Ghost Penguin

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Ghost Pnguin
Ghost Pnguin hugging Captain Str00del.
Title Pathetic Member
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Speaks in Poor English and Leet.
Health Not as good as it could be
Level Unknown
Status Pretending to be a ghost.
Location Str00del Hideout

Ghost Pnguin (known as Ghost Penguin), is an incredibly evil being at heart, yet he's pretty pathetic.


Link plays against Ghost Penguin at Sleding

Ghost Penguin was a normal penguin, but every Halloween he would dress up as a ghost. People always teased him for having the most normal costume. He would always retort back, "I'm a ghost!" They teased him so much he went insane, and really thought he was a ghost. He was kicked out by his landlord because he couldn't pay the rent, and he always talked in L33t. He lived outside a fruitcake store for three years, then took up residence in the dojo. He often shouts "W0000000! 1 4m 4 9h0$7! B00!" in the middle of Card Jitsu matches. Rumours say that there is a Ghost Room, which only Ghost Penguin can access, wich is probably why nobody can find him.


File:Ghost Pnguin.JPG
Ghost Penguin

He likes to haunt the dojo, and makes penguins eat fruitcake. He is one of the newest member of the Str00del Force and likes to annoy Link.

A note from Ghost Penguin[edit]

A note was found taped to Sensei's cushion one morning:

1 4m 4 9h0$7! £0£2! 1 w1££ m4|{3 ¥0µ 4££ 347 ƒrµ17(4|{3! £0£0£0£0£0£. (4p741n $7r00Ð3£ r0(|{$!


I am a ghost! Lolz! I will make you all eat fruitcake! lololololol. Captain Str00del rocks!

Why the name?[edit]

He called himself Pnguin for two reasons.

  1. . PNG is his favourite image format.
  2. . He couldn't fit penguin in so he shortened it to pnguin.


  • Link doesn't like him.
  • He really isn't a ghost.
  • His motto is "FrU|[email protected]!!1!!!!1!!"
  • Casey calls him a discrase to the proud name of Str00del.