Great Snowzerland War V

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The Great Snowzerland War V
Part of The Great Snowzerland War Series
The Glorious Liberation of Frankterre, the starting point of the war.
Date August 15, 2010 - August ??, 2010
Location Frankterre, Freezeland, Penguinia, Snowzerland
Result Snowzerland becomes rich because of Platinum mines; Gottfried joins the Hochstadt Gang
Casus belli Frankterre is liberated from Snowzerland by the USA, and the USA nearly deletes Snowzerland in an attempt to destoy it.
Frankterre and Batavia were liberated while Alemania was reannexed. Snowzerland bombed twice and Lake Zurich became a bay.
Snowzerland, RDA, Neo-Naughtzee Frankterre Penguinia, Hochstadt Gang, USA, Mecha Goons
Swiss Ninja, Austin8310, Johnathan Wolfhunter Jock Hochstadt, Clovis Jock Hochstadt, Fisch Hochstadt, Fuut-Ga Hochstadt, Dave Hochstadt, Gottfried, Akbaboy, Dan Beronews (of the Navy and Marines), Mecha Baron & Sergeant Volt
Avatar Warmech V2, Snoss Army Alliance with the USA and Penguinia Large Armies, AMOEBA, Voulge

The Great Snowzerland War V was the fifth Great Snowzerland War. When Frankterre dares to gain independance, Snowzerland goes to war again, this time with worse consequences.


At the end of the previous war, the Snowviet Union was formed, but later collapsed and Penguinia was formed, which was the new nation that included the former countries of Freezeland and the Viking Empire. Swiss Ninja was not happy with this loss, and cowered in shame for the fourth time in his Castle. The Hochstadt Gang returned to Frankterre to finish off their Vacation after Penguinia became a Stable Country. Jock Hochstadt was browsing the streets of Parie with Piper and Akbaboy when the idea hit him when Jock saw some Snoss Soldiers standing along a curb.

Jock: "Hey guys, these people don't know that SN is the real power of Frankterre, right?"

Piper: "Yeah. They still think their Republic is still in charge."

Akbaboy: Yeah.

Jock: "We Better Show them, then."

Akbaboy: Kay.

Piper: ?????

Jock and Akbaboy parked their Scooters in an alley behind some trash cans, but still in view of the Soldiers. Jock took out a Snowball and threw it at one of them.

Soldier 1:"Hey! Who threw that!"

Jock went onto the streets and screamed:

"Haven't You Frankterrans realized that you are being controlled by Swiss Ninja? YOUR REPUBLIC IS A HOAX!"


The citizens walking on the sidewalks just laughed.

Citizen: "Ah, don't be so rediculus. We have freedom of Speech here!"

Jock: "Oh really?"

The Soldiers looked at Jock.

Jock:"SWISS NINJA IS A &**^^%%&* AND A %^**^%^(( AND A #%&%%$#%^^#!!!!! AUSTIN IS A MANGY CUR!"


The soldiers looked at each other and then back at Akbaboy. In seconds, they whip out their handcuffs and shackled Akbaboy and Jock.

Soldier 2: You're under arrest for sedition and defamation against Kaiser Swiss Ninja and for inciting rebellion against the Snoss regime.

Citizen: "OH NO! IT'S TRUE!"

Everyone started panicing like crazy like in the Snoss raid of Fanon City. Some immediately ran indoors in fear while others ran to other houses to spread the news.

Piper drew his snowbullet gun out and started shooting at the Soldiers. Soldier 1 was hit, and Soldier 2 ran away for cover and took out his Walkie-Talkie. Akbaboy and Jock ran over to Piper and thanked him for saving them.

Soldier 2:"Command Base, Come in Command Base!!! This is Soldier Zero-Seven-Two-Niner-Niner-Eight; I NEED BACKUP!!! Soldier Zero-Seven-Two-Niner-Niner-Seven is Downed by three armed thugs, two which have escaped custody! Over and out!"

Immediately, a Horde of War Bots and Soldiers came to the scene for backup.

Piper:"Let's get out of here!"

Akbaboy: I'm actually with Piper this time!

Jock:"No! We are standing our Ground!"

A citizen overheard Jock and came out of Hiding.

Citizen: "The Lad is Right! All of you Pariesians, come and fight for Life, Liberty, and Property!"

Suddenly, a large mob of penguins came out with pitchforks, torches, stones, personal hunting guns, and anything else they coud find, to fight the mob. The next moment, the citizens where bashing at the Soldiers with their items and the Soldiers where trying to shoot at the Citizens. Jock and Akbaboy agreed it was time to move out, but it was hard to leave because of the crowd, but they managed to squeeze through.



Crowd: "OUI!"

Citizen: "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

Crowd: "AUTONOMY!"

Citizen: "WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?!"

Crowd: "NOW!"

They hopped on their scooters and drove away before the soldiers could notice they were gone.

Akbaboy: That was a close call.

Suddenly, the mirror flashed and he saw soldiers heading towards him. Akbaboy pressed a convenient button saying "TURBO". He sped ahead of Jock.


Jock pressed the button and caught up to Akbaboy.

Akbaboy: On the count of three, we'll teleport back to the HQ.

Akbaboy cleared his throat.

Akbaboy: THREE!

Jock: TWO!

Piper: ONE! But seriously, this is getting o--

Akbaboy: PIPER!

Piper: Fine.


They barely made it back in a blink of an eye. Solider 2 rang up a hotline to Swiss Ninja for "emergency issues".

Soldier 2: Kaiser, come in Kaiser! Three thugs have escaped after committing HORRIBLE acts .

Swiss Ninja (on walkie-talkie): How do they look like?

Soldier 2: There's a red puffle on a blue penguin with a red viking hat and medieval shirt's lap and the other one is a red penguin with a green cap, pendant, black hoodie, and 3D glasses.

Swiss Ninja: THOSE HOCHSTADT GANG TWERPS!!! Wanted in two-thirds of the Empire for crimes ranging from treason to sedition to slander, inciting riots, and ARSON!

Soldier 2: ARSON?!

Swiss Ninja: No... -but do you want to let them go free until they DO?

Swiss Ninja and Austin were sitting in Swiss Ninja's conference room. Swiss was NOT happy.

Swiss Ninja: "Austin, they ALWAYS get away! Why don't you do anything?"

Austin: "I do stuff."

Swiss Ninja: Where were you when we saw Jock, Akbaboy, and Piper?

Austin gulped.

Austin: "Uhhh... nothing?"

Swiss Ninja:"See! You don't do anything!"

Austin was thankful that Swiss took it. He had really spent most of the night playing poker with Johnathan, Java, and Vincent in Swiss Ninja's game room.

Austin: "Tell ya what. We need MORE. Of course, I could take the whole Hochstadt Gang myself, but I think I could use some helpers. I have a twin.

Swiss Ninja: "A twin? Why'd you never tell me that?"

