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Gaston Ninja
The ninja who likes yachts.
Title Egomaniac,
Yacht owner,
"TaliBEAN's Most Fun to Annoy",
Pride of Pen Chi Island
Gender Male
Race Emporer penguin (better than you)
Faction Jealous of Swiss Ninja
Health Egomaniac
Level He likes yachts.
Status Arrogantly displaying himself. Unlike Cheddar, he isn't a TOTAL failure.
Location Gaston's Villa, Cannons, Frankterre

Gaston Ninja is the oldest of the four Hochstadt Brothers. Unlike his middle sibling, Swiss Ninja and Swiss's twin brother Fisch, Gaston has an overly large ego because of his accomplishments. His youngest brother is Clovis, a jester and an EPF agent. His other younger brother, Cheddar Ninja, is a total Noob.


Gaston hatched about a year before Swiss Ninja in Switzerland. His parents had high hopes for him, and he did indeed fulfill these hopes, sadly. Gaston was very interested in Seafaring after becoming a Ninja like his brother. Gaston was raised in Club Penguin like the rest of his brothers, although because he was older, he was more independent. Gaston loved visiting the Beach and the lighthouse, but he especially loved to visit Rockhopper's ship when he was around.

When Gaston turned 18, Jock Hochstadt, his uncle, gave him his first "yacht", which was an old Viking ship that was decommissioned. Gaston set sail to Frankterre and tried to make his living there with the French speaking bretheren that he loved to be around. Although not the most richest of Penguins, Gaston started boldly when one of his Friends from Cannons, Frankterre, gave him his job of being the Chief of Security for the Harbor of Cannons. Gaston abused his position very much, and he was able to confiscate many yachts from rich penguins and puffles who broke the laws of the seas, and he never was caught since he gave his own men several of the yachts.

Later, with the decent amount of money he earned as the Chief of Security, Gaston bought a restaurant that went bankrupt, and he turned it into his own, naming it La Vie en Bleu. He hired his younger brother, Clovis, to be the chef. Clovis was the main reason why La Vie En Bleu became very popular, but before it did, Clovis resigned and gave his recipes to the new chefs hired so he could pursue his dream of becoming a Jester as his main job. About a week after Clovis left, a famous food critic came from Parie to Cannons and tried one of Clovis's recipes. The food pleased him so much that he overpraised the review of the restaurant and many penguins and puffles from around the Antarctic and the Ninja Archipelago to eat at Gaston's famed restaurant. Gaston became instantly rich and a multi billionaire, and he once made two million dollars just for giving another restaurant one of Clovis's recipes. Sadly, Clovis never got credit for what he did, but he could care less.

Becoming rich made Gaston's dream of having many yachts came true, and he also attempted to take over over islands such as Pen Chi Island, and almost seized Japaland as well with the help of his hired army. Many innocent realms (like Southwest Slumolia) were placed under his tyranical flipper, after Swiss Ninja had tried, and he always claimed that the islands he had conquered were "liberated" in accordance to his maniacal and "better-than-yours" morals. Nevertheless, with all the money he had, he always lost his colonies.

Swiss Ninja took a similar, but more noble path, founding the realm of Snowzerland and being a bit more "helpful" to the community. Gaston became jealous because the brothers' mother, Tammyfeih, liked Swiss best.

Years later, Clovis and Gaston are still good friends even though Clovis quit the restaurant and did not get credit for his work, but Clovis later got recognition for being a Hero of Antarctica. Their alliance can be seen in Chapter 12 of Traveling All of Antarctica. It is also well noted that Gaston is fond of his two brothers, Fisch and Clovis, and their dedication to stop Swiss Ninja's evil schemes, and he tries to keep up with their activity when he has free time. At one time, Gaston wished he could join the Hochstadt Gang, but he was too cocky and arrogant to join and he figured he was too good and important to work in a team.

Gaston hates his unknowingly younger brother Cheddar Ninja, and considers him a failure. They have clashed in the past, especially in their childhood, when Gaston used to bully Cheddar Ninja, and his parents never stopped him. Luckily enough, Gaston never physically hurt him too badly, otherwise Cheddar Ninja could have been killed.

