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Gamma Gal
Gamma Gal
Full Name Amanda Leu
Alias Gamma Gal
Born October 19, 1988 (1988-10-19) (age 31)
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Olde Antarctica
Species Penguin
Gender Female
Residence BandeiraClubPenguin.png Club Penguin Island
Citizenship USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Superhero
Employer New Protectors
Years Active 2007-present
With our powers combined!
— Gamma Gal

Gamma Gal (real name Amanda "Amy" Leu) is a Super Penguin with the ability to create and utilize plasma. When she is teamed up with her partner Shadow Guy, the two are a powerful force to be reckoned with.


Becoming Gamma Gal[edit]

One day in 2007, Amy was sledding on the Ski Hill when she encountered a glowing meteorite that had crashed on the slopes. She touched it out of curiosity and was granted superpowers from it, but was overwhelmed and passed out shortly after. When she woke up, she found that she was inside a building she had never seen and in the company of a mysterious old penguin. Amy quickly discovered her new powers, but due to her inexperience accidentally destroyed multiple objects. The old penguin offered to train her to control and master her powers, which she accepted.

The two later encountered a stampede of wild puffles, disturbed by a tree falling in the wilderness and causing chaos across Club Penguin. Using her new powers, Amy was able to lure all the puffles to the Pet Shop with her glowing plasma. Afterwards, she gave herself the name Gamma Gal and designed a custom superhero outfit, and returned to her mentor to show it off. Shortly after, Gamma Gal was alerted to the presence of a giant sea monster and went to investigate. On the way, she encountered Shadow Guy, who was headed there for the same reason. The two agreed to team up to battle the sea monster, but realized that their attacks had little effect because of its size. After regrouping, Shadow Guy got the idea to talk to the monster and found out that it was only looking for its friend and was "attacking" by accident. After they managed to reunite the sea monster with its friend, Aunt Arctic arrived to interview them, where they announced that they were officially a duo.


  • Superhero
  • Voice Actor - Gamma Gal appeared as a guest star on SnowBob CirclePants, where she voiced herself in two episodes alongside Shadow Guy.



Gamma Gal has the ability to create pink plasma energy. She can use this offensively by shooting a ball of plasma from her flippers, which she calls the Plasma Glow Wave. This becomes even more powerful when combined with Shadow Guy's Shadow Wave. By using high amounts of this plasma energy, she can essentially transform herself into a flying plasma ball that can fly at high speeds. She also has the ability to fly normally.


Portrayal in media[edit]

Gamma Gal's design in the manga adaptation of The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

Gamma Gal's first media appearance was in the Stage play Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal, which premiered in January 2008. The premise features Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy battling Squidzoid, an ordinary penguin transformed into a giant monster by his hunger. The script was revised starting with the August 2010 showing, adding Squidzoid's sidekick Melmonst, a giant animatronic controlled by the Switchbox 3000.

Following the play's success, SHAZAM Comics received the rights to run a comic series featuring the duo titled The Adventures of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. It began publication in late 2008.

In early 2015, a Japalandese company acquired the rights to produce a manga adaptation of the SHAZAM comic. Rather than using Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy's actual appearances however, the artists instead decided to redesign their costumes as well as give them both hair. This decision proved very controversial among fans of the superheroes, but the manga was still a hit in Japaland nonetheless.

Gamma Gal voiced a fictional version of herself in "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal", an episode of the first season of SnowBob CirclePants. Two seasons later, she returned for the episode "Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal II".

Gamma Gal appears in Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R. as an alternate costume for Shadow Guy. Additionally, when Shadow Guy is being used, Gamma Gal appears as part of his Final Smash.


  • "Take this! PLASMA GLOW WAVE!"

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