Austin: "You know the RDA used to develop battle suits, right?"

Swiss Ninja: "Yes. I ordered it shut down after a volunteer was cricitally injured after testing the suit."

Austin: "Yeah. That's my brother."

Swiss Ninja: "Really?"

Austin: "Yeah. I can call him in now. His name's Rex. BTW, try to keep quiet. Rex isn't the nicest guy."

Swiss Ninja: "Yeah, I met your older brother. Jacques, right?

Austin: "That didn't go well. Anyway, I'll call him up. The more help we can get against the Hochstadt Gang, the easier we'll get them."

Swiss Ninja: "Okay. I've got to go do some buisness. -and spend some time with Bellina.

Austin rolled his eyes. To him, Bellina was a spoiled brat with some machine gun arm. Ninja Wrath was much better, but he dared not to mention him because Ninja Wraith had been demoted from being the crowned prince, which made SN really angry. Austin walked towards the telephone as Swiss went off to Bellina.

Citizen: "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!"

Crowd: "AUTONOMY!"

Citizen: "WHEN DO YOU WANT IT?!"

Crowd: "NOW!"

The News of Parie spread throught the city quicker than a Racecar. Citizens and Freedom Fighters where already on the streets, rioting. Luckily, the riots where much cleaner than the Freezeland Invasions, since this was the city of Parie. Jock and Akba had already reached the other group members, and this time, Dave was prepared. He called in the Director right away.

Dave: "We've got a full scale riot in the city of Parie, Director! Finally, we have a reason to kick Swiss Ninja off the island: excuse? Failed state."

Director: "Alright. We already have some agents in the city, so they'll start the operation. We've been waiting for an excuse to attack Swiss Ninja for ages."

Dave hung up happily, knowing that He would be more successful this time. An Hour later, the USA arrived. The first of the USA soldiers arrived on the Beaches of Norsemandy located on the western shores of Frankterre. Then, the AMOEBA Flew over Parie as USA Soldiers began to parachute down to the city for the fight.

Piper got really hyped up.

Piper: "It's Liberation Time, mon ami!!"

Piper took out his gun again and joined the Soldiers in the fight for Freedom.

Soon, SALT planes and speedboats headed for the island. Then, Chinook helicopters approached, brining eighteen men into battle, and the war lasted all morning.

Finally, after fighting rigorously, the Snoss Forces had retreated from Frankterre Island.

Everyone cheered in happiness that they where now liberated from the Snoss Scum, and now began to celebrate.

Music began to play as the USA Soldiers rode down the Champions Elysees with the citizens cheering them on.


Everything was going the Hochstadt Gang's Way..... (as usual, unfortunately) but not for long.

Chapter 1:An Angry Swiss Ninja[edit]


Swiss Ninja screamed the minute he got word that he had lost control of Frankterre. His screaming was so loud, it echoed around the castle and out to the city and startled everyone. It especially woke up Austin from his Mid-Day Nap.

Austin:"WHAT THE HECK?!? Don't ya know I'm sleepin?"

Maddieworld:"SN just got word that Frankterre was liberated from Snoss control."

Austin:"I'm going to cream the guy who made me wake up from my Mid-Day Map!!!!!"

Maddieworld:"Hmph. You shouldn't have stayed up so late last night with Java and Johnothan in the Game room!"

Austin:"You aren't My Mother! You better get you act together, Miss Maddieworld, because I'm in a lousy mood today!!"

Maddieworld:"I do not care about you or any of my husband's useless cronies."

Austin:"You are lucky I am more gentle on you since you are the wife of Swiss Ninja! Now tell me, was it the Hochstadt Gang who started this liberation?"

Maddieworld:"Who else could it be?"

Austin:"They will pay BIG TIME."

Austin walked to the Library Room, where SN was sadly sitting in his comfy reading chair.

Austin:"Don't worry about that silly island. We are going to get a better prize."

Swiss Ninja said in a sob:"What?"


Swiss:"We Already did that already."

Austin:"No, that was the Viking Empire and Freezeland. We're going to just take Freezeland portion!!!!"

Swiss:"What for?"

Austin:"I think I have said before. You are a High Penguin? Remember?"


SN wiped away the tears from his eyes and cheeks.

Austin:"So....what do you think?"

Swiss:"It's a good plan, which you always have.....but why are you so crazy about taking over Freezeland????"

Austin:It's been a childhood dream of mine, and I've had other causes.

Swiss Ninja rediculously didn't even notice this to be of any suspicious action.

Swiss:"OK! This will be great!"

After a Glorious Day in Frankterre, the Gang headed back to Frostize, Penguinia, the home of Jock, Piper, and Clovis. The other members took their flights back to their homes, and rested. However, that wasn't the case for Austin. Johnathan had arrived, met SN and Java, and all four of them went into the war planning room, planning the attack all afternoon and into the night.

Swiss:"OK, so lets attack Fanon City first...."

Austin:"The thing is, the Snoss Army is so predictable! All they seem to do is invading cities and town in Massive Hordes! That May work at first, but it backfires!!!!!!!"

Java:"So you are saying we must have a new battle strategy?"


Johnathan:"What we need is something so ingenious, that It will make the Freezelandian Army lose their guard for long enough so we can attack."

Swiss:"He he he he he!!!!"

Java:"Boss, why are you laughing like a girl? We are in the middle of something here!"

Swiss:"Aw, nothing. I just remembered a funny Prank that Fudd pulled on Triskelle. He is classic; makes me laugh all the time."

Austin:"Hmm. Actually...water is a pretty good separater...and...hmm!"

Java:"I don't think it's time for that muttering right now."

Austin:"No, we should pull off an elaborate stunt that will make the soldiers put their guard down!"


Austin:"You and I will bribe Fudd to build a giant water balloon launcher, so we can launch it at Freezeland and it's Army."

Swiss:"Excellent, guys.

Austin and Swiss high fived, and Swiss went off to rouse the troops for action.

Chapter 2:Putting the Plan to Action[edit]

That next day, Austin and Rex had arrived in Waffleland. Both of them disliked the place instantly after seeing the citizens.

Rex:"What an awful place of epic fail! Where is Fudd so we can be done with this already?"

Austin:"You just hate SN's Missions, right?"

Rex:"What else am I going to do for a living?"

Austin:"You could work at the toothpick factory if you hate this so much!"

Rex slapped Austin with his signature Pengolian fish.

The two of them found Fudd on the southernmost part of the island.

Fudd:"Someone had told me that you want something done. I can help since I love pranks!"

Austin and Rex looked at each other smirking.

Austin told Fudd the Plan, and they began to build. It took them the rest of the day and half of the next day to make it.

Austin:"What a Magnificent Accomplishment!"

Rex called in SN to ready the troops for battle.

Austin threw Fudd into a bag.

Fudd:"Austin! What are you doing!?!"

Austin:"Taking my revenge on High Penguins!"

