Gary the Gaget Dude's Army

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Gary the Gaget Dude's Army is the National Military of GGD Island. Founded and led by Gary the Gaget Dude, the army was founded in 2010.

Gary the Gaget Dude's Army
Name Gary the Gaget Dude's Army
Type National Army
Location GGD Island
Head Gary the Gaget Dude
Job Protect GGD Island at all costs, and claim other territories.
Members See "Ranks" section
Headquarters GGD Island


After finding his island back in 2010, Gary the Gaget Dude decided that he needed a group to defend the island, and himself. So he gathered up GGD Island's strongest citizens, and founded the army. GGD's friends and some of his family ended up joining it's forces. In April of 2010, the GGD Island Airforce was named an official branch of the army. The army hadn't been active for four years, until The Great Mwa-Mwa Conflict began.


Since 2010, the army had not been involved in many conflicts. Starting in late August 2014, the army was one of the main forces included in The Great Mwa-Mwa Conflict.


Below are the ranks of the army, from highest to lowest.

High Commander[edit]

The High Commander is the person in charge of the entire army. They give everyone orders. This rank is currently held by Gary the Gaget Dude.


The Generals are very high up in the army, as they command up to ten thousand troops. They are second highest in command, second only to Gary the Gaget Dude. The following are generals:


The Commanders are in charge of up to one thousand troops. The following are commanders:


Captains are in charge of only 500 troops. The following are commanders:

Special Op Soldiers[edit]

Special Op Soldiers are the highest ranking troops in the entire army. They are trained by Gary the Gaget Dude themselves.


The Jedi are peace-keeping knights. A small amount have been recruited into the army.


The Rebels are the troops that helped defend Club Penguin Island from Darth Herbert and the Stormtroopers. About 1/4 of them were recruited by GGD into the army.


Main article: GGD Island Airforce

The GGD Island Airforce help fight via the skies.


The lowest ranking troop, the Knights originate from the medieval times.


All new recruits of the army are sent to training camp. After training for a minimum of six months, whoever is in charge of the military camp sends that penguin into whichever class they excel in.

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