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This article is about the DJ Gary the Gaget Dude. For the page about the inventor, please go here.
Gary the Gaget Dude
Gary the Gadget Dude image.PNG
A signature pose of GGD taken in 2009.
Background information
Birth name Amphibious "R.A" Dude
Born April 22, 1993 (age 22)
Club Penguin, USA
Origin United States of Antarctica
Genres Terrain grime
Occupations Disc-jockey, singer, songwriter, rapper
Years active 2001–present
Labels Hood Records
Associated acts Penguin Band, Cadence, Meaghan, DJ Crow
Notable instruments

Amphibious "R.A" Dude, better known by his stage name, Gary the Gaget Dude or GGD, is an EDM disc-jockey and grime rapper from Club Penguin, who is signed to the independent record label, Hood Records. He was born in PreTerra and currently resides in GGD Island. His career first started with producing grime beats and then rapping in 2006 in the Night Club. He then joined the grime group G Hood Crew along with friends Craze, Matchless, Blazing, Fatal and Beetle. GGD commonly makes EDM music with a mix of grime and techno-grime, one of his more signature sounds. He is most famously known for the novelty track "I Am Fail", bringing a catastrophic end to his musical career, but made a comeback in 2016 with his second studio album Revival. His debut album Gaget Duude (2010) fared well in the charts, as it was luckily released a few weeks before the viral success of "I Am Fail".


Early years[edit]

One day, in PreTerra where New Club Penguin is now, Gary the Gadget Dude was born. It was on April 22, 1993 and was named Amphibious "Reptile Andrew" Dude at birth. He was very close to his mother, but not his father as he was never nice to him. Amphibious was never pampered, and never really got anything special; just 10 dauroes per month was his pocket money. His space and items were very limited, due to his poor family. There were only three rooms in his igloo; a bedroom, a bathroom, and a tiny kitchen. The bedroom was too small for him anyway, so they discovered an attic and he slept there, and had bought a second-hand bed from a yard sale for 15 dauroes; a bed, and that was basically the only thing in his bedroom/attic. He had a very small draw which had some stolen goods from supermarkets, his very old toothbrush, limited amount of toothpaste and a towel as big as a sheet of A4 paper. It was clear that the family was budget. They never really made any friends with anyone (his whole family). When he was 6 years old in 1999, he had saved up enough money to buy himself a dozen treats. Half of his money he decided to buy on... an album. A music album. And that first album he would of ever bought would of been Nyninyne's The Sly Shadow LP. He was very intrigued in Nyninyne - loving his music and rapping abilities. He immediately took to the stage and started rapping himself. At the same time he realized he would need some sort of equipment to produce music. With the rest of his money, he bought a disc-jockey set. His parents never really came into his room, and they never knew what he was buying and doing. Soon after in 2001 when he was 8, he had self-taught himself how to use the disc-jockey set. His rapping was adequate, however; there were many penguins living in his block that participated in weekly rap battles, and he wasn't the best, sadly.

Musical career[edit]

2009–10: Gaget Duude[edit]

He was still satisfied, though. His rap lyrics was described as "cheesy" by some of the penguins around his block, but knew that "he has talent in DJing". The same routine carried in till he was 13 in 2006, when he moved out of his parents igloo (managing the smuggle out his DJ set and other items). His parents never asked where he was going, but just let him. Eventually he looked in the "Vacant Igloos" directory and found out that one of his rap battling friend, Sk8rbluscat had a vacant igloo. He asked to move in and they became even more closer friends.

One year had passed and at age 17, GGD headed to Penguin State University. He didn't have to pay to go to the university for reasons unknown. Here, he met some of his closest friends, Barkjon, Hat Pop, etc. GGD only lasted for one year at the university, due to coming up with a hit song ("I Wanna Hold Your Hand") and CPMR heard it, allowing him to finally release his first album and begin his music career.

GGD's first album, Gaget Duude, had his first ten songs on it, some of which include "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", "Make It Shine" and "Wake Up". Months after, he was invited to parties, photo shooting (for music magazines) and all sorts of things.

2010–14: I Am Fail[edit]

GGD suffered from his accidental hit single, "I Am Fail", for over four years. It had a detrimental effect on his music career, despite its chart success. Club Penguin Music Records dropped him from their label and GGD had to go back to local DJing.

2015–present: Career revival[edit]

Eventually penguins end up forgetting about "I Am Fail". This gave Gary a chance to revive his career. He is planning to release his second album Revival in 2016, six years after his debut Gaget Duude.


Studio albums[edit]

List of albums, with selected chart positions, details and sales figures
Title Album details Peak chart positions
Gaget Duude
"—" denotes items that did not chart or were not released.


