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Tropicalian Colony of Gernomia
Colonia Tropicalica Gernomia
Motto: "Uniti Super Montes"
(English: United On Top of the Mountains)
Anthem: United Under the Palm
A map of the colony and its boundaries (click to enlarge)
A map of the colony and its boundaries (click to enlarge)
Status Colony of Tropicalis
Capital cityStatavia
Official languages English, Latin, German
Demonym Tropicalian, Gernomian
 -  President Penguino Lagois IV
 -  Vice President Daniel Sanchos
 -  Governor Lawrence de Vin
 -  2019 estimate 3,800,000
 -  2019 census 3,735,000
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin
Calling code +704

Republic of Tropicalis
Tropicalis Flag.png
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Tropicalian History
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Provinces: Pengstado • Beakily • Arbos Islands • Centro de Tropicalia • Southern Tropicalis • Adelia

Colonies: GernomiaMacarooni

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Gernomia, officially the Tropicalian Colony of Gernomia (Latin: Colonia Tropicalica Gernomia) is a Tropicalian colony located towards the north of the mainland country.


Around 900 BC, Germanic Viking Penguins came to inhabit Gernomia and made small villages and housing and lived there. It mainly served as a fishing village and didn't have much use. The penguins lived there for an unknown amount of time. It is possible they left and returned but they most likely stayed. In the year 1430, A team of Tropicalian explorers were seeking to make trade relations and came across many other countries. Eventually they came across a set of islands and decided to inform everyone else about it. Tropicalis then also began to extend to Gernomia. They tookover the mainland island and discovered the civilizations of Viking Penguins living there and decided to cooperate with them. The viking penguins accepted and together started to build a society for themselves. Around 20% of the adelie refugees back on Tropicalis decided to move to Gernomia and some Emperor Penguins came along, too and the islands began to expand. The Viking Penguins taught them many things and helped them make clothing to survive the cold of Gernomia as they were so used to the warm climate of Tropicalis. They helped them adapt to their culture, learn their language and architecture and give them a tour of the areas they knew well. They even let them visit their homeland (which is nowadays Alemania). They decided to name their new home "Gernomia".

They lived in peace for several years until the Tropicalian Civil Wars. Soldiers from Gernomia also rushed to help in the battle and after they succeeded, returned to live in Gernomia. After decades of development, Gernomia entered the Khanzem War. Fortunately, Puffle'and soldiers who were fighting back Khanzem scout ships sent out a distress call to Gernomia and told them they were in need of help and more ships were approaching. Gernomian reinforcements came to aid them and the Puffle'and soldiers thanked them. They started to guard the coast, ready for the attack. Sure enough, Khanzem soldiers saw Gernomia and attempted to occupy it. They were met with force, however and a long fight between Khanzem, Gernomian and Puffish soldiers occurred. The soldiers managed to set up camps on the eastern part of the island and started occupying and destroying villages. After the third reach fell, they retreated and were defeated by the military. The Puffish soldiers thanked the troops again and returned. Gernomia, for a long time was under the rule of the President as it still is today. Nowadays, it's culture and lifestyle have changed greatly and improved. The Gernomians have adapted to modern life, too and use decent technology such as smart phones, computers, cars, etc.


An example of mountains in the far countryside.

Gernomia has many forest regions, full of pine trees and other types. Grass also grows here, however, the climate is cooler, but is still suitable for grass to grow here. There are also a few reservoirs, and many cities and towns are built on the large rivers, and some, like the capital, have canal systems and other cities can be accessed via the river such as being able to come from Statavia to get to Gemela. There are also many ski resorts up in and near the mountains, most have ski lifts, and the most famous one being Gemela Peak Resort. There are also farms located in the countryside areas, and there are also a few beaches around the island where penguins like to visit.

As it is more colder than Tropicalis, there are snowy areas more in the north, and mostly up in the mountains. Gernomia is also known for being home to Antarctica's 18th tallest mountain. There are also some flat, open and grassy areas that are good for campsites. Trains also run around the islands of Gernomia, and tracks can be seen in the mountains.


Gernomia has their own unique foods and is known for their hot chocolate. Gernomia shares many foods that Tropicalis brought and shared with them since their discovery though most of them taste different, as not all ingredients can be found in Gernomia, as well as using their own ingredients.


  • Gernomia has been nicknamed the "Crab Claw Archipelago" due to its unique geographical shape.

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