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G's Family (aka the Gadget Family) is a surprisingly large group of penguins, most of which have a knack for science, arithmetic, alchemy, and art.

In order, from youngest to oldest:

  • Gary (44)
    • Twin of Mary, younger by two seconds.
  • Mary (44)
    • Twin of Gary, older by two seconds.
  • Gamer I (54))
  • Foldy (67)
    • Caballine (67). Hatched Gary, Mary, Fredsworth, Xary, Dooley, Blary, Zany, Professor Sling, and the rest of G's brothers and sisters.)
  • Gariwald I (deceased, High Penguin Confederacy) Chemist, Physicist, and Astrologist that lived in the 1500's. He was born and died on Club Penguin Island. He spent his life mostly in Alemania and Osterreach, but frequently visited the Renaissance centers of Liguria.
    • Hatched descendants leading to Olly, with splits off for Flight Brothers and Gariwald VIII. The Gariwald name extends separately from the family, making Gariwalds II through VII distant (but related) cousins, before Gariwald VIII married back in, to be an uncle by taking Jackie as his wife. (Eew.)

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By generation[edit]

Previous Generations[edit]

  • Garianna Gariwald, also called Garianna the White Magic Gal, is G's ancestor, who was a Witch in Medieval Times.

Generation I[edit]

The ancient patriarchs of G's family, from which all the geniuses descend. Time immemorial.

  • Gariwald I, whose two sons (one being Gariwald II) split to form the Gariwald Line and the rest of the Family through Olly. Ultimately, the Gariwald Line merged back with G's original Family when Gariwald VIII married Jackie (his ultra-distant cousin) and became G's great-uncle).
  • Olly, beloved and long-lived alchemist. Hatched Carter and Stevie. Direct ancestor of Gary.

Gariwald Line[edit]

Main article: Gariwald Line

Generation II[edit]

G's great and great-great grandfathers, and great-great and great-great-great uncles and aunts. Three generations from Gary.

Generation III[edit]

G's grandfather, great uncles, and great aunts. Two generations from Gary.

Generation IV[edit]

G's father, mother, aunts, and uncles.

Generation Gary (Generation V)[edit]

G and G's brothers and sisters.

Generation Vi[edit]

Tommy's offspring, Zany's offspring, and Gary's offspring, and also G's first cousins. They are the youngest G relatives and expected heirs.

Generation Null: Clones[edit]

  • Mista T (clone of Thomas, not biologically related)
  • Elemeta (clone of Mary and Coool31 together, not biologically related)
  • GANGSTA G (clone of G, not biologically related)
  • Robo-Gary (mechanical doomsday device based on G)

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