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Fuzzle (Green Puffle) flying around his companion Fooly8.
Title Fuzzle the Green Puffle
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction The Propellor Cap Trio
Health high
Status Being random
Location Tutupie City
Birth date 2002, in Club Penguin Island
Occupation Idiot
Interests flying, boxes, breaking the fourth wall, going rando.
Friends Many
Enemies BOSS XeXeXe, Foolx8
Archetype Good

Speaker.png Click here to listen to Fuzzle's theme!

Fuzzle is a green puffle, with overactiveness and mischief to spare. He is known to be Fooly8's sidekick/companion/best friend, following him to every wacky adventure. Or maybe it's the other way around, but the world may never know. He is usually seen as the Flipplings' family pet, though he often misses most of the action when they go to school. He often pulls pranks on anyone and everyone, getting away with it most of the time.


Unlike Fooly, Fuzzle lived his life as a common green puffle. In his youth he was taken to the Pet Shop to be adopted, but his chance didn't come until early 2013, when Fooly came in search of a pet. Due to the puffle test being rigged so that only the "Your Favourite Color" question had any importance, Fooly ended up adopting Fuzzle. Fuzzle soon learned the "Way of the Fourth Wall" from Fooly and has been breaking it ever since.

Initially introduced in the Really Random Story, Fuzzle was initially seen as a laid-back puffle who just was there to comment on whatever Fooly talked about. It wasn't until Fooly's Adventure that he began acting less like a sidekick and started pulling pranks. Every single Flippling has had a way of pranking, a mutual hobby they all enjoy, but Fuzzle is the one that is often seen causing trouble in the backgrounf while the Flipplings pull their own plans.


Initially a standard green puffle, he likes unicycles, flying, juggling and fooling around. However, he has a passion for pranks almost as high as Fudd's, making him a formidable opponent. This mischevious trickster is quick as a flash and agile as a... umm... eh... agile thing?

Well, anyways, he is also shy, so he sticks around Fooly for confort. The two unseparable buddies stick together, with Fuzzle hiding under Fooly's hat when things get too scary. And sometimes the other way around. Don't ask.


He is seen as Fooly's sidekick, even though they both want to be equal partners. Even so, he always follows Fooly around, no matter what. They have never been seen apart. He is the second-in-command of the Propellor Cap Trio, just over Folly.

When with the Fipplings, he often pulls pranks directed to each individual septuplet, but Foomy always seems to give the best results. He's Tutupie City's resident trickster, often causing trouble in the background while the Flipplings have other mischevious schemes of their own.

Fuzzle has a tendency to die. Yes, really. Usually at the climax of a story, some villain ends up murdering Fuzzle, with Fooly getting enraged and become serious, dealing deadly blows with an assortment of upgraded tools, such as the GunSling2000, provided by Folly, or the Special Whackhammer.


  • As Fooly's compainion, he gained 4th Wall abilities due to getting used to Fooly breaking the wall.
  • His green puffle body is adapted to quick flight, so he can boost at incredible speeds.
  • He is quite strong at physical combat, strange for a creature that has no arms, hands, legs or feet at all.


  • He is shown to break the laws of physics at a smaller extent, due to not naturally being a 4th Wall breaker.
  • He is bad at gaming but good at sports, opposite to Fooly.