GGDtwo Strikes Back

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This story is about the clone of GGD. GGD's close has never been mentioned before to anybody, and this will reveal all about it.


Chapter 1: The Creation[edit]

It was a warm summer day of 2003. GGD was in his igloo, watching the Simpenguins.

"Is there ANYTHING else on?" GGD muttered as he ate some pizza.

He decided to go record a new song. But, when he walked out of the door, he was in a brown bag. Maybe more fans want my propeller cap, I thought. Oddly, they weren't fans. They threw me down into the old abandoned park. They pressed a button, and I fell into a deeeeeep hole. I was knocked out when I hit the floor. When I woke up, I was in a test tube, only wearing my propeller cap, and there was some suction like things attached over me. That could mean only one thing.


A scientist walked over.

"No. We scientists are cloning you," the scientist explained.

I paused for a moment. Why would they want to clone me? So I can sign four autographs at once? I thought. Then, I finally asked;


Another scientist walked over.

"Well, we want to see what could possibly happen if we cloned a famous DJ," the scientist explained. "We wanted to see if it could do things normal penguins like you can do."

"Oh," I said, confused.

I heard a loud bell. The scientists had shocked faces. About 15 scientists ran to a test tube by mine. A penguin that looked exactly like me was inside it. I was shocked.

"Wow," I was amazed.

The clone stepped out of the test tube. It quickly flipped all the scientists onto the devices all over the lab. Then, he punched my test tube open, put my shoes and hoodie on, grabbed a hoodie and sneakers exactly like mine, and walked out. I follwed. The streets were havok! I thought for a moment. Then, I ran to my house to dial 9-1-1.

Chapter 2: Behind Bars[edit]

"Hello? 9-1-1? It's an emergancy!" GGD screamed when 9-1-1 picked up the phone. "I was cloned and he's running around town. I am famous DJ Gary the Gaget Dude."

"GGD? I thought we saw you destroying the town's bakery. Nice try. You're going to jail. For 3 months!" 9-1-1 said angered.

Oh, joy. 3 months without getting to record a song. What a shame, I thought. I should bring things with me,. GGD grabbed some pizza, my portable TV and a carton of milk.

GGD arrived at the jail. It's all the way in... well, I'm (the storyteller) not sure. But it's 4 miles from UnitedTerra. GGD slammed on the gate.

"IT'S GGD! I'M HERE TO GO BEHIND BARS..." GGD screamed at the top of his lungs.

The police man opened up the gate, he shoved me into the same sell he was in 9 months before.

9 months ago...

"I've been here for 6 months. What I thinking. Trying to destroy Kill?" GGD asked to himself.

"Stop talking to yourself, GGD" An guard said.

A few hours later, GGD was set out, as he had to be in jail for 6 months. He set out to his igloo, to see his puffles.

Present time...

GGD finished his pizza and carton of milk within 15 minuites. He was borred. Verry borred.

"Jeez, I hate it here," GGD muttered. There was only one answer. GGD grabbed a hard hat and a jackhammer and started drilling. 4 minuites later, the wall was wide open. You could see all the way to the Pizza Palour from the jail. GGD ran out, to see what his evil clone had done.

Chapter 3: All Hail GGDtwo[edit]

GGD walked down the street. Penguins were screaming and running down the street. A giant device came out from the sky, containing a penguin like GGD, only with, red eyes, red eyebrows and his tounge out.

"Hello, GGD" the voice said. It was a deep voice.

"What up, guy who looks like me and is the main bad dude in this story we are in" GGD replied, breaking the fourth wall in the process.

The clone looked at him, bewildered. He finnaly said;

"I.. am your clone. My name... GGDtwo" the voice bellowed.

GGD looked at his clone. Then, his eyes. Then, his eyebrows.

"You can't be my clone. Your nothing like me. I have normal penguin eyebrows, you don't. I have normal penguin eyes, you don't. I have-" GGD was stopped midsentance.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I get your point" GGDtwo said angered. "You know Akbaboy?"

"Yeah, we are close pals" GGD answered.

"I cloned him, and Explorer, and Ninjainn and Benny... wait, Benny is already evil, that was usless cloning him. But, anyway, everyone you know has been cloned"

GGD screamed. He was shocked. More shocked when he found out his accidental song, I Am Fail was released and was the top of the charts.

"Oh, wow..... I should run now" GGD ran across the town.

Chapter Four: One Hundred Clones Are Better Then One[edit]


  • This is a paraody of the Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • The story is placed in 2003, but in chapter three I Am Fail was mentioned. That is impossible to have I am Fail in 2003 as it was released on November 23rd, 2010.