Rex:"The Snoss Troops are on their way! Fire it now!"

Fudd:"Huh? This is a trap? I should have known this was Swiss Ninja written all over it! How did Benny ever con me into doing this?"

Austin:"And to think that you are a Hochstadt Gang Member!!!"

Austin took out his Knicicle and sliced the rope of the Launcher. The Humongous Water Balloon Flew high up into the air and out of sight.

In only One Minute, the Water balloon landed in the center of Freezeland.....into the Jadis River.


The water balloon hit the water and sunk. Then, it hit a rock, and popped.

Suddenly, the dams on the Jadis River were strained, and the water poured over...straight onto the Penguinian Army.

Havoc struck on the army, and it was separated and scattered.

Then the Snoss struck.

Chapter Three: The Snoss Army[edit]

200px|thumbnail|right|The Snoss Army's March "ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR!"


The Snoss army marched. The huge horde of Snoss stomped out any noise. All that was heard was the fanatical chants of the soldiers as they marched with a large army of tanks and RDA helicopters stormed above. The sky was dark, and the sun was fading. The shadows of the troops were splayed across the valley in a line of never ending soldiers. Thousands of them covered the land, shaking it with their tumultous stomping. Austin and Swiss were riding at the front of the line in a giant tank, with Austin controlling the turret.

The Snoss were coming.


Meanwhile, at sea, the sea was filled with the loud noise of foghorns and filled with headlights. There was a large navy out to sea. Suddenly, a great shell flew out of one of the Snoss's cannons, and landed with a crash on the walls of Fanon City. Several more careened over the twilight, hitting lighthouses, walls, and barracks, blowing them to smithereens. More careened over the city, avoiding civilians but hitting key military buildings, and blowing up statues of Triskelle.

The Snoss were coming.

Also, by air, a loud droning noise filled the air. Bombs full jammed with Ditto were dropped onto the cities, from RDA Double Helicopters. Citizens panicked and fled from the cities, as they heard the Snoss Army marching towards them with a loud war cry, screaming and yelling, torpedos filled with Snowzer Cheese blasting buildings to pieces, and the droning of helicopters in the air.

The Snoss were coming.

The city of West Yeti was abondoned in a second. Hundreds of citizens stormed out of the be surrounded by RDA troops with stun guns. Every single penguin in the city was now a hostage.

And so the Snoss invasion began.

The Snoss relentlessly crashed through city through city, easily crushing all opposition. The relentless carpet bombing from the RDA helicopters left many citizens frozen temporarily, making the way for the infantry, who ran through the city and captured objectives. Also, the bombing from the navy had destroyed the barracks, making the remaining militia flee.

One by one, the cities fell to the Snoss. There was simply nothing that could stop them.

Johnathn, Vincent and Java stormed the palace with their balacavas. The order was simple; no witnesses, capture Triskelle and other government officials and get Swiss Ninja an Espresso.

"GUARDS! TAKE EM!" Johnathan ordered.

Java took out his two pistols with Deletion Lasers and took down two guards with both of them, Vincent had a Banana Blaster he found and Johnathan had his Deletion Laser rifle.

They eitherfell or fizzed. High Penguins and Freezelandian swung mullets, threw slings and threw burning torches but it was all outdated technology. In fact, the best technology they had were bolt-action rifles from the time of the HPC!

*Fizz* *Fizz* *Fizz*

Johnathan, Vincent and Java climbed the high stairs, eliminating every guard in sight.

The guards were zealots, who gave up their lives to save their King. Then, something special was found; the Amulet of Water. Triskelles best guards were defending them. No once could -

*Fizz* *Fizz*

They were deleted. Johnathan stole the amulet. Triskelle then stormed into the room with his sword.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" he yelled.

Johnathan raised his rifle.

"No Johnathan, we need him alive" Vincent yelled.

Triskelle struck at Java, and the sword hissed menacingly as it swung toward him. It hit Java with a loud clash, but Java's armor protected him.

Johnathan knocked Triskelle out with his rifle butt and Vincent finished him off with a Banana Blaster.

"Stuff the body in the truck. He'll wake up in a cell. Oh, and remember, the Espresso." Johnathan ordered.

Suddenly, the radio in the truck blared. For a while, Johnathan heard static, but then Austin's voice came in.

Austin: "I assume your mission was successful? It almost always is. Plus, I doubt King Triskelle was really much of a threat."

Johnathan raised the phone to his beak, and called Austin.

Johnathan: "Yep. It was hilariously easy. He struck at Java, and, after that, he went down pretty quick."

Austin: "Thought so. Anyway, the invasion is going well. So far, the troops' morale is high, and we've conquered West Yeti and some other small towns. The only problem is that some of the civilians are trying to riot. However, the RDA is holding them down."

Johnathan: "That's good. Say, can you give Swiss the Espresso? I don't want to drive all the way to the city just to deliver him a freaking Espresso."

Austin: "Wait, he ordered for you to give him an espresso? ....okay, I'll get it myself."

Meanwhile, the Snoss were doing amazingly well. They swarmed over the cities in large groups, and took them over. Without their leader, the Freezelanders/Penguinians were helpless. The naval invasion had crushed the docks, so the Freezelandian Ships were unavailable. Not only that, but Austin, Swiss, Java, Johnathan, Vincent, and Rex (Austin brought him along as a bodyguard) reached the capital of the Freezelandians and raised the Snoss flag above it, declaring Freezeland as "New Snowzerland." Johnathan got the honor of raising the flag. The irony was that Triskelle was tied up and forced to watch his country being taken over. After that, he was locked up in a closet with rations.

As the Snoss proceeded, they took over Frostbourough and Carrenmore. However, by this time, it had been 4 days, and the USA was alerted of the Snoss invasion.

Chapter Four: NUKE DEM SNOSS![edit]

A bedraggled and exhausted government official dashed into PASA's main military base, located a little ways from Gentoo Island.

"Sir! The votes are in! It's 30 for the nuke, and that's way over half. We're blasting the Snoss. We'll SHOW THEM that THEY CAN NOT TAKE OVER EVERYTHING THEY WANT."

A random computer nerd appeared at the official's side and stuck out his flipper.



A small slip of paper with a bunch of numbers and letters on it was handed to the nerd. He nodded approvingly and dashed back to his computer.

"Authorizing... arming missile..."

Another nerd began to announce the countdown.


Somewhere on nearby Gentoo Island, a gigantic tower-sized rocket ignited its engines.

"...FOUR... THREE... TWO..."

A blast large enough to wipe out New York City was lifted into the heavens, as the colossal weapon began its journey to space.

Meanwhile, at the RDA Center

A RDA scientist charged through the double doors, nearly smashing one off its hinges.


The other RDA scientist gasped.

" but who? Who in their right minds would try to delete US? Our great civilization, reduced to nothing!"

"I don't know, but whoever launched it, we'd better act fast!"

