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Gaben Fordsmen
Gaben Fordsmen.png
Gaben Fordsmen
Full Name Angel Oidor Fordsmen
Alias Gaben
Status Alive
Born Angel Oidor Fordsmen
August 28, 1989 (1989-08-28) (age 30)
Snowville, Polaris
Died 2030 (In the future)
Resting Place Snowville, Polaris
Species Emperor Penguin
Race Green penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'4" (104 cm)
Residence Henryville
Citizenship Antarctican
Ethnicity Antarctic-Beruvian
Nationality Antarctic/Beruvian
Occupation Cream Soda drinker, EQF agent
Employer EQF
Military Service
Branch USA Army, Castillan Army (In the future)
Years Served 2027-2030 (In the future)
Rank Soldier (In the future)
Alma Mater Beacon University

Angel "Gaben" Oidor Fordsmen, Also known as Gaben Fordsmen, is an odd emperor penguin, who has an addiction Cream Soda. He is known for this, as he went viral a couple years ago, in a PengTube video titled "Crazy penguin drinks 20 cans." Angel, was known to his friends as Gaben, as he said it as a joke, but everyone around him refers to him as Gaben.

He is close friends with RealMax, and they sometimes throw parties and do stuff together, such as hiking. Gaben seems to have a fascination not just with cream soda, but with vehicles. This comes as a fact as his dad owned a junkyard, and still does. He eventually temporarily moved to Henryville as part of moving.

In the future, he would eventually enroll himself into the military.



Fordsmen was born on August 28, 1989, in Snowville, Polaris. he had a normal chickhood until his quote-on-quote "always-drunk-out-of-you-know-what uncle" gave him a can Cream Soda, at the age of four. As soon as he tasted the flavor, he liked the taste a lot. The addiction started by his uncle Fernando, and soon, he drank it for now on. He soon went to school afterwards.

At one point he had claimed to witness a Kraken in which he was in a cruise ship with his parents and siblings.

School life[edit]

He went to school, and had mediocre grades. When he entered middle school, he was in band class and knew how to play the Tuba. He did band all the way towards the 8th grade. In high school, he slightly upgraded his grades in some of his classes, mostly he had a C+ in math, as he wasn't very good in math, and had an A in band, in which he still played the tuba, and the alto saxophone part-time. As time went on, he started to show affection towards a school mate of his, who went by the name of Amelia.

When he was often seen with her, his friends, other peers and jerks would call him out, much to his displeasure. At one point, he got into a fight with some jerks, to which he got a bloody beak. However, justice came to him, as a teacher was present him, as he and Amelia were staying after school to do tutoring. The bullies were soon charged and were sent to the local detention center, AKA juvy. After high school ended, he finally asked out Amelia to be his girlfriend to which she accepted. Today, the two are married.

University course[edit]

During a trip to Club Penguin Island during summer at the end of high school, he decided to take a tour around Beacon University, and decided that he should take courses, and he did. He took courses in ecology and astronomy, as he gotten mostly A's and Bs at the end of the high school year, thus he decided to take courses on the higher education side. As his time at the university ended, he got a B.A in ecology. After this, he ran a band class down the street of a college in Inland, Eastshield, to which his band class was rated five-stars by the local newspaper. He would eventually meet RealMax at a local tournament gaming tournament in which he would later become friends with. He would also be introduced to fellow band student Jamie Serkis, who would be friends with and also be introduced to RealMax, which the three would be friends and have adventures together.


He is mostly seen drinking several cans of cream soda around parts of the USA. In late 2007 he joined the Penguin Secret Agency, until it was burned and is now an agent for the EPF, and one of the the EQF in 2017. He is also seen in festivals and contests and also hangs out with RealMax to which he and him play music together with their other friends, to which they made a band called "The Best of Loserz.". He gained popularity in a video called "Crazy penguin drinks 20 cans."

Viral video[edit]

The video entitled "Crazy penguin drinks 20 cans." was released in October 17th of 2007 when Gaben was 17 at the time, to which he drank, as the title stated, 20 cans of cream soda. This became popular, quite popular that the Cream Soda Factory sponsored it in a joke video advertisement for their drink. Gaben was quite proud of himself when he found out.


He is a green emperor penguin who wears a black and grey mask, to which he has been wearing it since the 5th grade. He still does today. He also tends to wear shirts of basic colors, mostly black, but will also wear shirts with images on them, such as his "DETROIT" shirt.


Gaben is a chill penguin who likes to help others with things they have problems with, and has even volunteered at a retirement home. He can be weird, such as his "addiction" for cream soda and mask, but is always happy to lend a hand with anyone in problem. He tends to be a jokester at first, but will eventually help his "customer" in his words. When he gets angry, he tends to make animal-like grunts and roars, to which penguins around him find themselves if he is okay. Most of this happens outside, but also inside, whether it be a stuck snack in the vending machine or losing at a crane game.

Personal life[edit]

He and his wife help charities and also do donations at various programs. He also owns a small farm to which he sells fruits and vegetables for a cheap price. Around 2018, they had announced that they would have a son named Ryan, to which he hatched June 1st, 2019. Afterwards they would move to Henryville as they would temporarily stay due to financial problems to had at their original home in Polaris. He is friends with the owner of Henryville, Henry Gadget.


In the future, Gaben would enroll into the military of the USA and also part-time in the Castillan military, to which he would fight during the Snoss Civil War. However, during this, he was killed by an enemy soldier, as he was the last to put stuff away in the training and resting room. He was 41 when he was murdered. he was soon buried at the local cemetery where he was born. He left behind his wife and now 12-year-old son.



  • He supposedly went to a place called "Detroit," and said that he and some other penguins went through tunnels.
    • Coincidentally his shirt says Detroit.