Gariwald VIII

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Gariwald VIII
Born October 31st, 1952
Died 1989
New Forest, Club Penguin Island
Cause of death Extreme machine malfunction
Body discovered Halloween Party 2012
Resting place Ghost Dimension
Gender Male
Nationality Olde Antarctican
Other names Gariwald, G's Great Uncle
Occupation Paranormal researcher
Years active 1970-present
Notable works Paranormal research before Sye
Home town Club Penguin Island
Known for Halloween Party 2012
Title Gariwald Line/G's Family
Predecessor Gariwald VII, Gariwald Line
Successor Gariwald IX, Gariwald Line
Spouse(s) Jackie
Children Gariwald IX
Parents Gariwald VII
Relatives Gariwald Line, Gary the Gadget Guy, G's Family
Not to be confused with the Gariwald Line. This article concerns the G relative.
See also: G's Family

Gariwald VIII, also known as Gariwald the Contraption Chap, was the great uncle of Gary the Gadget Guy. He was the earliest paranormal investigator on Club Penguin Island, and in the course of his research, he completely vanished from existence in 1990, presumed dead. G's Family kept Gariwald VIII a secret because their family pride wouldn't permit them to seek help for the cause of his disappearance... until 2012, when the family finally capitulated and agreed to blow the lid off of the family's secret, so that the family may rest, at long last.

He was ultimately discovered by Sye Grimom, which led to a Halloween Party recreation that made headlines. He didn't get credit.


Gariwald XIII was the last "purebred" in the proud Gariwald Line, hatching on Halloween night, 1952. Gariwald was always captivated with the paranormal and dedicated his life to researching ghosts. He set up shop on Club Penguin Island in 1970, building a colossal mansion, hidden deep in the New Forest with the Gariwald fortune and bounty from the ghost company he had founded, Poltergeistsmashers.

In his overreaching manor, Gariwald XIII had the graves of his deceased ancestors exhumed and buried in a cemetery out back.


Gariwald's successful research and study of ghosts led to his downfall in 1990, when he decided that the best way to communicate with ghosts was to attain the ability to switch from mortal to ghost.

So, Gariwald, when he was just thirty two, had his workers build a very strange machine; it was designed to view a world unseen.
With the first ignition, the assistants quit, so Gariwald took a look inside of it.
He fixed some wires, that's when things went strange.
Everything was sent away within range.
When Gariwald woke up, he realized that he was translucent: he had died!
He could walk through walls, disappear and fly.
That didn't stop his research, though.

Gariwald XIII, his mansion, his assistants, and the graves of his ancestors, through an accident in his machine, were dissolved and teleported into the Ghost Dimension.

Jackie, who held the egg of her son in her flippers as she walked home from the mansion, saw the entire thing fade away, followed by an explosion of ectoplasm that coated her, the egg, and killed all the trees in the area. This ultimately took the life of Jackie months later, from radiation sickness.


An anomaly in the portals of the Ghost Dimension sucked the Gariwald mansion back into Club Penguin, dropping it smack in the entrance to the CP Forest (which was sucked into the Ghost Dimension in its stead). G, unable to hide or conceal the sudden appearance of a mansion he and everyone else in his family knew fully who it belonged to, had no choice but to send in paranormal researchers (and Gariwald's only son) to travel through the mansion and discover the entire story, once and for all.



  • His specific field of paranormal research were ghosts.
  • Despite being very youthful, Gariwald XIII exhibited a classic quirk in the Gariwald Line. Unlike the Gary side of G's Family, the Gariwald Line grew long, luxurious hair on their head, face, and around their beak. They were extraordinary in this, but at a cost. They aged faster than normal penguins, often looking twenty to forty years older than they actually are. Gariwald's facial hair turned snow white.
  • He dresses oddly.
  • His son, Gariwald IX, consistently sees the dead involuntarily. Ultimately, it was he that aided Sye in discovering just what happened to his father.

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