The RDA Scientist then hit a switch, which set off all the alarms in building, and yelled into a loudspeaker.


The resulting looked like this:

The RDA panicked.

The scientists stormed in like a huge mob, and all started chatting rapidly and nervously. A Class Five was worse than radiation. In fact, a Class Five was a worst case scenario.

"The warhead is entering the mid-thermosphere. We're getting views on it now from our satellite cameras."

"We have a satellite?" a random scientist asked.

"They were launched illegally."

Java Ghent and Rex suddenly stormed in. The nervous crowd backed off as they approached.

Rex: "What's this about a deletion missile?

Java: "A Class 5?"

Head Scientist: "Yes. We've seen a Triple X fly into lower earth orbit, and it's probably aimed at us."

Rex: "Here's a really advanced proposal. WE SHOOT IT DOWN, MORONS."

Head Scientist: "Are you kidding? Detonating that in space would create a huge explosion, alerting anything on the other continents that we're here!"

Rex: "Okay, fine. How about you fight Deletion with Deletion?"

Head Scientist: "Deleting a Triple X? We'd need a really accurate missile for that, and we have nothing of that caliber."

Rex: "You could just shoot a bunch of missiles. Yes, it's expensive. But hey, would you rather spend a bunch of money or get deleted? In a best case scenario, it explodes in the atmosphere and we get a bit of wind damage. In the worst case scenario, it explodes too close and we're done for. I think I would evacuate all the skyscrapers, as those are about to get parts lopped off."

Head Scientist: "'re Pengolian?"

Rex: "YES. Look, not all of us aren't bright."

Head Scientist: "Really. Well, that seems the most reasonable course of action. By the way, we need to inform Swiss that this means war."


Rex: "No. We won't."

Random Scientist 2: "You're way too cocky."

Rex glared at him through the visor at his helmet. Scientist 2 immediently stopped talking.

The XXX warhead flew downwards towards Snowzerland. Apparently, the RDA hadn't noticed.

Or that's what PASA thought. As the warhead sped downwards, several misses sped out from the RDA Base. They flew towards the nuke and hit it in mid air.


The fuel tank exploded in a fiery billow of smoke. Then...


The telltale fizzing sound of active deletion energy filled the air. A buzzing, neon-purple sphere consumed the cloud of smoke, flames, and debris. The warhead had detonated, about 20 miles above Snowzerland.

Within a few minutes, the rapidly expanding, ravenous purple sphere was visible in the sky from Snowzerland. The RDA had ordered everyone to evacuate to lower ground, preferrably inside basements or cellars, in order to escape the fierce winds that would come later. The sphere now blocked out the sunshine, devouring clouds as it swelled and ballooned, quickly approaching Geneva's skyline.

As it came within a hundred yards of the skyscrapers' tops, casting a dark shadow over the city, the sphere's surface suddenly imploded.

"It's beginning to weaken, just as we expected," said an RDA scientist from inside a cellar, watching the feedback from a camera positioned in the city streets.

Air, rushing inwards to replace the vacuum the sphere had left behind, swept up trash and junk on the streets and carried them high into the air. The sphere's surface now had several visible holes, which were slowly curling up and folding in on themselves as the wind gushed through. By the time the sphere had completely vanished, the tops of Snowzerland's skyscrapers had vanished. Massive gales had picked up all over the island, causing severe wind damage to cars, trees, and other objects left unprotected in the cities and plains. Despite this, Snowzerland was relatively unharmed.

But the USA had declared war. And if it wanted to keep its territory secure, Snowzerland would have to act. Fast.

Chapter Five: The Avatar Warmech V10[edit]

Swiss Ninja was pacing in his room. He was worried, and nervous. The USA had just declared war on him, and he really wasn't a match. Austin was sitting in a chair, watching him.

Austin: "Why not try more Avatar Warmech V2s?

SN sighed.

Swiss Ninja: "Austin, they've realized how to defeat those."

Austin: "Yes....but what about defeating the Avatar Warmech V10!"

Swiss Ninja: "That doesn't exist."

Austin: "Actually, it does. Rex sen--"


Austin: "Err, oops, I mean, Java sent me these blueprints of one."

Swiss Ninja: "Oh, really? Lemme see."

He grabbed the documents from Austin and looked over them.

They looked like this.

Swiss Ninja: "How big is it?"

Austin: "Well, it's actually about twice as big as the Avatar Warmech V2. That cannon fires almost any type of missle or grenade you can think of. Ditto, Glue, Ice, Deletion, you name it."

Swiss Ninja: "Are there any secondary weapons?"

Austin: "200 soldiers manning it...with about 20 minor turrets."

Swiss Ninja: "And your point is...."

Austin: "Once we make this, we'll be UNSTOPPABLE!"

Swiss Ninja: "It sounds good. However, I'll need you to guard our factories. In fact, the RDA building is near them. I'll just move the RDA and give you a garrison of 100 soldiers and you defend the buildings."

Austin walked off to alert his comrades of their mission.

The EPF minion turned off the secret surveillance tape of Swiss and Austin and turned to face his fellow agents.

"As you can see, the Snoss plan to strike back with a new Warmech. Now, we've intercepted some other details about their production plans."

Another agent slid a manilla folder across the table. The minion picked it up and took out a bunch of papers.

"According to this report, Swiss Ninja has created an unauthorized server on the Nothing Database and is setting up the Warmech factories there. He's also using it as part of his citizen evacuation project. Apparently he thinks we'll be attacking Snowzerland again."

One of the audience raised his flipper. The minion nodded.

"So what's our countering strategy?"

"We send out some field agents, duh!"

Another one of the audience stood up.

"I'm afraid we can't do that," he declared. "All the field agents were sent out on the battlefield to assist the soldiers with intelligence operations."

The minion slapped his face and groaned.

"So now what are we going to do?"

"Well, we can't send out our own agents... but I know some people that can take care of the job for us."

Everyone in the room stared.

"Don't worry," said the official. "They're not shady, not at all. But let's just say they're rather... extralegal..."

Lord Harold von Injoface, Head of the Dorkugese Assembly and Baron of Phi Island, was not having the best day.


The baron sighed and turned to face his insane Waddle G butler, Gil.

"What is it now, Gil?"

"I FOUND A WAAAAAAAFFLE!" screamed Gil. He pointed to his cherished find.

Harold groaned. If he had limbs, he would have facepalmed.

"Gil," the baron explained, "that's not a waffle, that's your desktop screensaver."


"You set it as the picture of a waffle!"


Harold banged his head (er, body?) against the wall. Gil was smart (to an extent), loyal, and indispensable, but sometimes he could be irritatingly vexing.

"You eat the monitor, you pay for it."

Gil wailed and ran off to find another waffle. Harold let out a sigh of relief. Now he could finally get back to his precious legal paperwork. Argh, those noobs at Cosmos Enterprises! he thought. They will pay for this blatant crime!


