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Garmiled pie title.png

Garmield's average look.
Born Garmield Pie
March 8th, 1960
Shiverpool, Olde Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctican
Other names Garpie
Education Woodshop, Home Ec., Painting
Occupation Sewer
Notable works The Famous Golden Fuzzy Viking Hat
Home town Antarctic Peninsula
Height 3ft. 11in.
Weight 37 pounds.
Known for Making fuzzy Viking hats.
Spouse(s) Sue Pie
Children Feey1 Pie, Milly Pie
Parents Grandma Jenn34 Pie, Grandpa Zayne Pie

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Garmield is the father of Feey1 and Milly, the husband of Sue, and the son of Grandma Jeen34 , and Grandpa Zayne Pie.


Garmield Pie was born March 8th, 1960. He grew up in a rich home, having everything he ever wanted. When he was 9 his dad tried to get him into sports which he did, but Garmield kept a secret. He loved to sow hats, mittens, and scarfs. He went to a class every Sunday afternoon, which his dad though was a karate class. One day Garmield's dad said he wanted to watch Garmield do karate at his next tournament. Garmield panicked and lied to his father, saying that it had gone bankrupt and closed down. So Garmield searched for another way to sneak to knitting class. But soon his father found out about the lies, and grounded Garmield for a week. Garmield continued to sow scarfs, mittens, and hats. He and his dad don't speak with each other anymore after Garmield sowed the Golden Viking Helmet.

Making The Golden Fuzzy Viking Helmet[edit]

In the 90's Garmield heard about somebody making a golden waffle. So he decided to make a viking helmet from solid gold. He sowed a fuzzy viking helmet, then covered it in gold paint. When his wife heard of this she forced him to show it to her. She loved it, and started to drool all over it. She dehydrated and had to go to the emergency room, and so Garmield put the Golden Viking Helmet in a wooden box and sneaked it onto a space craft.

Watching WHAT?!?[edit]

It was Garmield and his wife's anniversary, so Sue decided to watch WHAT?!? in the theaters. So after spending 2 hours at a spa the two penguins headed to the theaters. They sat down and watched the movie. Thirty minutes later Garmield was sick of the movie and was about to throw his popcorn. Suddenly a penguin shouted "WHAT?!?" and Garmield lost it. He threw the popcorn box at the screen and ran out of the theater screaming. He ran into the popcorn machine and wouldn't leave it for 2 days. After a week he sued Penguin Productions for making the movie, and ended up with 1 million gold coins.

Search For The Golden Fuzzy Viking Hat[edit]

In 2009 Garmield's wife wanted to go to Space Colony 1. Garmield said it would be a nice vacation and they should go. So they flew to Yow and bought tickets to ride on the shuttle. They took some tests and were ready to go. When the shuttle landed Garmield noticed that the shuttle they were flying in was the same he had hided the Golden Fuzzy Viking Hat! When they made it to the colony all Garmield could think about the Golden Fuzzy Viking Hat, but his wife tried to get it off his mind. When they landed Garmield knew he had to find the hat, before someone dehydrated from drooling constantly. He looked all over, till one day he did something bad. He sneaked into a restricted area and got arrested. Garmield and his wife were sent home early, and banned from the colony. A month later reports of a penguin with a viking helmet on his chest had died. Of dehydration!



  • His wife.
  • His daughter.
  • His father.
  • His mother.


His favorite type of puffle is an Orange Puffle, and a Yellow Puffle. He owns two puffles, one of them being intelligent (Like [[Piper]).

Here are his puffles:

  • Miller- A fun orange puffle, who is intelligent. He likes to eat corn instead of pizza.
  • Elizabeth- She's a yellow puffle who enjoys to eat O Berries and drink tea. She is intelligent, but cannot talk.


He won't tell anyone them.


  • Garmield is thought to be a Viking Penguin by some.
    • Most Viking Penguins like to deny this statement because he is "unmanly" by the very masculine Viking standards.
  • Garmield doesn't like to speak to his son anymore because he enslaved the Hokjoks.

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