Gensou Island

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The Island of Gensou
Gensou Island
Flag of Gensou Island
Motto"EASY MODO!? That difficulty is for school kids!"
AnthemKid's Festival - Innocent Treasures
Location of Gensou Island
An almost un-readable map of the island (if you don't click on it)
Official languages Japanese
Recognised regional languages English, all other languages
Species  A Lot of creatures
Demonym Gensounese
 -  Developer Team Nampai Arisu
 -  Judge of Paradise Shiki Eiki
 -  The Masters of Gensou Snakey Snake McSnakeson, Froggy Frog McFrogson and several more.
Independent Country Separtation from Japaland 
 -  Look at History.  
 -  2012 estimate 2,000,000 
 -  2012 census 2,579,381 
Currency Yen (Y)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 911
Footnotes Gensou Island is a parody of Gensokyo
Footnotes This is basically Touhou in the CPFU
Footnotes Portal:Gensou Island

Gensou Island is a very mysterious island at the very north of the Asiapelago. It is small for it's geographic size, but it is bigger than it looks, holding over two million population in total. It is known for holding an extremely mysterious species, very related to penguins; Youkai. If any country were to fight Gensou, they would lose because Gensou is full of powerful female penguins.


Gensou Island has a long history line. The old gap youkai explained The forming of Gensou Island, but the rest was explained by Kyuu Holden.

The forming of Gensou Island[edit]

Unknown, 127

Over a thousand years ago, only youkai lived on the island. As it was conjoined to Japaland back then, a group of penguins wanted to prove their strength so they can be honoured by their emperor. The group travelled to the island. A whole colony followed these penguins and the youkai got angered by this. The old gap youkai separated Gensou from Japaland and formed Gensou Island. It was placed very south, away from Japaland, which explains why there are four seasons. Nowadays, penguins live with these youkai in near-harmony.

Beginning of International Trade[edit]

April 3, 1487

Gensou Island, though only in contact with Japaland for so long, was shocked at the appearance of strange looking ships that appeared at the shoreline of the island one day. The ships turned out to be Lisboaguese merchant Galleons that were carrying the famous explorer, Quim da Algarve. Quim's fleet of merchant ships decided to sail into The Other River to the outskirts of Penguin Village, where they made contact with the natives. Quim met with the Island's ruler and established official foreign relations between the then Japalandese controlled island of Gensou. Quim stayed on the island for about a week, while several of the merchant ships began to circle the island so the cartographers could make an accurate map of the island. The Lisboaguese traders managed to trade their compasses, telescopes, and gold jewelry in exchange for Gensou Island silk, tea, and jade statues. A few months after Quim's departure, several more Lisboaguese ships had arrived to trade. A year later, the Zhouese and the Castillans decided to also become involved in trade with the island as well. He was lucky that he didn't get eaten by one of the Youkai.

SPOILER!: The following contents may contain spoilers.

The Red-Mist Incident[edit]

13th, July, 2003

A mysterious mansion called The Scarlet Demon Mansion appeared out of the blue and red mist covered the sun and moon so the mistress of the mansion, Remi Scarlet, could go outside whenever she wanted. A shrine maiden called Raymoo and a magician called Marysaa investigate what happened. They encounter a youkai and a fairy, but they have nothing to do with the story, just like every other Stage 1 and Stage 2 boss.

The Cherry-Blossom Incident[edit]

The Full-Moon Incident[edit]

The Over-growing Flower Incident[edit]

28th, October, 2005.

Some humans and some youkai flew through places in Gensou Island to see why there were so many flowers and fairies everywhere. Most of the plants grew out-of-season, as they were not supposed to grow in spring. The investigators battled each other for evidence. They were too busy checking the large amount of flowers and fairies that they didn't notice the large amount of ghosts in Gensou Island. The tengu, Aya, was a photographer and news reporter, so she already knew most of this investigation. It seemed to be the lazy Shinigami, Kamochi's fault for this cause. There seemed to be either a natural disaster, or a war, that caused the appearing of ghosts and because of her, they are everywhere. Her boss, Shiki ,goes to scold her.Because of Shiki, Gensou Island almost turned back to normal. The flowers that grew out-of-season kept being out-of-season. She gave everyone a serious lecture to everyone, one on one after the events.

