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William G. Ghostman
The ol' fart.
Title That ol' GhostieGhost
Gender Male
Race Ghost
Health 0 (he is undead)
Level 0 (once again, he is undead)
Status Undead
Location Club Penguin Island
Birth date October 15, 1801 (1801-10-15) (age 218) (age 64 at death)
Catchphrase So, no one likes to call me Willy?
  • Scaring other penguins
  • Turning penguins into ghosts
Powers Possessing penguins to turn them into ghosts
Friends None, no one likes him.
Enemies Zeno124, you (probably), Diss Kid, Daniel Specter, everyone else on Club Penguin
Archetype Evil ghost

William Ghostman (called GhostieGhost by some penguins) is a ghost penguin whose real life was unknown. He tries to convince everyone that he is actually a pretty cool ghost. No one believes him, so he hates everybody. He probably hates you, too.

GhostieGhost also has the ability to turn penguins into ghosts by possessing them for a prolonged period of time. So watch out!


William's regular penguin life was unknown. He died on Halloween of 1865. The reason he died was unknown, but most penguins know that someone murdered him.

He got revived after Gary the Gadget Guy turned on a new invention in front of him somewhere around July of 2002. He didn't understand that Gary revived him, so he just scared Gary away. He found out he was a ghost after he looked in Gary's mirror that he left behind from running away. Ever since then he started to hate everyone for some stupid reason. He also kept Gary's mirror, which Gary has been searching for ever since that day.

Later on, he found a black puffle with strange-looking eyes that seemed to be telling off everyone he walked passed. William went up to this puffle and asked his name. Apparently it was Drop. When William asked whether Drop was a demon because of his strange eyes, Drop said "maybe" and followed William since then.

William really wanted to convince everyone that he was actually cool. That didn't work, however, because everyone thought he was a jerk. Especially Zeno124, who wanted William to die once and for all. Zeno started calling him GhostieGhost, and that secret name somehow got out. Everyone now calls him that one name. William also says that penguins need to call him Willy or else they'll become ghosts. Either that or he'll just turn them into a ghost anyway.

William and Drop have become very interested in the §, but William is trying to avoid it; it is a substance that is used to ward off evil spirits instantly.

GhostieGhost has, since then, been the worst soul (or whatever he is) to ever live (or not live) on Club Penguin. Besides Mabel, of course.


GhostieGhost is a pale green ghost penguin. He also wears a monocle. The reason is unknown, however, penguins think he wears it because he wants to remind them that he is old.


To summarize GhostieGhost's personality, he is a mean, hateful ghost penguin. That's it, basically.


  • GhostieGhost probably wants penguins to call him Willy because it was his nickname in his penguin life.
  • There is a rumor that he invented the § when he was alive.
  • He is an enemy of Diss Kid and Daniel Specter.


  • "So, no one likes to call me Willy?" --GhostieGhost questioning his nickname.
  • "Would you like to experience the old switcheroo?" --GhostieGhost's quote when he turns someone into a ghost.
  • "Who's Mabel?" --GhostieGhost's quote when he is asked if he is related to Mabel.