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They were my brothers.
Broseph suffered mental trauma from watching his friends and comrades die in battle.

Born Broseph
Late 1970's
Olde Antarctica Flag.png Antarctic Peninsula
Died 2026
ShopperEmpireFlag.png Bro Town, Shopper Empire
Cause of death Beheading by Lightsaber
Residence Shops Island
Gender Male
Nationality Shopper
Other names General Broseph
Ethnicity Viking Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Education East Tip Academy
Years active 2013 - 2015
Notable works Great achievements in the Great Yowien War and the Fall of Nexon
Title Grand General
Relatives Baron von Broseef (cousin)
Military service
Allegiance USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica (1989 - 2010)
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island (2013 - 2015)
USSIFlag.png United States of Shops Island (2026)
Service/branch Army, 9001st Legion
Years of service 1989 - 2015
Rank Grand General
Unit 9001st Legion
Battles/wars War on STINC
War of 2002
The Great Yowien War
Fall of Nexon
The Plague War
Frosian War
Liberation of Planet 1984
Shops Civil War
Awards Numerous

General Broseph is an infamous Shopper Viking Penguin who was the grand general of the SIA armed forces and military, second to LMGT and equal to Malor Vakovlev from 2013 to 2015. Though he commanded the entire army, he still fought and personally commanded the 9001st legion of elite troops. His designation and Shopper soldier ID was #B16. Both he and his name bear a striking resemblance to that of Bro, Shops' third president.

Broseph served as the Grand General of the SIA Armed Forces from 2013 to 2015, when he was dishonorably discharged, and succeeded by his cousin, Baron von Broseef.

Unlike that of a normal general, Broseph proudly wore a standard SIA soldier helmet, and a regular grayish-green dress shirt with his favorite medal on it. He was known for his unorthodox fighting methods, while being nonetheless brutal in his tactics.


General Broseph was born in the Antarctic Peninsula in the late 1970's, in an area abundant with Viking Penguins. His parents moved there from Alemania. He was born to an abusive family which lived in perpetual poverty, which made him determined to overcome his roots as he grew older and make something of himself. At a young age in the mid-1980's, he decided to run away to join the USA's army, in a desperate attempt to get away from his parents.

Before joining the army, Broseph had to go through a rigorous training regiment at one of Antarctica's most notorious cadet training camps; East Tip Academy. He was put in shape during his one year there, and was taught how to act and think like a soldier, although he would never learn anything until he would see to fight.

Military Career[edit]


Under Olde Antarctica, Broseph's early military career was generally uneventful, as he spent much of his time moving from place to place for different training exercises; he contemplated deserting many times due to the lackluster experience, but never went through with it.

Broseph first saw combat as a private in December of 1989 when STINC and communist countries declared war on the Antarctic mainland. He often fought on the front-lines, while he quickly gained the trust and respect of his superiors. Broseph was soon promoted to private first-class, and later to corporal and sergeant.

He spent the next decade after the war on hiatus, forcefully serving under the Puffish during the times of Colonial Antarctica. His military progress plateaued as he saw no combat throughout the time that the Puffish were in control of Antarctica.

When war broke out in 2002, Broseph once again found himself on the front lines, fighting against the Freezelandians with wavering success. His courage and leadership during the war earned him the title of master sergeant by the time that the newly-formed USA had lost the conflict.

Broseph served in all of the Great Snowzerland Wars under the USA, and by the time the GSWV was coming to a close, he had risen to the rank of sergeant major, two ranks below the grand master of the USA's army. After the GSWV, Broseph had grown tired of fighting for the USA, and had heard about the newly-formed Shops Island, which provided him some promise as they had a developing military that he could easily take control of.

Shops Island[edit]

Broseph easily applied for the Shopper military in September 2010, and was passed through without question due to his past experience. He was given the rank of "commander" due to his service in the USA's army. This rank gave him the ability to control a legion of troops.

He was assigned to the 9001st Legion, the most dismal squad in the small Shopper army, in hopes that he could train and improve them. Broseph spent the next three years relentlessly training his legion to become stronger, tougher, and overall more fit for warfare. In early 2013, prior to Lavender's military expansion, his troops were still a mess in comparison to the rest of the slowly growing armed forces.

When president Lavender ordered the rapid expansion of the military, the 9001st Legion was given proper training equipment which helped the unqualified squad, and Broseph, train better. In April 2013, as tensions between The Allies and Yow increased, the 9001st Legion became motivated, and began training harder than ever. With this motivation and improved conditions, they quickly became one of the best squads in the SIA.

See Great Yowien War for more information.

Training for his group had come just in time. Yow launched a failed nuclear offensive on Western Shops. Furious, Shops and the Allies (Castilla, Snowzerland, Rusca and Puffle'and) declared war on Yow, and were quick to launch an offensive. Their first move was to capture king Feey1 Pie and his wife and children. One Shopper and one Snoss elite group were each dispatched for this mission. Broseph was originally favored to lead the Shopper offensive, but was replaced at the last minute by Penquino. The attack was successful, and paved a path to invade Yow.

It wasn't long after when Broseph was chosen to lead his 9001st Legion during the first advance on Yow, in which they pushed from the southern tip of Culldrome Yow to the Yellow Zone to liberate it. Broseph successfully lead his squad as one of the most effective ground crews trailing the Shopper and Ruscan tank advance. Once the Yellow Zone was liberated and put under UAN control, he and his squad had a ship designated with them so they could recharge with the other Shopper 48th Legion.

The next day, the Allies pressed an offensive from the occupied Yellow Zone in an attempt to occupy Golden City. The 9001st legion was one of the forefront forces fighting in the trenches against the Yowiens and the Pengolians. The squad fought valiantly during the battle, and was later recognized for their heroics and bravery. Broseph and the 9001st, with their new recognition, had no problem when it came to later liberating the entirety of present-day Northern Shops.

