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Gallium Metals and Metallurgy
Type Military Contractor and Metallurgy company
Industry Metallurgy, metal galvanization, metal production for civilian and military purposes
Founded 2010
Headquarters Munijoch, Antarctica
Area served Militaries of Culldrome Isles, Shops Island, and Ed Island
Key people Marcus Evans Company President
Revenue N/A
Operating income N/A
Net income N/A
Employees 5,600

Gallium Metals and Metallurgy, Inc. is a metal production company based in Munijoch that specializes in metallurgy, metal galvanization, and metal production and manufacturing for both civilian and military use. Founded in 2010 after the collapse of Mercu Inc., the creator of the Mercu-Solid system, it specializes in revolutionary designs, molecular structures for alloy metals, and establishing metallurgical research in hopes of producing metals that serve more than it's original purpose, coupled with refining roughly 45% of Munijoch's iron, steel, and various metal supplies. It sells close to half of it's product to PULSE, who has a stake in the company.


Concept and Inception[edit]

Following the collapse of Mercu Inc. in 2010 after going bankrupt, several entrepreneurs from there had the idea to remake the company under a new name, purpose, and ideal: to produce Munijoch's best and strongest metals Taking plans and ideas from the design team at Mercu, they founded it in the later winter of 2010. Products included the Mercu-Solid, now known as GAFlex, utilizing a non-Newtonian fluid based system to form the shape that is needed, as well as an alloy which utilizes electric waves to bind the molecules to form a solid shape. Adding various gases into the mix, such as argon, neon, etc., would produce the colors needed for each shape, if requested. With their initial product established, PULSE offered to provide funding to further research on both GAFlex and other metallurgical pursuits, with the end goal being a breakthrough in materials science.


In late 2012, a team of scientists successfully created an extremely durable and strong metal coined as "Munijoch Steel." On a molecular scale, being made of carbon nano-tubes mixed with galvanized steel and iron layers upon each other, each 1/2 inch sheet could easily support 1,000 tonnes of weight before giving in. In 2013, it was worked out how to make it into cables and wires, becoming even more useful than it already was. In addition, the nano-tubes created were able to be isolated and used for thermal conductivity and nano-technology at PULSE and DRONE. This breakthrough was highlighted in several research publications for materials sciences in the country, with a famous showcase being a platform suspended on ropes, with a single 1/2 inch sheet supporting it between industrial strength chains. Spectators were offered the chance to get onto the platform to win a free magnet.

Present Day[edit]

Today, Gallium focuses on the next big breakthrough for metallurgical sciences, researching on potential alternatives to traditional silicon-based semiconductors. In addition to this, the company is devoted to providing customers with industrial and civilian products featuring their new research products.


Munijoch Steel[edit]

MJ Steel is a composite alloy that resembles regular steel on an elemental level, but with a different structure than conventional steel, resulting in a metal with different properties. When formed into a wire, it exhibits immense tensile strength, and has been shown to have conductive enough to provide primitive "wiring" that can be used for things such as nanomachines or integrated circuitry. With the flow of electrons, a light magnetic field is produced that can block most forms of radiation. This flow of electrons means it is susceptible to EMPs, which can render the circuitry inept and requires a costly disassembly to fix. In addition, the metal can be burnt clean through with items such as a keysaber or other high temperature weaponry. Melting the Munijoch Steel to its core components destroys the nanotube structures.

MJ Steel Products[edit]

Products come in 5 grade tiers: Civilian, Industrial, Military, Heavy-Military, and Space. Each tier has it's own range of products for the average buyer.


  • GAKnife: A standard knife made with Munijoch Steel.
  • GAMetal: MJ Steel Sheets that can be cut and pre-fabricated for use at home.
  • GAWire: Wires created from copper or silver. These can be pre-installed in metal sheets.
  • GAKitchen: Kitchen accessories such as pots and pans created with galvanized steel.
  • GAScience: A science kit for students in primary and secondary school, complete with a small cube of MJ Steel, a battery with wires, a glass container, and magnet.


  • GAHeavySheet: A set of pre-fabricated Munijoch Steel for use of insulation or construction.
  • GACoat: A MJ Steel sheet that can replace any standard metal outer body of a vehicle or machine.


  • GABullet: A standard bullet made from the MJ Steel and Copper.
  • GABlock: Blockades made from the MJ Steel-rebar and concrete.
  • GAArmor: Armor made from a reduced weight version of the MJ Steel including helmets, body armor, etc.
  • GAPlate: Thick plates made for military vehicle production.

Heavy Military[edit]

  • GATorpedo: Torpedoes made with MJ Steel and designed to carry either a ballistic or nuclear payload.
  • GAWall: Thick, pre-fabricated walls made for battleships or fortresses.


  • GAAstro: Metal plates designed to resist impact from space debris and small objects blasting through space. Wires can be fitted within the plate for use in ships.
  • GARadiation: Insulation for cosmic radiation.


  • Gallium is currently developing a multi-million dollar project involving cup holders.

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