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Ooh... MAGIC
Gender Female
Other names The Good Witch
Occupation Witch, inventor, adventurer
Height 3' 3"
Weight 16kg
Known for Ancient relative of Gary the Gadget Guy

Garianna is Gary's great great aunt from the medieval era of Penguin Island, who was a witch. She is historically the first penguin recorded to own a pet gold puffle.


Garianna was a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom when she studied magic along with her other wizard and witch friends. She would eventually meet her descendant Gary thanks to the abilities of the Time Trekker 3000.

While studying one night, she accidentally opened a portal to a cursed realm and released Scorn, the dragon king. Because she could not contain Scorn alone, she called Gary for help, who in turn came back with an army of his ancestors and descendants. Together they managed to weaken Scorn and Garianna cast a spell upon him that banished him to another realm. Although Garianna had technically helped to save everyone, the other wizards and other citizens of medieval Penguin Island had somewhat of a contempt for her accident.

This wouldn't stop Garianna however, as she would venture off onto other islands to continue her studies and investigations on all fields of magic.

Generations later, Garianna would be forgotten by the citizens of Club Penguin until Rockhopper discovered her potion book on an island. Rockhopper gave the book to Gary who would later use the Time Trekker to send himself back in time to meet his long lost ancestor.


  • Garianna also reportedly taught some of her magic to Gary.