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Sven Olaf

Sven in 2014, at the outbreak of the Frosian War
Born Sven Olaf
April 27, 1989
Boorlin, Alemania
Died June 22, 2014
Hans Traugott's Bunker - Triskale, Puffalia
Cause of death Stabbing
Resting place Buried at sea
Residence Shayle, Puffalia
Gender Male
Nationality Puffalian
Other names Großgeneral Sven
Citizenship Puffalian
Years active 2013 - present
Military service
Allegiance PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia
Service/branch Army
Years of service 2013 - 2014
Rank Großgeneral (Great General)
Battles/wars The Plague War
Frosian War

Großgeneral Sven Olaf was the head of the Puffalian Armed Forces, and an adviser of his president, Hans Traugott. General Olaf was known for his brutal fighting tactics and frequent usage of the blitzkrieg tactic of warfare. He didn't always fight on the front lines, but sometimes did when the call to action was given.


General Olaf was born in 1989, in Boorlin, North Deuchland, which at the time was under the influence of communist Rusca. When Sven turned one year old, the Ruscans dropped communism and North Deuchland, now Alemania's, communism was leveled down. However, Sven's parents were still hardened supporters of communism, and Sven was raised in a pro-communist environment, and was also trained to be pro-East Pengolian. As he got older, his views started to mix, eventually turning him into a penguin with a communist/right wing view on politics. When the Snoss gained control of Alemania in 2009 and reunited the island, Sven was strongly opposed to both reunification and Swiss Ninja's rule. In 2010, when an island called Puffalia was discovered, Sven was among the many Alemanian penguins who fled Alemania to start a new life in Puffalia. When the Shoppers invaded in April 2013, they also brought democracy, which Sven was staunchly opposed to. Puffalia gained independence months later. Now that Puffalia was independent, Sven was happy. When Puffalia was dragged into the Plague War, Sven enlisted in the military. His efforts were noticed by his superiors, and Sven eventually made his way into the inner circle of Vorsitzende, Hans Traugott, who made him his personal military adviser. In January 2014, he helped plot out Operation: Vorherrschaft and was promoted to Großgeneral, the highest commanding rank of the Puffalian Armed Forces. He led the Puffalian military through the Frosian War, through countless victories and losses. In the end, he died along with his leader in Hans Traugott's bunker under Triskale.


General Olaf conquering Frostborough.

Sven was a low-priority and nearly invisible character until the Frosian War. Even then, he was still only a figure in the shadows when the war started. As the war progressed, however, his reputation became well-known and he was seen as the evil commander of the Puffalian armies. He fought in almost every theater of the war, the notable exception being the Seal Islands. He was the one generally seen as the driving force behind the Puffalian war movement and the reason why they were able to conquer so much territory. As the war came to an end, he and Hans Traugott began to have more and more clashes with each other, with growing animosity between the two. He was killed by General Broseph in a final showdown in Hans' bunker, in where Hans also died, along with Puffalia's collapse and the Frosian War declared won by the allies.


General Olaf was often known for his cold and unforgiving personality, just like that of his leader. He believed in racial and/or national supremacy, namely he believed that Puffalians were the master race of creature, and were superior to all others, especially Shoppers. Sven was a cunning strategist whose methods were unable to outflank even those of great commanders like General Broseph and General Roberts. He also viewed some serious matters of existence, such as death, with little to no regard; he showed that he had no problem with killing others "just for fun". Like his leader Hans, Sven was a proud advocate of Superiorism and, like Hans, hoped for Puffalia to dominate Antarctica someday.


  • His mortal rival is General Broseph.
  • Although he was endlessly loyal to Hans, him and Sven still bickered about war plans quite often.

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