The Scarlet Weather Incident[edit]

The Nuclear Incident[edit]

The Unidentified Fantastic Incident[edit]

The Giant Incident[edit]


Chiruno, China and Saynaee expect a giant sometime in their time. Saynaee encounters Chiruno and they have a fight. China messages Patchy about a presence of evil from Zhou. Saynaee and Chiruno (not at the same time) go to the Nuclear reactor and encounter Okuu. Saynaee stayed in the Nuclear reactor and unexpectedly finds Froggy, explaining that she thinks the giant was a robot, but Froggy tells Saynaee that it was the giant advert balloon that was going to go all over Antarctica to troll them, named Project: Hisoutensoku. Chiruno goes to a different location, which is Arisu's house, the location of A giant. Chiruno tells Arisu that she was looking for the Daidarabocchi, a giant youkai. Arisu thinks that what Chiruno said was nonsense, and told her that the giant was a doll that she was making, the Goliath Doll. It wasn't done yet, but she needed someone to test it. Chiruno assists in this, but the doll gets destroyed, resulting in Arisu hitting the ice fairy with a huge, inedible melon-pop. China, at the same time as before, was guarding the Scarlet Demon Mansion, and expected the evil assassins to come and kill her. She stops them, but she also expected the evil that was controlling them; Namazu. He was taking on the form of a giant catfish. She simply ate him for dinner. All of China's story seemed to be a dream all along, although Saynaee's and Chiruno's stories were real

The Fairy Incident[edit]


Chiruno, the ice fairy was in her house having a peaceful sleep. Three mischievous fairies called Milky, Childy and Sapphy destroy her house causing Chiruno to rage and declare war on them. Chiruno managed to defeat them, but was interrupted by Marysaa, and battled each other.

The Saint Incident[edit]

21st, August, 2011

Four Humans (Raymoo, Marysaa, Saynaee, Yoymuu) go to investigate the cause of several Divine Spirits (not to be confused with blob ghosts). Yoymuu goes to Yuyukoi to see if she had anything to do with the spirits. Yuyukoi responds that she had nothing to do, obviously.

The Hopeless Incident[edit]

Unknown, 2012

The Tsuchinoko Incident[edit]

January, 24th, 2016

K.A.G.U.Y.A was just walking through a forest, and saw a Tsuchinoko. The Tsuchinoko was provoked and tried to spew venom to her, but missed. Chiruno and Shiki Eiki, and others like Xgopen and Kamochi Onoduka went to go see this Tsuchinoko, and the little, yet big snake was a fearless puppy. It stood up, and jumped at Xgopen and fell, and everybody attacked it, but turned into dirt, and went underneath the ground. Without knowing, its slithered into the shoulder Onoduka, and screamed, and soon, it turned to dirt, and was never seen again. The five never want to talk about this incident, again.



  • Penguin Village - A village where penguins can peacefully live in without any youkai eating them.
    • Penguin Village Market - A bustling market located in the center of Penguin Village. Every Sunday, merchants from mostly Castilla, Lisboagal, and Zhou come to trade with locals, as well as local farmers who come to sell their food to the citizens.
  • Cowrei Shrine - The shrine which Raymoo Cowrei lives in, it does not have that many followers, but it indeed has some visitors.
  • McFrogson Shrine - The shrine which Froggy Frog McFrogson, Snakey Snake McSnakeson and Saynaee SnakeFrog live in. Snakeson technically owns the shrine because she had beaten Frogson in a battle to own the shrine. The McFrogson Shrine resides ontop of Youkai Mountain.
  • Red River - A long river which Kamochi rides her boat in to bring them to the small island in which is in the river called Higan.
  • Higan - A small island surrounded by the Red River. Shiki Eiki judges spirits to bring them to their afterlife.
  • Youkai Mountain - The largest mountain in Gensou Island. It's residents are mainly Tengu.
  • Lake of Mist - The only lake in Gensou Island, residing with many fairies.
  • Forest of the Lost - A dark forest filled with many mushrooms and magicians.
  • Scarlet Demon Mansion - The red mansion home to some youkai, and a penguin maid.
  • Netherworld - A paradise for ghosts after they die. If they are chosen to go there, then they stay there forever. Yuyukoi Goru is the dead princess of the Netherworld and Yoymuu is the gardener.
  • Bamboo Forest - The other forest which is full of bamboo. Like the Forest of the Lost, people tend to get lost in the forest, but are escorted through the forest with the help of Fujitsu no Moko.
  • Eintei - The mansion of K.A.G.U.Y.A & Erin Tsuba. Many Rabbits reside here.
  • "The Other River" - A nameless river which is below the Youkai Mountain and Jenbu Ravine. One can see the occational Castillan or Lisboaguese Galleon or Zhouese Junk owned by Foreign merchants docked by the riverbanks near Penguin Village.
  • Jenbu Ravine - The home of the Kappas. If you walk into Jenbi Ravine, you would most likely find several Kappa working on mechs and robotic utilities.
  • Utility Shop - Nothing very special; just a shop with electronics.


