Ninja
Status Student Master
Location Club Penguin, Lives in the Ninja Chateau, the Great Forest, Eastshield
Birth date Club Penguin
Occupation Ninja
Interests Card-Jitsu, Adventure, Fighting, Weaponry.
Friends Sensei, The Five Senseis, Ninjahopper, Piper, Fisch, Jock Hochstadt, Corai
Enemies Sensei Wraith, Swiss Ninja, Ninja Wraith, Darktan, Pen Chi
Archetype Good Guy

Fuut Ga Hochstadt (Ninja 辛勤工作的主) is a well known Hochstadt Ninja. He is a member of the Hochstadt Gang, and he aspires to become the Sensei in the distant future.


Fut-Ga is the second youngest son of Yilk, who was born in CP on June 22, 1975. Fut-Ga was named after his Great-Grandfather, Fut. When Yilk had disappeared, Fut-Ga was raised by his Great-Grandfather and Great-Great-Uncle, Hung and Fut, the last two of The Five Senseis. Sensei Hung had trained Fut-Ga to the position of Ninja before his alleged "death". On that day, Fut-Ga had vowed to be the best ninja in the world, and he wanted to continue to train and learn more under the new Pen Chi, whom he had considered to be the best Sensei there was for a long time until the The Pen Chi Scandal occured. Pen chi had betrayed Fut-Ga by doing this, and Fut-Ga shunned Pen Chi, and has never looked at him again. This Treachery didn't stop his dreams of being the best ninja there is. Sensei continued to teach him more things, and Fut-Ga also began to help him teach. Fut Ga also hangs around Ninjahopper and helps him prepare for being the next Sensei. When he beats Emperor Pengvintine, his Senseis will destroy Pen Chi and Diyama. In 2011, he married a Frankterran Hugenot (a ToS supporter from Frankterre) named Jaqueline D'Acadia. They had two chicks together, but unfortunately, his wife was deleted by the Stranger. Fuut Ga now had to raise his two chick twins by himself. They hatched on June 28th, one being a boy, and the other being a girl. He named the boy Fidelio and named the girl Regalia. Fuut Ga still trains with Sensei, but also must raise children in the process.


Fut Ga has accompanied the Hochstadt Gang, and helps them with some of their problems. (Like making Ethanol Fuel from Grass) Fut Ga's Destiny is to Defeat Emperor Pengvintine and become the Last Sensei. On July 2, 2010, he was also promoted to a Rollback, and this clumsy Ninja is very exited with this new power...Fuut Ga first joined the Hochstadt Gang during The Quest for Fisch, and has been helping them ever since.

STINC-zachal War[edit]

As a new Ninja, Fuut Ga accompanied his great-grandfather Sensei Hung in the war against STINC when they invaded Antarctica at the time in 1990. Though at first Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga had a large army of Ninja warriors, they were nearly completely wiped out by the superior armies of Rusca, Zhou, and North Alemania, whom had allied themselves at the time with STINC. Sensei Hung and Fuut Ga, who found themselves in North Alemanian prison, escaped to Puffle'and, where they allied with King Greg to reconquer Antarctica from the Communist STINC government. Fuut Ga served as a fighter in several of the wars, and he later found himself fighting as a Puffish infantry soldier in the front lines of the battlefield against STINC, since Card Jitsu was completely outmatched by the enemy's weaponry, tanks, and large deletion missiles.

Colonial Antarctica War[edit]

Fuut Ga fought for the Revolutionary side of the Colonial Antarctica War in 1999. He was also upset about the King's bad habit of over-taxing and his disloyalty to his Puffish kin for moving his palace to King George's Island. Fuut Ga was a sergeant for a small troop of Emperor Penguins, since at the time he had been living near the vicinity of what is now South Pole City. Fuut Ga had been involved in several battles on the mainland Antarctica, and at the end of the war, he had deleted about 40 Loyalist soldiers. During the war, Fuut-Ga had once fought a battle with his younger brother Jock Hochstadt and other Viking Revolutionists in the Antarctic Peninsula.


Fuut Ga is famously renouned for being a very Serious-Buisness kind of penguin like TSP. He seems to also be very focused and tries to get the job done as soon as possible in Missions. His personality greatly rivals his nephew, Clovis Hochstadt. However, they do not have any bitter feelings of each other because they are no comparison. Even if Fuut Ga did dispise Clovis, Clovis would be Oblivious of this.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

  • Fut-Ga has a fear of Poison.
  • Fut Ga is Patient and confident.
  • Fut Ga is also claustrophobic.
  • Fut Ga is a master at Card Jitsu and using the Sword.
  • Fut Ga says random things, sometimes. Because of this, his comebacks are not very successful.
  • He isn't good at money matters, especially in Gambling. (He'll keep playing till he's broke!)
  • He's also pretty Sensitive. He gets easily offended, and he also cries after watching romantic movies...
  • He is incapable and untalented at flying an Airplane. However, He is excellent at flying Helicopters.
  • He's also pretty clumsy at times, but most people don't notice it because of his seriousness.


  • Fut Ga calls Pen Chi a traitor and a shame to the Hochstadt Family for violating his master's promise not to eat yellow snow. He wishes to find Pen Chi One day, and punish him.
  • 辛勤工作的主 is Chinese for "Hard Working Master".
  • He is one of the few Hochstadts that is not a High Penguin.
  • Leonardo was his pet puffle before he got married.


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Preceded by
Emperor Pengvintine Pengvintine.png
The Position of
Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Fut-Ga Hochstadt

2045 - 3000 AD

Succeeded by
He will train up to 1,000 Senseis who will be ruled under him since he is Granted Immortality AFTER Defeating Pengvintine in 2045.