Gamma Gal

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Gamma Gal
Title Gamma Gal
Gender Female
Race Super Penguin
Faction Heroine
Health Awesome
Status Saving the day
Location Club Penguin
Birth date October 19th, 1988
Occupation Saving and helping Club Penguin
Interests Beating up villains.
Friends Shadow Guy
Enemies Villains
Archetype Hero

Amanda Amy Leu (commonly known as Gamma Gal) is a superheroine, and is (usually) only great with her partner, Shadow Guy. At first, she was thought to be a mere comic book character but has since proven that she is an actual penguin.


Unlike Shadow Guy, Amy was born a normal chick, living a normal life like most other chicks. When she was 15, the fearless penguin living in Club Penguin discovered a glowing meteor while playing Sled Racing on her own. Out of curiosity, she decided to touch the meteor. Unexpectedly, she was given an electric shock, and after floating around in the air, she got dozy and fell asleep. When she woke up, she was in Sensei's dojo courtyard. After discovering her powers, Sensei secretly trained her on how to use her powers and she finally became a superhero. Her first assignment was when a tree fell down in The Forest, and scared many puffles to The Nightclub, and she directed the puffles to The Pet Shop. She met Shadow Guy on the way to stop a sea monster named Webnark, and became friends ever since. She and Shadow Guy also battled Squidzoid, who was revealed to be a penguin with a monstrous appetite.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

  • Can shoot glowing pink plasma from her hands.
  • Can shoot yellow lightning bolts when her plasma is combined with Shadow Guy's shadow waves.
  • Can transform into a pink ball of plasma/light and fly around.
  • Super-strength and flight.
  • Can turn into a ball of light.


Gamma Gal is a prime defender of Club Penguin, saving the day, whether it be a lost monster, penguins with a monstrous appetite or evil villains needed to be captured.


  • "Take THIS!"