General Puff

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General Puff
General Puff image.png
The grandaddy of horror.
Title General
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Grumpy
Health Old
Level Unknown
Status Still Alive
Location Military Headquarters
Birth date 1902
Occupation Old person
Interests Napping
Friends Some family members
Enemies Speeddasher, Tails6000
Archetype Neutral

General Puffingham von Injoface, or simply General Puff (Born: August 5, 1902) is the leader of a top secret military branch. He's Mabel's, great-grandfather and one of the oldest puffles alive, having been around during the war of Khanzem. He is the father of Chuck, Emilia, Mabel XVII, and James von Injoface


When General Puff was a youngster, he went with his family on the Space Colony Aircraft, which included his sister, Mabel XVI. Ever since he met her, he had a crush on Harold Aye-Que's Granddaughter. He always dreamed they'd one day get married and raise a family of Puffles. Unfortunately his plans would never become reality. When the Puffle was around 11, he moved back to Earth since Harold Aye-Que wanted to work on an experiment there. Khanzem attacked the town they lived in in an attempt to capture Harold Aye-Que's greatest creation and use it for their own due to them believing Harold Aye-Que was planing to release his experiments onto their armies to help the High Penguins (it didn't help that they found a "I ♥ High Penguins" bumper sticker on his vehicle). He quickly ran to the fight in an attempt to save Harold's Granddaughter, but he realized he was to late. He tried to escape, but ended up being captured by Khanzem and sent to Concentrate Camp 13 where he was put to work making orange juice. This gave him much time to think on how the Puffle he once loved was killed and he came to the conclusion that it was because of that penguin that Harold had made. He vowed then and there that if he ever got the chance he would destroy Speeddasher once and for all.

Years later he was freed from his slavery and later decided that best way to have even a chance at destroying Speeddasher was to join the military to stop the super weapon. He signed up and proved to be quite good. His mentors were kind and they then taught him how to work with weapons. He went up the ranks and became a General. About a month later though, Harold proclaimed that Speeddasher had been put in suspended animation. Puff was sad he never got his revenge, but glad that at least he would never see Speed again. Along with the remaining citizens, Puff left for Antarctica with no family, and no friends.

In 1929, he got married to Beth von Injoface and had four children (one of which would become Mabel's Grandfather). He decided to go back to the Space Colony Aircraft, as it was one of the few things that would remind him of Harold's Granddaughter. His daughter Mabel XVII moved with him and worked as a doctor. His other children, Emilia, Chuck, and James stayed on Earth.

After he and his daughter came back to earth, he moved in with Jordan O'vian, his future son-in-law. For years he lived in peace with them and he almost forgot about Speeddasher. Soon one of his children became a parent to a few babies and Puff was proud to be a grandfather. Eventually though he had to leave them for awhile, as he was sent to fight in the war during Colonial Antarctica. After the war was over he was praised for his courage.

A few years passed and he had entirely forgotten about Speed and Harold's Granddaughter. That was all about to change though. One day he received the news that an object called Project: Speeddasher, had recently escaped from Owcatraz. And also that Tails6000 was supposedly stealing the Destruction Gems. Many believed the story, but Puff knew right away that the thief was Speeddasher. Now having evidence to destroy him with, he sent troops out to capture him. He never succeeded though, and Speed later returned with Tails and the two were hailed heroes. Puff however refused to believe it and he's currently waiting for the right time to give Speeddasher the punishment he believes he deserves.


General Puff, mostly sits on his chair all day and give orders. He's very old so he can't move around very easily, and his telekenisis is failing a bit. He can still hold a Snowball Gun and can still put up a bit of a fight. He has two different color eyes, brown and blue.


  • He's a parody of the GUN General from Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • He's outlived three of his children. Only Chuck remains.

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