"First Gil, now this?" the baron complained out loud. He began to scoot through the extensively decorated hallways of Phi Manor, only for Gil to whoosh past him.


Gil dashed through the corridors, up ramps, and down stairwells until he finally reached the immense double doors, carved out of solid pine into intricate, ornate designs. The little Waddle G stood with his back against the doors and pushed with all his might. They slowly creaked open. Gil turned around to face the visitors.

"Oh hi there! I'm Gil! What's your name? Wanna be friends?"

Before he could receive a reply, the baron appeared behind Gil and pushed him off to the side.

"I apologize for my butler. He can be a bit out sometimes."

The EPF agents smiled slightly.

"May we come in?" asked one. "We bring important news from South Pole City."

In Club Penguin, Dave Hochstadt was summoned to the EPF HQ by the Director for a new mission.

Director:"Please sit down, Dave."

Dave:"All right. So what is my newest mission?"

Director:"We have suspicions about Snowzerland's newest superweapon, rumored to be a Avatar Warmech V10. Gill reccomended you to be our field agent."

Dave:"Are you kidding me?"


Dave:"That could destroy us! The Snoss would be one step ahead of their schemes."

Director:"We know."

Dave:"Where is it?"

Director:"Somewhere in the strange land of Nothing, in some base. We dont know exactly."

Dave:"Well, who does?"

Director:"Apparently, some relative of yours named Gottfried Hochstadt. have you heard of him?"

Dave:"No, not at all."

Director:"We don't know much about him either, if he's pro Swiss Ninja or anti, but signs point to Anti-Swiss Ninja. Rendezvous with him at his adress in the former Snoss land of Alemania. This will be the only assignment that you can bring a friend along for help. Who do you plan to bring?"

Dave:"I'll bring Jock Hochstadt. He's a good fighter just in case."

Director:"Good. We'll provide you with the transportations needed immediately."

On the airplane to München, Alemania, Jock Hochstadt was unsure about what the mission was about and what they were supposed to do in Alemania.

Jock:"So who are we looking for, anyways?"

Dave:"Some unknown relative named Gottfried. Heard of him?"

Jock:"No. I never knew we had relatives in Alemania."

Dave:"The adress says he lives in the vicinity of Hohenterngau. have you heard of that place?"

Jock:"Yes, I have, actually!"

Dave:"What do you know?"

Jock:"That area is home to two castles; one is a museum, the other is a home. I don't know who owns it, though. All I know is that Hohenterngau led parts of the Alemanian secession from Snowzerland."

Dave:"Those are good signs then. Maybe this Gottfried is a friend after all."

Dave and Jock arrived in Alemania smoothly and they soon took the bus to Hohenterngau.

Dave:"Here we are."

Jock:"Wow. Beautiful scenery. Green forest and mountains."

Dave:"Hmm. Hohenterngau is smaller than I thought. That's good, then. Gottfried can be easier to find."

Dave and Jock walked over to the nearest Cream Soda Bar they could find. They walked up to the counter and met the barista who worked there.


Dave:"Hallo. Sprechen Sie Englisch?"

Barista:"Ja. Can I help you?"

Dave:"We're looking for someone by the name of Gottfried Hochstadt. Do you know anyone by that name?"

Barista:"Why yes, I do, he..."

Dave:"Oh good! Can you tell me where this address is, then?"

The Barista bade Dave and Jock to come outside with her. She pointed at the yellow castle in the distance.

Hohenterngau Castle.png

Barista:"See that? That is where he lives. The place is called Hohenterngau Castle, named after this village."

Dave:"Thank you."


Dave and Jock walked out of the village and up the hill to the Hohenterngau Castle. Unlike the neighboring Neuternstein Castle, the Hohenterngau Castle was quiet compared to the very busy Neuternstein Castle, which was bustling with tourists. Although there were still many signs that Gottfried would be friendly to the Hochstadt Gang, Dave and Jock were unsure and were alert as they climbed up the green hill. Their hearts stopped when they arrived at the large brown doors of the Castle.

Dave:"Jock, you can knock."

Jock:"Why me? You can do it!"

Dave:"Seriously? No. Jock, just do it."


Jock knocked roughly on the Castle doors. There was a sharp pause. Then, suddenly, the doors unlocked and one of them opened slightly so that only the person inside could take a peek at who was outside.



Voice:"May I help you?"

Jock:"Are you Gottfried Hochstadt?"

Gottfried:"Yes. Why?"

Dave:"We have a few questions to ask you."

Gottfried:"I do not wish to be interviewed."

Dave:"Please, Gottfried. We need some important information."

Gottfried:"No. Please. Go away."

Dave:"No, I don't think you understand. My name is Dave Hochstadt, and my friend here is named..."

Jock:"Jock Hochstadt!"

Gottfried:"Hochstadts? Are you related to Swiss Ninja, because I don't know anyone else related to me by those names. I only have a brother who lives in Snowzerland."

Jock:"Yes, we are. I am Swiss Ninja's uncle. Dave is Swiss Ninja's great-uncle."

Gottfried:"Aaaah. Ok."

Jock:"Just to be safe, we want to ask... are you pro-Swiss Ninja, or Anti-Swiss Ninja?"

Gottfried:"Why would I tell you that?"

Jock:"Dave and I are members of the Hochstadt Gang."

Gottfried's door swung open to reveal a tall knight in shiny armor.

Gottfried:"Ja! Das Hochstadt Gang! I've heard of them! I never knew you two were members."

Jock:"We are. I suppose you have never heard of us much before."

Gottfried:"I don't know your names, but I have heard of the group. I am impressed with their boldness by defying Swiss Ninja."

Jock:"So then you are anti-Swiss Ninja, then."

Gottfried:"Yes. Mostly, at least. However, now that Snowzerland has lost control of Alemania, I am unsure about my status. The old Southern Deushlandian Government did not recognize my nobility rank of a Knight, and they have even threatened to take me out of my Castle and settle me in a regular place like everyone else."

Jock:"What's the matter with that?"

Gottfried:"You don't understand, don't you? My great grandfather named Johannes Hochstadt built this castle to live in."

Jock:"I never heard of him. You must be a distant cousin."

Gottfried:"I suppose we are."

Dave:"Wait...Johannes Hochstadt...that name sounds familiar...who was his father?"

Gottfried:"The one and only Li Hochstadt, the Sensei."

Dave:"I see! Now I know! Our family came from the Lineage of Tsoi Hochstadt, and you came from Li. We must be distant cousins!"


Jock:"We need to talk, though. It's very urgent."

Gottfried:"All right. But under one condition."

Jock:"Tell us."

Gottfried:"Can I join the Hochstadt Gang?"

Jock:"Yeah, of course you can. You can first start as our member by helping us out."

Gottfried:"All right. Come inside, then."

Gottfried led Jock and Dave into the dining room, where they sat down.

Gottfried:"So what do you need help in?"

