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This article pertains to and describes the general overview of what a ghost is and what types of ghosts are known in the Club Penguin universe. If one is searching for an actual list of ghosts, please view the Category instead.

A ghost is a restless spirit that, has risen forth from a now-deceased creature to do something or another for any number of reasons. This is to say, a ghost is a remnant of a dead creature. The primary requirement that defines a ghost is that a ghost can appear before and interact with the living. -because there is no true afterlife in Club Penguin's universe, creatures either become ghosts or cease to exist. Ghosts are intangiable by default and are unable to touch things that are not covered in ectoplasm.

Ghosts have been documented since before the High Penguin Confederacy, and there are many heavilly documented spirits that have been confirmed to exist.

Bureau of Fiction authorization[edit]

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Whenever a penguin dies by a natural death or in a way not engineered by an, their death is analyzed by the Bureau of Fiction and confirmed, altered, or denied. It is then that the process for a "ghost pass" is reviewed. Before 2009, these passes were reviewed by Director Benny, and were subject to extensive corruption. After 2009, in direct response to Benny's corruption, an impartial secretary was created to handle all manners pertaining to death.

All ghosts are supposed to possess a ghost pass, but there are loopholes.

Ghost Dimension[edit]

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The Ghost Dimension is where most ghosts exist. It is an endless expanse of assorted nothingness and portals, with the occasional floating building, landmass, or dwelling place. Ghosts that aren't expeditied to return to the mortal world live in the Ghost Dimension, where they can often leak out into the mortal world by finding portals at the right time. Likewise, the living can find themselves in the Ghost Dimension by mistakingly entering portals.

Gensou Method[edit]

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Everytime a penguin or Youkai dies in Gensou Island, the spirits of the dead are taken on a boat by Kamochi The Lazy through the Red River to Higan, a place where they get judged by Shiki Eiki to three different places, rather than only the Ghost Dimension. If they were good, they go to the heaven. If they were evil, they are punished into the Underworld. If in-between, they get to go to the Netherworld.

Types of ghosts[edit]

There are many types of ghosts in Antarctica. The most common ghost is the ghost of a dead penguin or other creature, and there are many. However, these are not the only ghosts with documentation confirmed to exist.

Some ghost types have been discovered by others, but except for the restless dead, it can be safe to say that the vast research in the specific field of ghost types was the life (and afterlife) work of Gariwald VIII.

True Ghosts[edit]

A true ghost, also called a classic or old order ghost, is the spirit of a dead creature that has returned to the living world. These are the most common types of ghost, there are many.

Artificial Ghostlings[edit]

Artificial ghosts, also called Ghostlings, are unlike any other type of ghost because they are created when a living penguin goes into Gariwald VIII's Ghostmatron 3000. Gariwald invented the Ghostmatron to enable himself to turn into a ghost and back at his will, but the initial error killed him and sucked his mansion into the Ghost Dimension. (This did not defer his research, though, because he ultimately perfected the machine in death.)

A Ghostling gains the ability to "Ghost Scream". The process for making Ghostlings and turning them back was successfully mastered by Gariwald VIII after he died, but their existance was known until Gariwald's mansion rematerialized by mistakingly floating through a Ghost Dimension portal in the days preceding Halloween.

Scientists and paranormal researchers are completely baffled as to what a Ghostling is. For one thing, Ghostlings can not phase through walls or levitate higher than mere inches across the floor, but they can phase through other penguins. They are always tangible- that means they can always be touched -and they have the ability to rip portals from the Ghost Dimension to immediately produce Shouting Ghosts (see below).

Their one power- to summon Shouting Ghosts -is still a total mystery, and no one has been able to understand it.

Shouting Ghost[edit]

A shouting ghost is an extra-large ghost of indeterminate origin or species. They appear when a Ghostling "Ghost Screams", and then immediately vanish. They can not escape the portal from which they emerge, so they must be bound to whatever they come from.

Not much is known about them, and they have never been discovered in the Ghost Dimension. In fact, no one has the slightest idea if they were ever alive, or if they were manifested out of some inanimate material. Gariwald VIII thinks that Shouting Ghosts are made out of candy, like Candy Ghosts, but even he is unsure.

From what paranormal researchers can derive, it seems that a Ghostling performing its Ghost Scream temporarily rips a portal from the Ghost Dimension, which allows a Shouting Ghost to escape momentarily to do what it does best. It is yanked back into its portal against its will, meaning that a Shouting Ghost can not escape the Ghost Dimension.

Shouting Ghosts never appear in the Ghost Dimension. It is assumed that they are locked away in their own special pocket portal that has been sealed off.

Candy Ghost[edit]

Candy Ghosts are materialized when penguins selfishly reject candy that they themselves despise and leave it to rot in piles, instead of giving it to others. Candy Ghosts rise out of these rotten piles and invisibly roam in the night every Halloween. When enough rejected candies rot together, they form a Candy Ghost.
Although they have only been spotted in Club Penguin, it is almost certain that wherever "loser candies" are wasted and thrown away,

Although Candy Ghosts willingly materialize themselves in certain circumstances, if one has Gariwald's Ghost Goggles, they can see all the invisible candy ghosts. There are three known colors of Candy Ghosts.


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A half ghost, also called half a or a Spect ghost, is a living penguin that can, at their will, switch from mortality to a true ghost form. Gariwald died in an attempt to become a half ghost, but Daniel Spect lived. Gariwald's attempt to streamline and replicate the ability to be a half ghost in his Ghostmatron failed to achieve the desired result, instead producing Ghostlings.

Roger Lopez could be considered a half ghost, but unlike Daniel Specter, who transforms from a penguin to a ghost, Roger Lopez undergoes a different process: his spirit leaves his body without dying, his spirit (ghost) can move freely through the world, but his body is "dead", and he can return to his body anytime he wants.

Yoymuu Kopaku and the rest of her line are all half-ghosts, but takes on a different form. She seems to have two bodies; a penguin body and a ghost body. These bodies almost never separate as they share the same life. The penguin form seems to have more control, though. This type is also called Dual-Ghost, to prevent confusion.

Sea Ghost[edit]

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Sea ghosts are the ghosts of creatures that drown at sea. They are increasingly rare, because penguins are able to swim and because shipwrecks and dangerous conditions have rapidly lessened with safety improvements. Unlike most creatures that die, sea ghosts are collected for BOF processing not by Mandy Mortis, but by David Jones.


Poltergeists are not exactly ghosts, but are very similar. They start out as floating bubbles, but they are able to take over a body or object that fits them. If they take over a body, they can hold things without using their arms or legs. Their abilities also depend with the body or object they choose to live in.

Ghost Goggles[edit]

How to use the Ghost Goggles

Gariwald VIII invented Ghost Goggles that penguins can use to see invisible Candy Ghosts. Invisible Candy Ghosts cannot see you if you're not wearing the Ghost Goggles.


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