General Roberts

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General Roberts

General Roberts commanding his troops.
Born Edward Roberts
Residence Culldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Culldromeislesflag.png Culldrom
Ethnicity Puffle
Years active 1992 -
Military service
Allegiance Culldrome Isles
Service/branch Culldrome Army
Years of service 1992 -
Rank General, Head of the Army
Unit 251st Elite Squadron
Commands Culldrome Army Command
Battles/wars Porcyal War
Nightmare of Culldrome
The Great Yowien War
Battle of Culldrome
Frosian War
Shadow of Culldrome
Awards Many

General Edward Roberts is the current Head of the Culldrome Army. General Roberts is a very involved soldier, both leading his army from behind the scenes or serving his country on the front lines. Many regard him as cunning and tactical as well as rational and powerful.


Edward Roberts was born in a small village in the Culldrome Isles sometime in 1981. He was born into a small family of puffles. In the small village he would occasionally see soldiers from Mt. Charlamander visiting the area on scouting duties. Roberts grew up and dreamed of serving in Culldrome's army.

In 1989, Roberts left his family and traveled to Culldrome City, the capital. Although young, he had big dreams. He enlisted to join the Culldrome Army and soon underwent training. Roberts was one of only a few puffles in the army at the time, so many often treated him badly. Nevertheless, this gave him even more determination to try harder. Eventually though, he got into a fight with some of the other soldiers, and he was disciplined and temporarily suspended. Angry at this, Roberts went rouge and turned to a life of crime. At one point, Roberts was even placed onto the CSIA's wanted list after a spree of bank robberies, but was unable to be captured.

However, a few months later, tensions escalated between Culldrome and Skulldrome and soon the Porcyal War broke out. Since the army needed all the help they could get, Roberts' suspension was lifted and his criminal record wiped clean. He went into military service and given a chance to redeem himself. At first, Roberts only had the rank of a Private, but after performing very well in several battles, as well as showing bravery, he eventually reached the rank of Colonel by the time the war ended. He was well respected and known by many as a tough and strategic soldier.

After the war, Culldrome underwent a period of demilitarization. Roberts was dismissed from the army, especially due to his suspension incident and crimes. He spent the next few years living in a villa on the outskirts of the city. Behind the scenes, many high ranking army officials were arguing about Roberts' dismissal, saying that he was an excellent Colonel and was the highest ranked soldier to be dismissed. The officials then asked the CSIA to monitor Roberts' movements and to report back in a few years.

Eventually however, Roberts was not easily fooled. He discovered that he was being spied on and confronted the spies in a fight. After seeing this, the officials summoned Roberts back. The officials noted Roberts' skill and told him that he was allowed to return to the army, on the condition that he never turn into a life of crime. After some thought, Roberts returned into the army.

Later Culldrome Wars[edit]

See The Great Yowien War, Nightmare of Culldrome and Battle of Culldrome for more information.

Roberts did not see much action until 2012. He was involved in the Nightmare of Culldrome and then The Great Yowien War in 2013. In both, he served very well and proved a vital part in bringing the Yowien regime down in Culldrome's take over of Golden City. By the time the two wars had ended, Roberts was finally promoted to Head of the Army, after the previous one stepped down. Although he now leads the entire army of Culldrome, he was modest and favors himself to be called a General. In 2014, he also saw action in the Battle of Culldrome, but was unable to bring down the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome. The civil war ended in a temporary cease-fire after much destruction.

See Frosian War and Shadow of Culldrome for more information.

Several months later, Puffalian forces began to attack the Shopper held Frosian Islands. Due to The Axle Powers agreement, Roberts was deployed along with several other Culldrome forces. Roberts commanded a number of forces, not just limited to the army. He worked alongside General Broseph, the famed Shopper general, in pushing back the enemy. However, after several set backs and the start of the Shadow of Culldrome, Roberts briefly returned to Culldrome and defeated the CIC. After that victory, Roberts returned to finish off and bring down the Puffalian regime in Antarctica.


General Roberts with his pistol.

General Roberts was involved in a handful of battles, serving the Culldrome Isles. His most notable achievements were battles during the Porcyal War and the Great Yowien War. Roberts performed very well in his battles and service. Many fellow soldiers often looked up to him for his bravery and leadership. During these battles he served in the 251st Elite Squadron, based in Culldrome City. To this day, General Roberts still serves in the squadron.

Since General Roberts is the head of Culldrome's Army, he often talks with Supreme Leader Steven Snowen. The two talk over national and foreign security of Culldrome. During wars, he also leads the rest of his army from a highly protected location on the battlefield. However, when situations get dire, the General goes out to fight the enemy on the front lines. Many favored General Roberts to other generals, since he serves alongside even the lowest ranking troops.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

General Roberts possesses the natural qualities needed to be the head of Culldrome's Army. Roberts has great leadership skills needed to lead his army. He can think tactically and strategically, directing his troops in the best way possible to get a good outcome. Roberts also strategises cunning plans, tricking his enemies and absolutely defeating the enemy. Roberts favors to build up his defenses for a while, before unleashing an unstoppable attack at the enemy. This personal tactic of his has proven effective at many battles.

On the battlefield, General Roberts is also a fierce force. He fights with determination and bravery. Roberts also applies his battlefield planning skills on the actual battlefield; fighting using his own developed strategy.

However, despite these qualities, General Roberts does have some weaknesses. Most notably, he believes that his strategies are the best. Officials often recommend Roberts what to do, but most of the time, he ignores their advice and just goes on with what he thinks is the best. This has caused some problems in the past, although the General's luck keeps everything good.


  • Roberts is often called General Roberts rather than the Head of the Army.
    • It is mostly due to many fellow soldiers knowing him as a general for longer and that it is easier to say.

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