Dave:"Swiss Ninja has been at his schemes again, and we believe he's building a top secret and very dangerous superweapon that could give him the upper hand."

Gottfried:"Ok. Continue."

Dave:"The weapon is said to be hidden in the bunkers of some secret base in the region of Nothing. The EPF was informed that you may be a possible penguin that may know of this location."

Gottfried:"Luckily enough, they were right. I do know where and what this superweapon is. What else do you know about it?"

Dave:"We only know it's called the Avatar Warmech V10."

Gottfried:"It fits the name perfectly. The weapon is still under construction; it doesn't plan to be finished until next year, maybe. That is how powerful it is."

Dave:"Can you take us to it?"

Gottfried:"I can."

Jock:"How do you know of this weapon, anyways?"

Gottfried:"I was required to work as a guard for Swiss Ninja at a time. I had to guard at a base in Southern Alemania nearby, where I learned a lot about the construction of it."

Jock:"Can you share the information with us?"


Gottfried left the dining room for a few moments and returned briefly with an official document. The document revealed that the super weapon was under construction on the island of New Snowzerland in the land of Nothing, Base #377.

Dave:"Great. We have a good location. I will contact the EPF immediately for some transportation to our destination."

The next day, Dave, Jock, and the newcomer Gottfried were transported to the Alemanian coast by other agents. They were led to a giant submarine.

Dave:"Awesome Submarine."

Gottfried:"This is exactly what we need. The Base is located on the coast of New Snowzerland and is home to it's own ship harbor."

Dave:"All right. Let's go then...but I don't really know how to maneuver a submarine."

Gottfried:"I don't either."

Jock:"That's why I am here. I learned to maneuver a submarine before. I did it twice, one of those times during the Great Snowzerland War I."

The three penguins climbed into the submarine, and departed from Alemania with all the supplies they needed. The voyage nearly took them almost a week to reach the realms of Nothing and to find the secret land of New Snowzerland. They arrived safely and appeared secretly in one of the quiet part of the Snoss Harbor that was covered by a giant warehouse. It appeared that no one used it, and there was another Snoss Submarine next to their own. The three Hochstadt Gang members climbed up and jumped into the shadows, Jock got his keysaber ready, Gottfried got his sword, and Dave took out his pistol.

Jock:"So where is this machine, Gottfried?"

Gottfried:"In one of the other warehouses. I don't exactly know where."

Dave:"That's not a good answer. We need a precise location. Our lives are at risk as time moves on! We can't be caught, and our risk increases because both of you aren't trained agents."

Jock:"Hey, we're warriors. That counts."

Dave:"Warriors were made for war, not spying."

Gottfried:"So be it."

The three Hochstadts snuck their way through quiet and dark hallways that consisted of the secret passages to the other parts of the base.

Dave:"It's rather quiet. Too quiet. I don't like how this is going. Be prepared for a surprise. I bet you."

Jock:"All right, then."

Jock held his keysaber closer to himself. They soon reached a door that read: WAREHOUSE 209

Dave took out a small laser pointer.

Jock:"A laser pointer?"

Dave:"Not any laser pointer. This one can saw small holes through most metal and wooden doors."

Dave used the special laser pointed to create a small peephole in the warehouse door. Dave looked inside to see a giant war machine inside, also undisturbed but still under construction, as there were still toolboxes and supplies lying around it.

Dave:"Uh...could this be it?"

Gottfried:"May I see?"

Gottfried walked to the door and looked through the peephole and jumped, slightly.

Gottfried:"Yes. This is exactly what we are looking for."

Dave:"Strange! Where is everyone?"

Jock:"Perhaps the workers are on break? Maybe they're too lazy to work know those typical Snoss."

Dave:"I don't know. I don't think...."

Suddenly, the door from the other side of the hallway slammed shut.

Jock:"WHAT THE???"

Then, a swarm of Snoss Soldiers lined up in front of both of doors, blocking the Hochstadts from escaping the dark hallway.

Jock:"IT'S A TRAP!"

Dave:"You think? Why do you say that even though we already know?"

Jock:"Uh...for the satirical effect, maybe. Just to make the Snoss feel like they actually have accomplished something."

Snoss Soldier:"Hey, shut it Viking!"

Jock:"You don't have the right to...."

The Snoss Soldier fired his pistol into the door and silenced Jock. Then, Swiss Ninja and Austin8310 appeared among the crowd of Snoss Soldiers.

Swiss Ninja:"Yes Dave, it was a ridiculous idea to bring two non-agents with you."

Dave looked irritably at Jock. Jock shrugged and turned his attention to Swiss Ninja, who was behind the door, still. Despite only having two holes in the door, Swiss Ninja's booming voice could still be heard with clarity.

Swiss Ninja:"Men, take the new prisoners out of the darkness of the hallway, and bring him into the weapon's warehouse. We'll give them what they came here for."

Austin:"YOU'RE GOING TO.."

Swiss Ninja slapped his flipper on Austin's beak to silence him.

Swiss Ninja:"Shhhhh. Don't ruin the moment."

The three Hochstadt were taken into the warehouse of the Avatar Warmech V10. The Soldiers handcuffed them under Swiss Ninja's command, and tied them together with rope.

Chapter 6:Face My Fury, Hochstadt Gang![edit]

Swiss Ninja stood with Austin and a group of other RDA Scientists and Troopers on a balcony over viewing the Colossal Avatar Warmech V10 and the three Hochstadts in front of it, right in the path of it's main cannon.

Swiss Ninja:"I know you may be thinking that this here machine is still under construction. I just want to tell you that it is."

Jock:"Thanks for stating the obvious."

Swiss Ninja:"SILENCE! As I was saying..."

Jock:"May we cut to the chase please and get this over with?"


Jock:"Ok, what were you saying, then?"

Swiss Ninja took out his pistol and he impulsively threw it at Jock's face.


Swiss Ninja:"That will teach YOU to shut your beak next time the Kaiser tries to speak. AS I WAS SAYING.... You may think that this machine is under construction, but IT IS FULLY OPERATIONAL!!!!"


Gottfried:"I don't want to die like this! I just joined the Hochstadt Gang!"

Swiss Ninja:"Haha! And now you're going to quit it too, once all of you die."

Jock:"Dying only brings greater honor to the Hochstadt Gang."

Gottfried:"Well said. We will die for our cause, if that is what it will be."

Swiss Ninja:"Dying for our cause, blah blah blah, liberty, blah blah blah, equality, blah blah blah, yeah, I've heard it all before! Enough of this annoying talk. Let's just get on with the experimental test."

Jock:"You are going to use us in this experiment with the cannon? I thought you guys used puffles."

Swiss Ninja:"Yes, we do, but we also use Penguins who have been labelled as Heretics and traitors."

Jock:"More or less, both are bad."

