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Bridger Lorn

General Lorn's official portrait.
Born Bridger Kerr Lorn
December 17, 1981
Fanon City, Freezeland
Residence Bro Town, Eastern Shops
Gender Male
Nationality Shopper
Other names The Hawk
Ethnicity Alemanian, Freezelandian, Puffish
Citizenship Shops Island
Years active 2013 -
Title General
Military service
Allegiance ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Service/branch Air Force
Years of service 2013 -
Rank General of the Air Force
Unit Hawk Squadron
Battles/wars GSWVI
Fall of Nexon
The Plague War
Frosian War

Bridger Lorn is a penguin who is a current general in and supreme commander of the SIA Air Force. He is General Broseph's right-hand man and best friend - the two often collaborate on military projects, invasions, and combat situations. Lorn is an expert fighter pilot with numerous kills. These kills helped him quickly rise the ranks of the SIA until eventually becoming the supreme commander of the SIA Air Force in November 2013.


General Lorn was hatched in 1981, in Fanon City, Freezeland. His parents were immigrants from the Ninja Archipelago, with his mother from Alemania and his father from Puffle'and. His full name at birth was Bridger Kerr Lorn, which is a mix of both Puffish and Alemanian etymology.

As a chick, Lorn excelled in academic pursuits and went on to be a straight-A student. Throughout his chickhood, he had many friends but still had a brooding inferiority complex and traces of bipolarism, the former still haunts him today. After graduating high school, he went on to go to university where he achieved a bachelor's degree in elemental chemistry and engineering. During his years as a young adult, he became fascinated with the art of war and military strategy, and also became obsessed with vexillology. For many years, his life was uneventful as he had a steady job. He also remained single for the majority of his life.

Years later, during the first Great Snowzerland War, Lorn fled Freezeland when the Snoss steamrolled through, as he sought asylum in UnitedTerra for the time being. He returned to Fanon City after the war and rebuilt his life, only to face conflict once again not soon after when Snowzerland completely conquered Freezeland. This time, he ran away to UnitedTerra and stayed there, never returning to Freezeland again. During his time in the UTR, he made new friends and continued to live a casual, background life.

Three years later, in mid-2013, Lorn moved to Shops Island where he settled down in Bro Town, where he still lives today. However, not long after arriving in Shops, the sixth Great Snowzerland War was underway, and Shops Island was under attack by the Zhouese. Lorn did not take much notice of it, considering he largely underestimated the Zhouese. Lorn, against his will, was soon conscripted into the SIA Army where he helped defend the Shopper front lines in the Mario Mountains, which the Shoppers had decided to fall back on, against Zhouese advance. After Zhou was pushed off the island, Lorn was given more freedom. Although he was not allowed to leave the army, he now had the personal choice of where he wanted to go. He decided to join the air force.

Lorn turned out to be a natural at flying once he was put behind the seat of a speeder fighter, which was a formidable fighter/bomber. During the war in the air, Lorn scored well over 50 kills against Zhouese fighters, making him one of the star flying aces in the Shopper air force. He was congratulated for his efforts, and was promoted to the rank of high-lieutenant. He grew to enjoy the air force, and stayed enlisted after the war ended.

In October 2013, Shops went to war with Nexon. In the war, Lorn flew a speeder craft again and gained an impressive 105 hits, making him the top fighter ace in the air force. He became a revered figure, and became congratulated for his efforts. He became a general of the air force, and donned the name The Hawk. A few weeks after the Nexonan War ended, Lorn commanded the Hawk Squadron during the Plague War. His squadron played crucial wars in invading and taking out key Melodeevian outposts. At the war's end, Lorn became one of the top generals of the Air Force, becoming a chief adviser of both LMGT and the air force's supreme commander at-the-time.

When the Frosian War dawned, the air force's supreme commander resigned, and both Lavender and General Broseph promoted Lorn to be the new supreme Air Force commander. Throughout the Frosian War, Lorn cooperated and collaborated with both Broseph and Lavender to help secure Shopper interests in the Frosian Islands, along with helping to devise the infamous Search & Destroy combat tactic.

Today, Lorn still resides in Bro Town in a comfortable home, keeping in check with his hobbies and military colleagues. Bridger Lorn has become renowned as one of the best fighter pilots in Antarctica, almost comparable to the ranks of Piper J. Cub and other fighting aces.




  • He has a pet Puffle he calls Mr. Fluffingtröv.
  • He has a Puffish accent.

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