Gamer Gadget

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Gamer B. Gadget
An image of Gamer
Title Gamer Gadget
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Video Game Maker
Health Good
Level 30
Status Making video games
Location Club Penguin Island

Gamer Bobby Gadget Jr. (also known as Gamer the Gizmo Guy) is a video game creator for Snowtendo. He is related to Gary the Gadget Guy, Pete Gadget, and Crazey Gadget. He has a brown puffle named Googol, which is also Gamer's favourite number. Gamer is also a TV show designer, and created Lollipop's Adventures. He also helped a little bit with Season 2 of Dancing Penguin and G. And Gamer is also the computer programmer of the EPF. His enemy is Herbert. Oh, and Klutzy.


When Gamer was 7, he became interested in computers. He wanted to become a computer programmer when he grew up. One year later, Gamer discovered the first video game. He played it every day. He became very good at it. He finished the game. Then he played it again and finished in an hour. Then he decided he wanted to design video games when he grew up. He joined the EPF at age 21.


  • He is a good friend of Lollipop386.
  • His grandfather is the brother of Gary's grandfather.
    • This means that Gamer is Gary's second cousin.
  • He hatched in late 1986.
  • He enjoys jazz and classical music.