Swiss Ninja got up on the balcony and took out his radio. Austin, Java, Johnathan, Rex, and a couple RDA Troopers were inside the unfinished Warmech V10, ready to test it in it's early stages. Swiss Ninja took out his radio.

Swiss Ninja:"Austin? Do you read me? Over?"

Austin:"I hear you, over."

Swiss Ninja:"Ready the main cannon."

Austin:"Roger that. Standby."

Swiss Ninja:"Got it."

Austin:"Systems are turned on. All right, Swiss...what do you want to blast them with?"

Swiss Ninja:"Hmmmm. Glue? No...too easy... Ice? No....that won't kill them... my preferred choice...same with Deletion...."

Austin:"Can we hurry up, please?"


Austin:"Sorry sir, I forgot I was talking to you."

Swiss Ninja:"What is that supposed to mean?"

Austin:"Uhh...nothing. Nevermind. So what would you like to use to fire at the Hochstadt Gang?"

Swiss Ninja:"Is there a laser feature?"

Austin:"Yes. It is the latest addition to the machine."

Swiss Ninja:"Very well. Use that. I would enjoy to watch my wretched relatives fry up like a fish on a grill."

Austin:"As you command, sir."

Java:"Hey Austin, we're having difficulty with the target lock settings."

Austin:"Oh great."

Meanwhile, the three Hochstadts just sat on the floor and did not say a word. Then, Gottfried tried to struggle out of his bounds just to see how well they tied him up, and to his amazemant, his handcuffs slid off, and the Snoss Soldiers did not take notice because the rope he was tied to was covering his flippers. Gottfried realized that they had handcuffed his armor covered flippers loosely, which gave him the opportunity to slip his flippers out of the gauntlets and take his flipper gauntlets out of the handcuffs once he took his flippers out.

Jock whispered:"Gottfried, are you free?"

Gottfried whispered:"Almost..."

Jock whispered:"Take my keysaber! It's in my pocket. Try and feel for it, quick!"

Gottfried felt Jock's tunic and found the keysaber and activated it, which caused the rope to break, but the other two Hochstadts were still handcuffed. Gottfried got up and took back his sword that was on the ground.

Snoss Soldier:"They broke free!"


Java:"All right, the problem is fixed..."

Austin:"Great! That knight just got free, but those other two are still in handcuffs! Fire at will!"

Gottfried saw the cannon pointed at Jock, who was hopping to the edge of the room.

Gottfried:"Jock! Watch out!"

Gottfried shoved Jock out of the way, right before the Avatar Warmech V10 made it's first blast. The blast felt like a bomb that fell from the sky, and it blew Gottfried and Jock to the other side of the room, while Dave was unharmed.


Austin muttered:"'ll pass..."


Austin yelled back:"HEY! AT LEAST THIS THING WORKS!"

Austin fired again at Gottfried and Jock, but again, Gottfried got Jock out of the way in time before the explosion occurred. This time, Austin blasted the wall of the warehouse and one of the viewing balconies filled with soldiers collapsed.


Jock:"Gottfried, just use that keysaber and break open my handcuffs."

Gottfried:"As you wish."

Gottfried took out Jock's keysaber and sliced the handcuff chain in half, and handed the weapon to Jock, who whittled away at the regular cuffs until they came off. Once that was so, Jock and Gottfried struck at every Snoss Soldier and RDA Trooper that came their way. Jock immediately freed Dave after dashing across the giant room. Austin fired again, and the three barely made it before the third explosion again. Luckily enough, the cannon needed a small break before using it's small power shots.

Jock finally had an idea once he looked at the cannon. Jock wasted no time to excecute his plan; he ran up to the debris made, took a large stone, and tossed it with all his strenght and accuracy into the Cannon hole. It fit perfectly, and Austin didn't notice because of all the dust flying around.

Java:"Hey Austin, sensors indicate that..."

Austin:"I got them for sure this time!"

Austin pressed the fire button, and immediately, the Avatar Warmech V10 exploded, and Austin and Java were ejected out of their seats by the emergency seat ejection programming.

Swiss Ninja:"NOOOOO!!!!!"

Jock looked back to see that the Warmech was in flames; it's cannon was completely destroyed and it's metal legs had collapsed and broke. Jock, Gottfried, and Dave tried to make their escape back to the submarine when a group of Snoss Soldiers blocked all the exits.

Swiss Ninja:"Where are you all going? It's not over yet!"

The Three Hochstadts turned around to face Swiss Ninja.

Jock:"Nah. We want to get going. Our work here is done."

Swiss Ninja:"That is very true. Your work is done for good."

Swiss Ninja took out his pistol again and he loaded it.

Gottfried whispered:"Now would not be a good time to make any more quips, Jock."

Jock had other plans.

Jock:"Well, Swiss, haven't you noticed that the warehouse is so damaged?"

Swiss Ninja looked around quickly but then looked back at Jock.

Swiss Ninja:"I have. Austin will pay for that later."

Jock:"...and you know that the Avatar Warmech V10 is still on fire, right?"

Swiss Ninja did not look back this time, and he sternly replied:"Yes, I know that."

Jock:"Well...did you know..."


Jock:"I was just going to tell you that the Warmech is making the Warehouse catch on fire too..."

Swiss Ninja:"Wha..."

Swiss Ninja turned around to see that the Warmech caught the ropes hanging from the celing on fire, which in turn began to catch the wooden parts of the roof on fire.

Swiss Ninja:"AAAAAH!"

Jock used the distraction immediately and he attacked the Snoss guards in front of the door and sliced it open with his keysaber.

Gottfried:"We're free!"

The Three Hochstadts escaped to the Submarine, where they immediately departed and were not stopped.

Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja was screaming his head off.


Unfortunately, the situation got worse, and the whole warehouse eventually caught on fire. An hour later, Snoss Soldiers with hoses and water filled aircraft arrived and put out the fire, leaving the whole warehouse to be a pile of burnt wood, torn metal, chunks of rock from the floor, and ashes. Austin and Java were taken to the Base's medical facility to be treated.

Snoss General:"I am sorry for the loss of the warehouse, sir. At least the whole base did not burn up."

Swiss Ninja:"I don't care about the base, I cared about the Warmech! It's ruined!"

Snoss General:"Maybe it wasn't the best of our ideas."

Swiss Ninja:"Whatever. Prepare my jet to return to Snowzerland. Have Austin and Java come with me so they can be transferred to a Hospital in Snowzerland."

Snoss General:"Ok. It doesn't seem like they aren't hurt that much, so they might be discharged and in good condition prior to your departure, sir."

Swiss Ninja:"Very well, General."

Chapter 7:Devastation[edit]

Dave, Gottfried, and Jock made no haste and instead of returning to Alemania where the submarine belonged, they headed for Club Penguin Island. They landed at one of Club Penguin's quiet beach areas, and Dave went alone to the EPF Command Center, while Jock decided to give Gottfried a tour of Club Penguin since he had never visited it before.

