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Nightmare's beloved first born.
Born Gargantuan Moonlight
February 5, 2007 (2007-02-05) (age 12)
Nightmare Crater
Gender Male
Nationality X-Antibody
Other names Nightmare's first born, Ettin Blood (what Metal Explorer calls him)
Education Everything he knows he learned from Nightmare
Occupation Protecting his mother from harm
Years active Since birth
Notable works Helping to create Nightmare Crater and the transportation tunnels that lead to it
Home town Nightmare Crater
Height 12 1/2 feet
Weight 5 tons
Known for Being the first antibody with REM Sleep, his incredible size and strength
Title Ettin Blood
Parents Athondiel Moonlight
Relatives Nightmare, Lizlord, his fellow siblings

Gargantuan is the first X-Antibody created by Nightmare with permanent REM Sleep, and was cloned from Nightmare's deceased son Ignis Moonlight. He is rather dim-witted and often asks Nightmare for advice on what to do next. His large size is due to absorbing the Ettin DNA that Nightmare's son possessed during his development.


It all happened when Nightmare had first perfected the X-Virus with Lizlord. What very few know is that Athondiel was infact married. Her husband was one of the last remaining Ettin Penguins and the two loved eachother very much, but they had been seperated for quite awhile due to Athondiel's constant expirimenting. They even had a son named Ignis who grew up to become a strong penguin who eventually left to fight against Malcur in the war. Then Athondiel recieved tragic news. Ignis had died in the war. She cried over the loss of her son, and eventually became more determined than ever to complete the X-Virus. She was hoping that if she could complete it, she might be able to atleast create a clone with Ignis's memories.

A thousand years passed and Lizlord had perfected the X-Virus. Nightmare, who had for years kept some of Ignis's feathers in a special container, imediatley got to work on re-creating her son. She mixed the feathers with the X-Virus and pored the mixture into Lizlord's newly invented synthetic body. For days they waited and nothing happened. Then Nightmare looked one day and saw that the antibody was forming. She quickly ran to greet her son, but then something happened. The body coughed up the substance and it began to form an antibody, but it looked nothing like her son. The substance formed a gigantic dark blue antibody with long black hair, that nearly covered the X Mark on his forehead, and small white eyes. Nightmare was shocked at what she saw and Lizlord was also suprised when he arrived. The antibody looked nervous and began smashing various objects in the room (including Lizlord's Mancala Board) and Nightmare rushed over to calm him down. She entered his dream and began to converse with him.

"This place. What is it."

"Ignis, do you remember me?"

Gargantuan looked around.

"What was that?"

"It's me Ignis. Don't you recognise your own mother?."

Nightmare then revealed herself to him and the antibody begn to scratch his head.

"Who's this Ignis guy?"

Nightmare became slightly disapointed. It would appear that this antibody didn't have her son's memories, but she still viewed him as her child nonetheless.

"Oh did I say Ignis. Silly me. What I ment to say was...okay we'll need to think of a name for you then.

"A name? What's that?

Nightmare sighed and explained it to him.

" that's why we need a name for you. Though I'm sure with your gargantuan stature everyone will remember you anyways. Oh yes, that's the perfect name for you child."


"No, Gargantuan. What do you think?"

"I like it. So what's your name then?"

"Well, my name is Nightmare Moonlight. But you can just call me mother."

"Okay mother.

With that Nightmare exited his dream, and she lead Gargantuan to her throne room. He was later tasked with digging a reservoir for the X-Virus and later would become Nightmare's personal bodygaurd.


Gargantuan had spent most of the years between the Great Darktonian Pie War and the Nightmare Epic helping with the reconstruction of Nightmare Crater. Since then, he spends most of his time following Nightmare as her personal bodyguard. Gargantuan is also used by Nightmare to pound traitors or penguins who try to find Nightmare Crater. Many penguins who receive his poundings are crippled for life.

During the Nightmare Epic he was basically used by Nightmare as her means of transportation. He accompanied her to retrieve Kill when she went to Arda and killed several High Penguins trying to protect King Triskelle. He was ordered not to attack Kill, as that would cause Zone to transform into the King of Sorrow, but was told to do whatever he wanted with Triskelle. The High Penguin king attempted to fight Gargantuan using the Amulet of Water, but he couldn't even injure him. Triskelle ended up receiving many heavy punches and near every bit of his body was aching. Gargantuan was about to finish him off, when Kill ran up to defend Triskelle. The antibody started yelling and pulling his hair as he didn't know how to deal with this situation as he knew he couldn't harm Kill. Just then, Explorer appeared, using his upgraded shovel to quickly defeat the giant. These two events colliding resulted in the Ettin DNA going berserk, causing Gargantuan to grow massively, although Nightmare was able to calm him down.

In the final battle, he fought DaiVoyager and SirenBuilder, being assisted by other X-Antibodies including but not limited to X max1, The X-Kong, and LollipopX, who swarmed the two Hero Mechas to prevent them from fighting Nightmare's "son". However, nearly every one of the Antibodies that swarmed them were controlled and thus broke away after being freed, giving the two an advantage and allowing them to defeat Gargantuan, who managed to survive and return to his normal size.

After the war, he was extremely saddened at his "mother's" death. Xorai recruited him to join his army, and Gargantuan agreed. Xorai finds him difficult to co tool due to his stupidity.


Height comparison chart

Gargantuan is the largest antibody alive in Antarctica and almost the largest land creature in Antarctica, beaten only by Aunt Agatha in terms of sheer size. He stands around 12 feet tall and weighs around 5 tons. He's also possibly the strongest creature in Antarctica as he's shown to be able to lift up a Pie Tank and throw it a distance of almost 1,000 meters. Even giving Gargantuan a flesh wound is near impossible, as his skin his incredibly thick (even thicker than Walrus skin) and most ammo usually just bounces off him. Not even a hit with Explorer's Shovel could injure him, and he's even immune to Winston's hugs.


His greatest weakness is the fact that he can be extremely dumb. His IQ is only a tiny bit higher than Klutzy's and he seems to be only able to perform basic tasks like eating and punching. He usually has someone with him in battle however to tell him the best move to do though. He also tends to ramble on about stuff like complaing about how annoying penguins are.


(While rambling on to himself)

  • Penguins, they're so annoying. Why are they annoying again? Ugh, it's so annoying having to think about it. Such an annoyance. Such a pain. Just like those penguins. They're so annoying. Why are they annoying... You get the idea.


  • His loyalty to Nightmare is sort of a parody of Lugnut from Transformers Animated.
  • His appearance is a slight parody of Sloth from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.
  • He constantly refers to penguins as stupid and says they just get in his way.
  • Suprisingly, despite his gigantic size, Gargantuan can, in fact, swim.
  • Gargantuan was once mistaken for a Yeti at a small town during a blizzard. In reality, he'd just gotten lost in one of the many transportation tunnels that he dug at Nightmare Crater. He began destroying the town hoping to find a way home, but Explorer 767 and Fred 676 came to the rescue and managed to beat him.

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