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City of Gemini
Gemini Flag.png
Country United States of Antarctica
Area Gemini Region, Eastshield
Headquarters Gemini City Hall
Mayor Timothy Klinkstin
Population 497,870 creatures
General information
Native name Gemini
Demonym Geminine
Founded 1899 (Historic)
2000 (Modern)
– Founder Sancho Monte Captio (Modern)
Time zone Eastshield Counter Time (ECT)
Summer time Eastshield Daylight Counter Time (EDCT)
Area codes 532, 902, 109

Gemini, also known as the City of Twins, is a city on Eastshield's northeastern coast. It was founded on July 18, 2000 by Sancho Monte Captio after he united the cities of Gemini and Sanctuary.


While taking a plane ride to Neo Domino City in his small plane with 22 other people, Sancho Monte Captio's plane made an emergency landing in an unincorporated field, where, the explorer saw many mountains, a pleasant shore and lush, jacklon fields. Soon, the city attracted more and more people in the Second Migration of 2001. The city also started to get hospitals, skyscrapers, government buildings and even an airport. Soon, in 2009, the city has 497,870 penguins and puffles. The city borders the Gemini Sound, which is near the harbour, the city has many rolling hills and lots of coves.



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