Dave entered the EPF Control Center and placed his spy phone on the conference table. The Director appeared on the screen.

Director:"So, Agent Dave. How did everything go?"

Dave:"Excellent, sir. We have successfully destroyed the machine. We have taken pictures from it before it's destruction moments later."

Dave plugged his phone into the USB port near the Director's screen, and displayed the photos.

Director:"Nice work, agent."

Dave:"It's all in a day's work, sir. I had help with Gottfried and Jock, though."

Director:"That's fine. Teamwork is always appreciated."

Dave:"So what are we going to do now?"

Director:"It appears that Swiss Ninja has not learned his lesson. It is the best interest of everyone that Snowzerland should be bombed for good."

Dave:"Let it be so, sir...but will the South Pole Council approve?"

Director:"I bet they will. I don't see why they wouldn't."

Dave:"I sense there is more to this idea than just punishing Snowzerland."

Director:"Very well. I will tell you. Batavia is also now asking for independence. If Snowzerland refuses, then we will bomb them. If they accept...well...we will still bomb them..."

Dave:"All right, then."

Director:"I mean, I am sure Snowzerland will agree anyways. Batavia isn't very active in Snowzerland, and Alemania agrees to reannex itself to Snowzerland if Batavia leaves."

Dave:"That's good, then."

Director:"What makes you say that?"

Dave:"It helps Gottfried with his nobility titles."


The predictions of the Director were correct; the South Pole Council easily passed the bill for bombing Snowzerland for good, although there was a lot of disapproval from the Representatives from Snowzerland and the strong Penguinitarian representatives from the other states who felt that bombing Snowzerland would be an ignorance to it's helpless citizens, even though Snowzerland did approve to reannex Alemania in exchange for giving Batavia independance. Nevertheless, the USA immediately began to manufacture a multitude of missles that would be used for the assault. Meanwhile, the Snoss representatives from the South Pole Council hurriedly fled to Snowzerland island to tell the news.

Representative 1:"Kaiser! Our nation is about to be bombed!"

Swiss Ninja:"I heard on the news. I watched a podcast of the meeting, despite my hatred of attending or even listening to that council."

Representative 2:"We are done for, sir! It is impossible to advert the number of bombs they will throw at us! This time, they are going full out!"

Swiss Ninja:"I realized that. That only means one thing. Mass let's hope we don't lose anyone and that damage will be not as bad as we hope. Say, what bomb were they planning to use, anyways?"

Representative 1:"Ditto, sir."

Swiss Ninja:"Ouch. That is bad. I am going to declare a State of Emergency immediately to the Snoss Public."

Swiss Ninja immediately declared the State of Emergency all over the Internet, Telephone, Radio, and on all the Snoss Television Channels. Several Flights to Snowzerland were cancelled, while all the planes in Snowzerland were forced to leave at once. All Snoss were urged to get into their basements, their neighbors' basements, or in a specified underground Snoss Military Bunker.

Meanwhile, Swiss Ninja, his family, the nobles, and the bounty hunters escaped to Terninia as a place of refuge. All day, Swiss Ninja stood at the Control Center of Terninia to watch the surveillance radars to see when the attacks would come. Then, late at the crack of noon, when it was dark and rainy as usual in Terninia, Snowzerland island was as still as a rock. There were no signs activity anywhere.

Then, the first missle was detected.

RDA Scientist:"Um, sir, the first missle is approaching Snowzerland Island. Only five miles away."

Swiss Ninja:"Only one missle? I thought there were more!"

The RDA Scientist looked at the radar again to see five more missles coming ahead. After those, another row of five missles were detected.

Swiss Ninja:"AAAH!"

RDA Scientist:"The First missle has struck Snowzerland, directly at the Keukenhof Castle!"

Swiss Ninja:"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

RDA Scientist:"Uh oh. Another row of seven missles are approaching..."

Swiss Ninja panicked severely.

Swiss Ninja:"What's the damage so far?"

RDA Scientist:"The first row has just blasted Snowzerland. All of Zurich, Half of Geneva, All of Luzern, and all of Bellizona are completely wiped out."

Suddenly, the RDA Scientist saw a peculiar object on the radar.

Swiss Ninja:"Hey...w-what's that?"

RDA Scientist:"I can't believe it! It's a huge ditto bomb! It's at least ten times larger than the other missles!"

RDA Scientist:"And it looks like that giant missle is going to hit Snowzerland right"

Suddenly, in the far distance, Swiss Ninja could have sworn he had heard a faint rumbling. The RDA Scientist looked back at the radar again and saw that there were no more missles. The attacks were over.

RDA Scientist:"Well, it appears that Snowzerland is done."


The RDA Scientist:"I can't tell at this moment. All our equipment there have been....destroyed....All I know is that the Bomb hit square on the city of Basel on the Limmat River, sir."

Swiss Ninja:"Troopers! Prepare my aircraft for Snowzerland. We're returning home."

Map of Full Snowzerland Island.png

Everyone was shocked when they reached sight of Snowzerland by air. Although Swiss Ninja's aircraft came from the north, he could see that the south-west part of Snowzerland was completely blown into the sea, causing Lake Zurich to turn into a bay. Because everything was destroyed, including the airport runways, the aircraft pilot had difficulty landing the aircraft, but he eventually found a bare spot to land. It appeared that everyone survived the attacks, although all the buildings in Snowzerland were completely destroyed. Strangely enough, the forests, all the trees, crops, and other plants were completely untouched and unaffected. It appeared that the Ditto did not hurt them, but provided fertilizer for them. Immediately, Swiss Ninja commissioned everyone to start rebuilding their cities, towns, villages, and farmhouses.

However, not long after the reconstruction began was the discovery of endless platinum deposits on the Frankterran Coast of Snowzerland. This great discovery led to the immediate platinum rush, and penguins from around the Antarctic immigrated to Snowzerland and helped pay for the damages made and they led to Snowzerland becoming richer and more beautiful than it was before.

The Keukenhof Castle and the city of Zurich were especially glorified by the Platinum discovery, and both places became more fancy than they originally were. It appeared that Snowzerland was had enough money to repay the USA, but Swiss Ninja still refused to pay back.


As the old saying goes, All is well, ends well. Swiss Ninja finally resigned from making any more Great Snowzerland Wars for the rest of the year of 2010 and 2011, although he did finally meet his match in the Snoss-Castillan War, the only grand war Swiss Ninja fought in 2011. Meanwhile, Frankterre and Batavia discovered their independence and soon merged together under the Batavian crown until Castilla took Frankterre under their wing in 2011. Meanwhile, Gottfried was initiated as a Hochstadt Gang member and first took part in their adventures in The Race to Mars. Meanwhile, the base on New Snowzerland was soon abandoned, and all the settlements on New Snowzerland were abandoned when Nothing was destroyed. Nevertheless, this is not the last Great Snowzerland War that Antarctica will see.

The End.