Broseph and the 9001st Legion fought less-actively after the Yowien Mainland was occupied, and generally served in offensive positions on naval vessels for the remainder of the war, notably during the attack on the Barbearer Islands at the war's climax. After the war had ended, Broseph was promoted to army general, which meant he had notable control of a good chunk of the army, and the entire 9001st was awarded on their outstanding bravery.

See The Puffalia Conflict for more information.

Once conflict had broken out between the then-Shopper colony of Puffalia and Shops, the 9001st legion was one of the few legions to fight on foot, as most of the battles were fought using Shops' massive air and tank firepower. After arriving at Puffalia's largest city, Shayle, Broseph was appalled and angered to see his fellow legions become so soft over the "poor families" that had lost everything during the short war. He was even more outraged when the soldiers had the audacity to proclaim Puffalia its own independent state. Nonetheless, Broseph was awarded honorably, and was promoted to the rank of "Grand General of the SIA Armed Forces"; a title which he still holds today.

See Fall of Nexon for more information.

Broseph and the 9001st Legion suffered great losses during the catastrophic war with the Nexonans. Throughout the war, he was stationed on the beaches of Nexon, where he sustained many personal injuries. He became a hero from many of the battles, and had quite a few encounters with the Emperor himself, once in a lightsaber duel, and the other at the Emperor's palace. Broseph displayed his difficulty with having to be the one to directly answer to Lavender; as he was used to being more of a background general without the president breathing down his neck.

See The Plague War for more information.

Unlike other conflicts, Broseph did not fight during the Plague War. He commanded his troops from the safety of his command post in Shops Island instead, as he was still getting over the Fall of Nexon. During the war, he assisted in commanding his troops in taking down key Melodeevian outposts and communist strongholds. He didn't however, help command the siege of Palé. He only visited the Melodeevian front once the war was over and done with.

See the Frosian War for more information.
General Broseph during the allied invasion of Freezeland during the Frosian War.

Broseph started his role in the Frosian War by commanding Shopper naval convoys sailing across Antarctic seas, protecting the ships and supplies from Puffalian U-Boats. He got involved in quite a few battles on the sea before the war transitioned to land. Broseph saw battle throughout the mainland Antarctic front, fighting the brutal Puffalian forces in New Delphis, Polaris and Freezeland multiple times. Broseph was injured multiple times during the war. Broseph also saw some service in Malesia and the Seal Islands.

See the Liberation of Planet 1984 and The Broseph Leaks for more information.

General Broseph was originally the main commanding force in the battle to liberate Planet 1984 from the tyrannical powers that ruled it. He led the capture of North and South Orwellia, and conquered Malabar for the Shoppers. However, Broseph sealed his fate when he decided to bomb the homeland of Verpomia. Before the war, president Lavender had personally stated that bombing raids, and attacks on civilian targets would not be tolerated. Broseph nonetheless did target civilian targets and did deliberately do mass bombing raids. As a result, he was dishonorably discharged from military service. After his discharge, many shocking documents would come about; these would come to be known as "The Broseph Leaks".

After being sacked, Broseph moved to Sunset City in New Delphis, to live out the rest of his life in perpetual seclusion.

In the future, General Broseph would come out of retirement to assist USSI forces in the Shops Civil War.


Broseph fought for the USA in key strategic areas with varying success during the war against STINC and the communists in the late 1980's. He also fought on the front-lines in many of Shops' most notorious battles; notably those against the Yowiens and Pengolians. Many of his Shopper battles were fought with the 9001st Legion.

9001st Legion[edit]

The specially designated badge of the 9001st Legion.

The 9001st Legion is a special offensive squadron in the SIA that was commanded by Broseph. This band of elite soldiers has fought with General Broseph in numerous battles; and have earned their reputation as one of the best legions in the military. Formerly a bunch of goofs who couldn't aim a gun properly, Broseph devoted three hard years to training them properly, and making them into model troops.

With the 9001st Legion comes a sentiment of success. Broseph holds his legion in high esteem because of their courage and resolve on the battlefield. After serving alongside their leader in many wars, Broseph has befriended every single penguin in the legion. They're famous for their competitive streak, and ever since the Great Yowien War, have been rivals of the 48th Legion; a defensive squadron which mainly defends the rest of the SIA forces.

The 9001st has fought tirelessly on the front lines, and have battle scars and medals to prove it. 9001st Legion members, especially Broseph, are loaded with medals and awards for their bravery in combat. They've even been given the distinct honor of customizing the emblem on their SIA badges; turning them from gears to stars. This serves as a true testament to their success and legacy.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Reckless, impulsive, we share similar names... I like him.
Bro, on General Broseph.

Broseph is a tough-talking and hard-headed general who doesn't like to put up with those who are weaker than him. He believes strongly in common sense, and is quick to ridicule those who lack it. Rattled by his childhood, while being mentally tormented by seeing his partners die in conflicts beyond his control. These losses and a lack of a proper childhood left him with a dismal attitude, which he is quick to take out on those who annoy him.

Though wise in battle, Broseph was also known for being reckless and impulsive in his actions. He would often risk his life, and the lives of others, to achieve his objectives. This often backfired on him when his comrades die in traumatic ways; fueling his dismal attitude. Being raised poorly and elevating to such a high rank in the SIA also gave Broseph a level of arrogance only matched by Bro, who his name is eerily similar to. Broseph likes to hold himself in high-esteem, often flattering himself while putting down those around him.

He differs much from his older cousin, Baron von Broseef, who lived in Alemania much longer after Broseph's parents moved to Antarctica. They and their military legions shared a friendly rivalry.



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