Gensou Island is a very small island, but when entering the island, it looks extremely huge. It is not because of servers, but by manipulating time and space, according to Inusakuya. Gensou Islands has very few river systems, the longest is the Red River. It reaches from the left of the island to the right of the island to Higan.


There are A LOT of residents in Gensou Island.

Name Species Ability Theme Age Picture
Raymoo Cowrei Moo Penguin (SSBMP) Flying, Aura Manipulation, Shrine Maiden Powers, Cow Powers Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle 27 120px
Marysaa Karelesame Khanz Penguin MAGIC!! Love-colored Master Spark 27 120px
Saynaee FrogSnake Emperor Penguin (Demigod) Can make miracles Faith is for the Transient People 28 120px
Yoymuu Kopaku Adele Penguin (Half-Ghost) Great sword skills Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When? 26 120px
Arisu Maagatoroido Magician (Youkai) MAGIC!!, Doll skills Doll Judgement ~ The Girl who Played with People's Shapes 31 120px
Shiki Eiki Yama Judging anything that is Good or Evil Eastern Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years 200000 Shiki.png
Kamochi Onoduka Shinigami Manipulating Distance Higan Retour ~ Riverside View 1923 Kamochi.png
China Youkai Qi Powers Shanghai Alice of Meijing 17 180 120px
Patchy Smartness Magician Elemental MAGIC!! Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room 140 120px
Remi Scarlet Youkai Vampenguin Manipulating Fate, High Charisma Septette for the Dead Princess 510 120px
Flan Scarlet Youkai Vampenguin Destruction of Anything U.N. Owen was Her? 505 120px
Inusakuya High Penguin Manipulating Time and Space Flowering Night 34 120px
Rezi Udong Inaba Moon Rabbit (Youkai) Manipulating Insanity Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon 57 120px
Tei Inaba Antarctic Rabbit (Youkai) Giving Good Luck Lord Usa's Elemental Flag/White Flag of Usa Shrine 1684 120px
K.A.G.U.Y.A Cyborg Lunarian Manipulation of eternity and the instantaneous, being immortal Lunatic Princess Ageless (Lived more than 1300 years ago) KAGUYA.png
Erin Tsuba Lunarian Being a genius (possibly surpassing the smartest penguin in the universe) and creating any kind of medical thing Gensokyo's Millennium ~ History of the Moon Unknown, but lived more than 1000 years 120px
Fujitsu no Moko Emperor Penguin Manipulating fire, being immortal Reach for the moon, immortal smoke Ageless (Lived more than 1300 years ago) Moko.png
Kerune Kanishamurana High Penguin/Were-Hakutaku Consuming history, Creating history (in Hakutaku form) Plain Asia 47 120px
Luna, Merl & Lyri Prismrhythm Poltergeist Playing instruments without any action, playing various notes (Melancholic, Maniacal, Illusionary) Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble Deceased (Poltergeist) 120px
Chiruno Ice Fairy Manipulating Ice Beloved Tomboyish Daughter 68 Chiruno.png
Dai Dai Fairy Unknown None 62 120px
Mysti Lorelei Night Sparrow (Youkai) Manipulating Insanity via Singing Deaf to all but the Song 49 120px
Wiggle Lightbug Firefly (Youkai) Manipulating Insects Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect 50 120px
Romea Youkai Manipulating Darkness Apparitions Stalk the Night 48 120px
Letty Lightstone Snow Youkai Manipulating Cold (Different from Ice) Crystallized Silver 87 120px
CHEEEN Nekotama/Shikigami Black MAGIC!! Diao ye zong (Withered Leaf) 94 120px
RAN SHAMAAA Kitsune/Shikigami Shikigami Powers A Maiden's Illusionary Funeral ~ Necro-Fantasy 824 120px
Old Hag Yukarin Youkai Manipulating Borders Necrofantasia 1274 Old Hag.png
Yuyukoi Goru True Ghost Manipulation of Resurrection/Departed Spirits Bloom Nobly, Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome ~ Border of Life Deceased Yuyukoi.png
Ichi Kumoi Youkai Manipulation of Nyuudou The Traditional Old Man and Stylish Girl 1008 120px
Uuhzan Nyuudou Shape-shifting at will The Traditional Old Man and Stylish Girl 1008 Uuhzan.png
Xgopen X-Antibody Raven Manipulating Nuclear Fusion Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion 3 Exgopen.png
AmigoX X-Antibody Kasha Carrying away Corpses Corpse Voyage ~ Be of good cheer! 3 AmigoX.png
Rinsuke Mochi Half Emperor Penguin Half Youkai Identifying any item None 37 120px
Aya Tengu Manipulating Wind Wind God Girl 1095 120px
Momiji Wolf Tengu Unknown None 649 120px
Hatate Tengu Spirit Photography None 876 120px
Shizu Aki Autumn Master Controlling the Turning of Leaves None 12658 120px
Minno Aki Harvest Master Controlling Abundant Harvests Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me 12657 120px
Guru Guru Guru Guru Misfortune Master Stockpiling Misfortune Dark Side of Faith 267489 120px
Nitori Kawa Kappa Manipulating Water Candid Friend 256 120px
Snakey Snake McSnakeson Master Creating Sky Suwa Foughten Field 1024837 120px
Froggy Frog McFrogson Master Creating Earth Native Faith 1017483 120px
Kyuu Honda Emperor Penguin Never forgetting anything Child of Are 18 120px
ZUN Master Creating Cream Soda at will, creating anybody, including their history Innocent Treasures 12443123 120px
Suyuka Melon Oni Manipulaton of Density and Sparseness, Brute strength Onigashima in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power 418 120px
Saint Miko Saint, Hermit Listening up to ten conversations at a time Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator 1439 Miko.png
Mister Noko Strange Serpent Scaring wanderers Useful 12 Tsuchinoko.png

