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Geneva Coat of Arms.png
The Coat of Arms.
Country Snowzerland
Monuments Gigantic statue of Swiss Ninja, Snowzerland Gov. Building, Calvinisme Telenacle
Headquarters Snowzerland Government Building
Neighbourhoods Political District, Lakeside District, Market District.
Mayor Robert Percy, Duke of Geneva
Population 1,000,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Native name Genève
Foreign name Geneva, Genf
Demonym Genevian
– Founder Swiss Ninja
Area codes 576

Geneva is the capital city of Snowzerland. The Snowzerland Council resides here in their HQ. Geneva is the third largest city in Snowzerland. Swiss Ninja doesn't reside here nor does the royal family but sometimes they come here for important events. Geneva has no mayor but there is the Duke of Geneva. The current Duke of Geneva is Roberte Pierre, a Freezelandian who helped Swiss Ninja find Snowzerland.


Swiss Ninja found this city with pride soon after he formed the city of Zurich. The City of Geneva was made with a French look, unlike the German look of Zurich and Saint Moritz. The City was first planned to be a regular city of peace, but after the original capital of Bern fell into the hands of the Happyface State, Geneva was elected as the new capital city. Then, the Snowzerland Government Building was built, and Geneva had caught the attention of all of the Snowzerland politicians. Many of them moved to Geneva to get involved in Government. The majority of the immigrants from Geneva came from Mylou, Frankterre, and Crebbec; all of them were optimistic supporters of Swiss Ninja's new empire and were his major financial supporters. Hence, the city became the home for the more wealthier members of society such as the bourgeoisie and the vast aristocracy. Today, Geneva is home to the Snowzerland Capitol Building as well as the National Convention Center, the Swiss Ninja Conference Halls, and numerous high-end restaurants and corner cafes. Geneva Doesn't have any public airports, but they do have a Military Base used to secretly fly SN and other important penguins in and out of Snowzerland.

Places of Interest[edit]

Snowzerland Capitol Buidling.png

  • The Snowzerland Capitol Building - Where the nation is governed! It is also home to the Parliament.
  • Swiss Ninja Square - The large square located in front of the Capitol Building. The Square is where citizens gather to hear Swiss Ninja's occasional speeches. On Snowzerland Founding Day, the Square hosts an annual massive military parade.
  • Gigantic Statue of Swiss Ninja - um.... It's big?
  • National Convention Center - A large convention center that hosts national and international events such as Comic Cons and Car Shows.
  • Geneva Markets - The Markets of Geneva have lots to buy, see, and smell. The Markets sell exotic foods, and there are family-owned restaurants that cook French Styled Meals.
  • La Calvinisme Telenacle - a Telenacle formed by Jean Chaudron, a Reformer who dispises the POPE. He made his own branch of Telenacleship.
  • La Musée de l'Histoire Nautique Snosse, known as The Museum of Snoss Nautical History is a large Museum that tells the story of Snowzerland's military and commercial history on the seas. The museum contains ships from the Great Snowzerland War I, the Snoss-Castillan War, and the UCSN era. It also contains artifacts such as sailors outfits, old ship cannons, radars, and old Medieval ships that sank off the coast of Snowzerland centuries ago.


  • Frankterre secretly hates Geneva and sees it as a rival city to Parie.
  • Despite being the political capital of the nation, Swiss Ninja's home, the Keukenhof Castle, is in Zurich, and so is the Headquarters for the SSS.
  • Geneva is the largest French speaking city in Snowzerland and is the cultural center for Snowzerland's Francophone regions.

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