Gari the Gadget Gal

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Gari Gadget
Gary… as a girl
Gender Female
Race Penguin, R63-Antibody
Faction EPF
Health Good
Status Alive
Birth date Summer 2015
Place of birth Gary’s lab
Occupation Inventor, secret agent
Employer EPF
Height 3ft 8in
Interests Science, technology
Friends Gary the Gadget Guy, Rockhopra
Archetype Good

Gari the Gadget Gal is Gary the Gadget Guy’s R63-Antibody. She looks very much like Gary, but is a female. She works for the EPF and is trying to find the mystery behind the R63-Virus


The R63-Virus was discovered in mid-summer 2015, and Gari was one of the first creatures created from it. Gary was working on a invention that was very time consuming and stressful, and he did not get enough sleep. This allowed the R63-Virus to enter his body and infect him, making him seem sick

He eventually coughed up the antibody, believing it to be an X-Antibody. This his surprise, the clone turned out to be a female version of him, who did not speak in small caps.

Gary was fascinated by this new discovery- but so was the clone- who is calling herself Gari, which is a relatively feminized version of “Gary”. Gary decided to do some experiments to see if Gari was stable, and he was impressed Gari knew as much about technology and science as much as he did, allowing him to explain the tests they were doing without dumbing things down. He figured out that their DNA was nearly identical, with the main difference being Gary having ZZ chromosomes, and Gari ZW.

Gary then introduced his clone to the rest of the EPF crew, and told them that it would be good to contain this virus, since if villains got infected their problems would double. Gari earned the respect of the other agents, and became an inventor for the EPF just like Gary


Gari is an inventor for the EPF, and works closely with Gary. She helps Gary make inventions for his parties when they’re not working for the EPF.

Gari is very interested in studying the R63-Virus and R63-Antibodies, partly because she is one, but mostly for the science behind it. Unlike the X-Virus the antibodies created by the R63-Virus are near clones of the original with little genetic differences. Gari has been finding out new R63-Antibodies that have popped up and made sure they are alright. She also believes reverse engineering the virus could help with gene therapy and end a lot of diseases.

Gari is also interested in finding the source of the R63-virus, and is leading the investigation for the EPF

Gari has met Rockhopra, Cadenzo, and Uncle Arctic and they are close friends.


Gari looks very much like Gary, and they both dress similarly, wearing a white labcoat, and coke bottle glasses. Unlike Gary, Gari has a headful of frizzy brown hair, which Gary had as a teen, but prefers to keep her hair tied up in a bun so it doesn't get in the way.


  • Mary Gadget is somewhat jealous of her. Gary considers Gari to be as much as a twin as Mary, and Mary thinks this is undeserved since she knew Gary his whole life, while Gary only met Gari in 2015.
  • Gari appears to be around 7 years younger than Gary
  • Her codename in the EPF is R63G