Gentoo Island

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Gentoo Island
A penguin storing the delivered cream soda, the Gentoo Penguins' favourite drink.
Gentoo Island Flag.png
The flag of Gentoo Island.
Key details
Type Island
Level 45
Location Sub-Antarctica
Inhabitants PASA employees, Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo Island is an island located in the Sub-Antarctic. It is the birth place of Gentoo Penguins and the orgin of Rockhopper's favorite drink, Cream Soda. However, in more recent times, the island has been the home of the Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency, the only organization in the USA that launches rockets and Space Shuttles.


Early History[edit]

Since very early in history, Gentoo Penguins have lived on the island. Gentoo Penguins are believed to have originated here. Although today they are many scattered around Antarctica, the largest Gentoo penguin colony resides on Gentoo Island. It is not known when the Gentoo Penguins colonised the island.

Discovery of Cream Soda[edit]

Since early times, the Gentoo Penguins had been excellent at making Cream Soda. In fact, they had been making the beverage for possibly hundreds of years. Soda Roots, the main ingredient in Cream Soda, natively grew on the island in abundance.

In 1789, an exploration team visited the island. Joshua Cream, a botanist in the team, discovered the Soda Root. Along with this, he also discovered Cream Soda. As the whole crew enjoyed the drink and brought many barrels of it home, Cream Soda was introduced to Antarctica. Soon, Cream Soda entered mass production.

The mass produced Cream Soda originally used the Gentoo Island Soda Roots. Soon, however, plantations of it began to spring up around Antarctica, especially on small islands. Gentoo Soda Roots are still used today, although not so much. Despite this, Gentoo Island Cream Soda is generally considered the original type.

Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency[edit]

Many years later, plans were being drawn for the Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency, or simply PASA. A main HQ and a launch pad needed to be built. Many locations were considered for this including Club Penguin, King George's Island, Gentoo Island and places in the USA. Each located had pros and cons, but it was chosen that Gentoo Island would be the most suitable place.

Consent from the Gentoo Penguins on the island was sought and they approved of the construction. Construction began in 2006 and ended in 2007. A large portion of the island was restricted to PASA employees only and Brendan Stars, a very wealthy penguin, was put in charge of PASA. Soon rockets, satellites, probes, landers and space shuttles were lofted into space by giant rockets. The USA had gained the ability to send penguins into orbit and back.


Map of Gentoo Island.

PASA Area[edit]

The Penguin Aerodynamics and Space Agency is located on the top peninsula of the island. This area can only be accessed by staff (an exception being the tourist area). This is where rockets are built and launched from. On the edges of the PASA area, is the Gentoo Island Airport, which serves as the main airport of the island and the landing point of the Space Shuttles.

Gentoo Penguin Area[edit]

The remaining territory of Gentoo Island is where the Gentoo colony is located. There are many towns situated here, as well as the Gentoo Palace. The palace is located in the middle of the island and acts as a town hall of sorts. The palace has existed for hundreds of years and is a famous meeting place.

On the southern part of the island, there is a shopping district. The district is part of the Gentoo Penguin Administrative Region. There are many shops located there, ranging from small corner shops to large shopping malls. This has boosted the economy of Gentoo Island and plays an important role in it.

In addition to the shops, there is also a small harbour located here. Fishing ships bring in freshly caught fish from the Sub-Antarctic seas and large cargo ships come in and load up on Soda Roots, which grow plentiful on the island.



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