International Relations[edit]

Gensou's relations had not made any contact with any country other than Japan prior to 1487.

Gensou's relations with other nations:

  • Japaland - Horrible. Since separating from Japaland, Gensou Island never wants to be involved with them again, unless it involves Anime. Several Anime Penguins from Japaland really want to live on Gensou, though.
    • In fact, there are so many anime penguins who want to live there that they make merchandise, anime and they also cosplay as them.
  • United States of Antarctica - Unknown. USA has heard of this island and they want to conquer it. Too bad they don't know about Old Hag Yukarin.
  • Snowzerland - Bad. Snowzerland knows about Xgopen, whom is living on Gensou currently. They plan to capture him and become a reliable source for nuclear weapons.
  • Amataria - Decent. After the events of Break In Dimensions, Amigopen found out the similarities of the universe and the island, so he worships them now.
  • Margate - Decent They are good trading partners
  • Puffle'and - Good. Puffle'and was the first nation to recognize Gensou Island's independence from Japaland. They are actively involved in trade.
  • Castilla - Decent. Castilla and Gensou Island are trading partners and several Castillan merchants visit it occasionally.
  • Zhou - Good. They are allies since they both hate Japaland. Like the Castillans, the Zhouese send merchants to trade with the Gensou Islanders. One of the youkai, China, originally came from Zhou.
  • Lisboagal - Decent. Lisboagal was one of the first nations to trade with the island in 1487. They have been trading with them ever since, especially so they could rival with the Castillan merchants.



The Gensou cuisine sometimes varies in different regions; it mainly consists of the traditional Japalandese food. A yakitori (Grilled Sparrow) stand sells yakitori in the Bamboo Forest.


97% of females wear skirts and dresses while 87% of males wear kimonos.


The architecture of Gensou is based on feudal Japaland. The SDM is one of the exceptions as it has a Frankterrean style to the outside and inside. Some houses are also very Ninja Archipelago-styled.


The technology is very outdated, compared to other countries, but several traders from different countries sell their wares in the Penguin Village Market making Gensou slightly ahead of the original technology. ZUN makes games for the island, called the Toho Improvement.


For a very awkward reason, the production rate of every species is very less, but every egg has a 98% chance of being female. No one knows why, but it just happens. Most species, including penguins, have a unique special ability. Some are useful in combat and some are useful on the job.


A newspaper run by Aya called Bunbunma is read by pretty much every citizen of Gensou, even the wild ones. Gensou citizens have recently bought televisions and computers for their modern entertainment.

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