Year Title Peak chart positions Album
Solo singles
2009 "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" 20 18 15 60 18 43 88 24 Gaget Duude
"Make it Shine" 6 4 14 29 110 68 32 35
2010 "I Am Fail" 2 3 38 51 14 56 45 3 Non-album single
2015 "Hop In" 1 2 3 Revival
"Brand New" (featuring Atum WiLL Made It) 1 2 6
"Always Had It" 3 7 16
"Look Back" (featuring Andrew Gonzalez) 2 20 8
2016 "Beeastt" 5 8 7
"Closer (featuring Joseph Staley)" 3 7 4 TBA
As a featured artist
2011 "Catastrophe (The Conclusion)"
(Meaghan featuring GGD) A
11 12 15 17 19 20 22 9 CandyLand
2016 "Kings (Dancing Penguin featuring GGD) A 4 1 5 2 4 3 2 1
  • A - Gary the Gaget Dude is credited as GGD for this song.


  • "Shush and keep doing what you're doing!"
  • (dressed up as Crow) "Hiya, Ninj!"
  • "Oooh, a penny!"
  • "Dang you darn Walrus!"
  • "I don't like Dora"
  • (to his army) "All right soldiers. Get training! We might go to war! Go train now!"
  • (to Darktan, Mabel, Jenni, Willie Watt, etc) "Oh, it is on like doggie kon!"



  • He has a puffle named Fire.
  • Gary the Gaget Dude hates the Jocks and the Jerks.
  • The penguin hates Xet so much, that he locked him in the Night Club, with all the lights off, and he locked all the doors and windows. And he prevented him from drilling the floors, there were electrical Judgey Bars everywhere.
    • This ended with the Night Club with tons of holes in it, Xet escaped within 4.20 minutes. It also meant that he had to pay a fine, went jail, got bailed by his record company, and got suspended from work for 3 months.
  • He got a motorcycle at the age of 16, and moved into a igloo across the street from Sk8rbluscat. They became friends quickly, and to this day, Gary loves to kick Mabel
  • He once got arrested for trying to destroy Kill. He was in there with Ford Car, for 6 months.
  • He was also arrested for crimes (although it was his clone, GGDtwo, one of his two clones. For more info, go to GGDtwo Strikes Back.)
  • Gary the Gaget Dude has recently found a Chimzard, and he uses him in PKMN-Jitsu
  • He has an army. They are currently training, because Akbaboy and GGD are deciding if they will go to war with Ben Hun and the HunEmpire.
  • Gary the Gaget Dude has a crush on Willie Xatt - this crush is major, he thinks that if she leaves Flywish's Army she can come to his and they could have a bit of romance. And Maddieworld; this is major, also. He thinks that after Swiss Ninja and Flywish die, then he will be with Maddieworld'
  • He has a diary. Read it here!


  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    • Lyrics: Yeah you, got that somethin'. I think you'll understand. Yeah you, got that somethin'. I wanna hold your hand! I wanna hold your haaaaand! I wanna hold your hand! Yup, you. Have that somethin'. I know you'll understand. Yup you, have that something. I wanna hold your hand! I wanna hold your haaaaaaaand. I wanna hold your hand! And when you touch me I feel happy inside. My love is something I can't hide! I can't hide! I can't hiiiiiiiiiide! I wanna hold your hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Make it Shine
    • Lyrics: Here I am. Once again. Feeling lost but now and then. I breathe it in. To let it go. And you don't know where you are now. What if only somebody could hear. If you figure out how,your lost in the moment you disappear! You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action! Tomorrow don't forget you'll be the main attraction! Not a fantasy, just remember me. When it turns out right. Cuz you know if you live in your imagination. Tomorrow you'll be everyone's fascination! In my victory,just remember me. When I make it SHINE!!!!!! I like to shine! Just like the moon! (short guitar solo) I like to shine! Just like those stars up above! If you figure out how,lost in the moment you disappear! You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action! Tomorrow don't forget you'll be the main attraction! Not a fantasy,just remember me. When it turns out right. Cuz you know if you live in your imagination. Tomorrow you'll be everyone's fascination! In my victory,just remember me. When I make it SHINE!!!!
  • Wake Up
    • Lyrics: Well it's a beautiful day, on the Serengeti. The perfect time, to snag a pup. I'll find Zeke, and win this dumb game, as soon as my legs wake up. Going alone makes you look sad and pathetic, plus you'll die without a trace. We teamed up and almost had a Zeke. I could see the zits right on his face. "Almost" gets you nowhere around here. Your a looser duo that's all. Looser is what the lion called you, when you couldn't find your balls. Traq balls that is, I wonder where they went. Well it's a beautiful day on the Serengeti. The perfect time, to snag a pup. I'll find Zeke, and win this dumb game. As soon as my legs wake up. My leg. My hand. My arm. Ugh, my face. Wake up!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!

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