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The Gariwald Line stems from Gariwald I's firstborn (Gariwald II). It is the secretive, aristocratic, unorthodox, and rather snooty half of G's Family that was covered up after the mysterious disappearence of its last known member and the revelation of one living son. The Gariwald Line ran parallel to the rest of the Family until Gariwald VIII finally merged the two by wedding Jackie.

The Line is famous for going into the stranger or rarer sciences. Each Gariwald practiced a field no other G Family member ever repeated. Seeming to have a hand in Carter's Fountain of Youth, they lived ultra-long lifespans and greatly exceeded any other family member in lifespan. They are said to be somewhat corrupt, or at least extensively unorthodox, because of their "road less travelled" lifestyle and their supercentanarian abilities.



The so-called "Purebred Gariwalds" are those that ran parallel from the rest of G's family. Until Halloween 2012, the Gariwalds were unknown to anyone outside of G's Family. Gariwald VIII was the first "mutt Geriwald", because of his marriage to Jackie. Gariwald IX, likewise, is no longer considered "pure", and, in fact, no future Gariwald will be able to claim this title.


Gariwald XIII broke the purebred line and married his ultra-distant cousin, merging the Line with the rest of G's Family.


  • Gariwalds I through XIII all hatched on Halloween.
  • The Gariwalds had incredibly long lifespans. Gariwald II lived to be three hundred years, and had twelve wives (remarrying after each one died, because his apparent biological immortality was leaving him extensively lonely.). Only his last wife left him a heir. The rest were either infertile or simply didn't want chicks.
  • The entire Gariwald Line was buried on the grounds of the family mansion, Gariwald Estates, which normally resides in the Ghost Dimension, but appeared in 2012 by accidently drifting through a portal.
  • Gariwald II is the penguin flipper that handed Sye (and future players) a Key to the Ghost Goggle Chest.
  • Gariwald XIII was a fierce rival of Josh Spect and ran the Poltergeistsmashers company. Between Josh Spect, Spectre Smashers, and Garwiwalds' Poltergeistsmashers, there was a fierce competition that ultimately became a two-way rivalry when Gariwald VIII went missing in action.
  • Rumor has it that G's real name is Gariwald, not Gary, in honor of the elite family. No one in G's family, including G himself, will comment on this.