Still, Gaston has made plenty of negative contributions, and he takes them highly.


  • Gaston manages an empire, of which he oppresses. His current territories include Pen Chi Island and Southwest Slumalia, among others.
  • Gaston also markets plush toys of himself.
  • Furthermore, Gaston abuses the occupants of his empire.
  • Lastly, Gaston built a huge castle, bigger than yours, just so he could beat Swiss Ninja.
  • Gaston lost the realm of Tierra del Fuego in a large skirmish.
  • Gaston played a small role in Chapter 12 of Traveling All of Antarctica.

TaliBEAN issues[edit]

Since Gaston conquered Southwest Slumalia, and since the Southwestern Slumalians resent him, the hobos have teamed up with the TaliBEAN to continously attack him.

Gaston can be simply talking to a friend (yes, he has friends), and TaliBEANs will suddenly storm the area. For example, Gaston was in his mansion/castle, playing his diamond-studded Vii, when a bunch of TaliBEANs started coming through his various nineteen fireplaces and ornate, golden doors, and began to blow up his stuff and take it for themselves. The TaliBEANs have been known to follow Gaston across the sea, and for some reason, no matter where he goes, TaliBEANs show up, and they never blow anything up except Gaston's possessions.

TaliBEANs love sinking Gaston's yachts.


Gaston also has a "massive" unofficial empire, consisting many islands. Here it is:

Founded by Finwe, it was abandoned until Gaston conqured it and built seventeen marinas where he puts his 10 yachts.


  • I like yachts. Do you like yachts?
  • I need more yachts.

  • Looking across his private bay

Gaston: Without my eleven yachts, I would be an emoguin.
*TaliBEANs pop up and blow up a yacht, taking its possessions and sinking it*
Gaston: Without my ten yachts, I would be an emoguin.

  • When showing his castle.

Penguin: Wow, nice place you've got here!
Gaston: I know. *Gaston tells story of his life and empire*

  • Off the coast of Southwest Slumalia, in his yacht

Gaston: Hello my subjects. How are you doing?
Hobo: ZOMG |TZ g4sT0N, g3T hiM! s|nK hIs y4ChT!! c4Ll t3H t4ALib34Nz!!!!!!!111!1!1!!!!1!
*TaliBEANs board the yacht and begin blowing stuff up*
Gaston (to yacht captain): QUICKLY, YOU FOOL, TURN THIS YACHT AROUND!
Captain: It takes a while to do that, sir!
Gaston: Why?
Gaston: Duh. My yacht had to be bigger than Swiss Ninja's yacht!
Captain: Swiss Ninja doesn't even have a yacht!!!!!
TaliBEAN: qWik, g3T hIS g0ld st4sH!!1!!1!!!11!!
Captain: You keep GOLD on your yacht?!
Gaston: Of course!
TaliBEAN: ZOMG pR3ciouS j3w31LLz!1!!!!!!!!
Other TaliBEAN: ZOMG 19 \/|| sYzt3Ms!!!!!1!111!!!1
Captain: I won't even ask.

  • At a private gathering

Swiss Ninja: Brother, have you ever considered spending your money to help your empire?
Gaston: Why would I do that?
Swiss Ninja: You have ten yachts.
Gaston: Yes, and you have one little one.
TaliBEAN: Z0mg iTz g4st0N g3T h|m!!!1111!1!!!!!11!11!
*TaliBEANs storm the meeting hall.*

Prepguin: I have nine yachts.
Gaston: I have ten.
Prepguin: I own a mansion.
Gaston: I own a castle.
Prepguin: I own sixteen acres of land.
Gaston: I conqured Southwest Slumalia.
*TaliBEAN spy listens*
TaliBEAN: geT H1M!!1!1!!1111!!!!!!!!11!
*Gaston runs, but comes back past the Prepguin.*
Gaston: I have more TaliBEANs than you.


  • Gaston loves yachts.
  • TaliBEANs constantly follow him.
  • He used to have twenty yachts, but now he has ten.
  • Gaston has never been on mainland Antarctica, and never will.

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