Gemini International Airport

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Gemini International Airport
Key details
Name Gemini International Airport
Native name Gemini International Airport
Type of airport International airport
Hub for SkyJet Airways
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Location Gemini Island
Runway Runway 1L/19R (11,000 ft.) (Asphalt)
Runway Runway 1R/19L (12,536 ft.) (Concrete)
No. of Passengers 33,674,778
Aircraft Movements 308,888

Gemini International Airport (ACAO Code: GMI) is an international airport located on an offshore artificial island in Gemini Sound, and serves as major hub for SkyJet Airways, and has two terminals, serving many airlines and destinations. The airport is connected to the mainland via a tunnel and road bridge. The airport is currently one of the busiest in the country, with approximately 567 flights departing and 342 arriving each day.

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Terminal A[edit]

  • SkyJet Airways: Lowlaw Island, Googolplex, Frostborough, Zurich, Gentoo Island , Pengyboo Island, Club Penguin City, Bern, Saint Moritz, Sunday Harbor , Angel Island, Aquarius, Blizzard City, Los Penguines, Tharntonville, New Con, Newton Town, V2V Island , Itsy Bitsy Micro Town, Southern Ocean City, Penguville, Pengu Town, Mabila, Ceru City, Torona-Persan,Vancooler,Peibing-Capital, Honk Gong,Muchen, Dellaroma,Parie,Snellville, Ternville, Glassyglow, Misty Island, Wentley, Flystar City, Arda, Ard Mhaca, South Pole City-Metro,Highlaw Island,Philawind,Akbaboy City, New West City, Kanapa City, Doble Islands, Penguiki Island,Wentley,Satellite City,Neo Domino City,New Club Penguin, Frostborough, Arda,Ard Mhaca, Mhic Lionnai,Ross Island, Palm Island, V2V Island, Spy Guy Island, GGD Island, Sulfur Island, Hunston,Los Penguines,Gentoo Island,Pengyboo Island, Middle Island,New Happyface City,Fishwow, Sealville, Southern Ocean City,Ternville, Snellville, Half Pipe, Mammoth, Fanon City,Elterbrast, Zurich, Bern, Saint Moritz,Hunston,Snowville, Outer Club Penguin, Japaland-Capital ,Ulaansnowtar,GourdZoid,Iceland,Periwinkle Town, Red Island,Denes, Afens,Sparka (seasonal), Manley Ville (seasonal),Auzua Mostifique, Sherbian City, Margate City,Lichenblossom, TerraMount City, Nib,Sunday Harbor,Ed Island,
  • SkyJet Flyer operated by SkyUnion: Polaris, South Pole City-Metro, Newton Town, Penguville, Snowville, Inland, Sunday Harbor,

Terminal B[edit]

Terminal C[edit]

  • PenguinConnection operated by SpiritAir:Polaris,Inland, Blizzardville
  • Peninsula Airlines:East Bank City
  • Polar Airways:Club Penguin City-International, Frostborough, Googolplex, Newton Town, South Pole City-Metro, East Bank City, Philawind, New Club Penguin, Tharntonville, Shiverpool, Aquarius, Polaris, Glassyglow, Satellite City,Carcery Vale, Zurich, Penguville, Snowville, New West City,Flystar City, Chase City, Capital Emperor City, Sunday Harbor, Gentoo Island, Pengyboo Island, Los Penguines,

Ed Island, Flywish Island, Rockhopper Island, New Con, Manley Ville (seasonal)


The airport is located 12 miles east of the city's downtown core and is on an artificial concrete island, accessed by the Airport Island Bridge and the Airport Rail Tunnel, where a high speed train links the airport and the city center as well. The airport is also accessed by ferry services from minor outlaying islands close to Gemini. The airport has has two main terminals and one air traffic control tower (70 ft.) and one runway, Runway 18/36 (11,200 ft.) and has border clearance services. The airport has one small baggage claim service and some snacks and shops in the Terminal. The Terminal has many waiting lounges, but also have many airline lounges as well. The airport has 20 gates and one hangar.

Passenger Terminals[edit]

Terminal A[edit]

Terminal A is the largest terminal at the airport. The terminal is served by five airlines, [[MammothAir], MammothConnection, CP Airways, and Frosian Airwaves. The terminal has 20 gates in total. The terminal has one concourse as well. The terminal is home to the airport's Train Station, where trains to downtown Gemini and to other cities nearby arrive and depart. The terminal is also home to the airport's Ground Transportation Terminal, where many buses, taxies are parked. Many hotel shuttles arrive in the terminal's pick-up and drop-off locations in the departures and arrivals hall. The terminal has a JetzLounge, operated by MammothAir, CP Airways and MammothConnection, an ExecutiveClub by Antarctic Airlines and a FrosianLounge by Frosian Airwaves. The terminal also has ten waiting lounges as well.

Terminal B[edit]

Terminal B is the smallest terminal at the airport. The terminal is served by five airlines, they are Air Antarctic, Airlines of New North Etana,, Club Penguin AirFlights, and StarJet. The terminal has 13 gates in total, and has one concourse like Terminal A. The terminal is home to the airport's Ferry Service Dock, located outside the Arrivals Hall. The ferries provide direct services to minor outlaying islands a few miles near Gemini, and to the city's various ports. The terminal also has a Polar Lounge by Club Penguin AirFlights, a PlatinumLounge by Air Antarctic, a CalcuLounge by, and a EtanaClub by Airlines of New North Etana.

Terminal C[edit]

Terminal C is a fairly new terminal. It serves a large number of airlines. The airlines are PenguinConnection, Peninsula Airlines, Polar Airways, FlyStar Airways, CityExpress Airways, Air Ternville, Air Calada, CP Airways, Frosian Airwaves, Pacifica Airlines, Aer Frysland, Air Pengolia, Air Ternville, UTA, AirTerra, Orbit Oceanic Airways, Margate Antarctic Airlines and Air Culldrome. As such, it is only a tad bit smaller than Terminal A. There are 18 gates, one for each airline. Despite the large number of airlines, there are now lounges in the terminal.

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