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The Nation that Declared Secession from Club Penguin and Became a Country Because President Ghostly35 Got Bored
Flag of The Bored Igloo
MottoSi taedes fito natio (If bored, become a nation)
AnthemK.K. Song
Royal anthemI Hereby Declare Secession From Club Penguin Because I Am Bored
Ghostly35's Igloo
The two versions of the flag (the "Population Puffle", the "False Igloo"); the alternate symbol with the "Population Puffle" carrying the flag.
Location of The Bored Igloo
Ghostly35's igloo four hours after independence and creation of the country.
CapitalGhostly35's Igloo
Largest city The centre of the aforementioned igloo.
Official languages English
Species  Three penguins and a puffle or two.
Demonym Weirdo
Government Lonely autocracy
 -  President Ghostly35
 -  Mayor Jetpack (alias Straw000)
 -  Governor Maymay188
 -  President Puffle Ghostly35's green puffle, Green
 -  Judge Ghostly35's yellow puffle, Yellow
A country where Ghostly35 could eat peas and mashed potatoes together. It is somewhere behind the Coffee Shop. 
 -  Ghostly35 became bored. 2009 
 -  Ghostly35, in his boredom, declared sovereignty. 2009, four hours later. 
 -  The eternal onslaught of tomatoes and ridicule began. 2009, the next day. 
 -  2009 estimate
 -  2009 census
 -  Density 5/km2 
Less than 3/sq mi
Currency Coins (C)
If Ghostly wants Daylight Savings time, he can just turn his clock back.
Drives on the N/A (You can't drive in an igloo, duh!)
Calling code N/A (How can an igloo have its own calling code?)
Footnotes : There is something wrong with Ghostly35, right?

The so-called "nation" of Ghostlia, also known by its longwinded native name as The Nation that Declared Secession from Club Penguin and Became a Country Because President Ghostly35 Got Bored is an independent igloo in Club Penguin. Although the current President, Ghostly35, calls it both as a country and a nation, nobody recognizes it as a sovereign nation. In fact, most people just laugh at it by throwing rotten tomatoes at it, much to the wounded pride of the inhabitants of the "nation" - Ghostly35 and his siblings, Jetpack (alias Straw000) and Maymay188. Ghostlia is famous for having more tomatoes thrown at it than any other igloo/nation, mostly because its "founder", Ghostly35, is seemingly insane.



Many many many many many years in the past, a group of penguins who were making igloos for the inhabitants of Club Penguin made approximately 200 middle-priced igloos for non-members, of which the igloo was one. However, due to it being built last, it was made more carelessly and anonymously by the building agents, meaning that nobody wanted to buy it. However, eventually, a penguin and his family bought it, and were succeeded by many other penguins, giving Ghostlia's uneventful pre-history.

One day, a penguin named Ghostly35 and his two siblings, Jetpack and Maymay188, found a cheap igloo in 2007, and bought it for themselves. Located on the very outskirts of the Members-Only igloo area and on the beginning of Non-Member territory, the igloo was by now, due to numerous refurbishments from the past, a large, handsome and clean igloo which they immediately grew fond of. They spent the rest of their coins on two puffles and furniture, to brighten things up.


Two years later, Ghostly35 became bored. He wanted his very own nation where penguins could eat mashed potatoes and peas together, with the right amount of mashness and none of the peas being not mashed either. Jetpack soon waddled up to him, and gave him the idea to make the igloo a nation (causing Jetpack to be the real founder, because he had the idea 5 minutes earlier than Ghostly did). In a lightbulb moment, at the same second Jetpack began talking to him, Ghostly suddenly declared the igloo as an independent nation. This so-called "nation" gained proof of its so-called "sovereignty", when the penguin climbed to his roof and put up a flag bang on the middle, and screamed "I HEREBY DECLARE SECESSION FROM CLUB PENGUIN BECAUSE I AM BORED!'.

Now the new leader of a nation/country, he made titles for his siblings and puffles - President for himself, Mayor for Jetpack, Governor for Maymay188, President Puffle for his green puffle and Judge for his yellow puffle. He began a trade for his nation by asking his sister Maymay188 to knit scarves from useable material, and using a spinning machine powered by the puffles, Maymay188 made thread from daisies which never grew mouldy and dried quickly (she is an underrated genius), and then told the Mayor to go and find some boxes, collect ten scarves for each box and then sell the scarves off for 500 coins each - enough for a square meal of instant food. The trade was shaky at first, but he was able to sell at least a box a day (meaning that 1 box with 10 scarves = 5000) which was enough for their meals. The next day, penguins heard of creation of the state and were shocked. Everybody sane knew that an igloo was not enough for a nation, and everybody began ridiculing it.

The nation was tolerated for a while due to everybody expecting that it would fall very quickly, but a year passed and nothing happened. As Ghostly35 calls it, the Great Nation War began when a group of penguins, shocked that somebody had made a nation based on an igloo and that it was still standing, threw a tomato at the igloo. Outraged, Ghostly responded by uprooting three of his precious potatoes, mashed them without peeling, washing or taking the roots off, mixed with snow, divided into 30, molded into spheres and then threw them onto the "attackers" on the rooftop. For a day, the ridiculous war began and ended at 9 PM when the enemy's tomato store was exhausted. A famine began in Ghostly35's igloo because he had uprooted those 3 potatoes, and this problem was only fixed the next day when Mayor Jetpack disguised himself for the first time as his alias, Straw000, then went as far away as he could from the igloo, and managed to sell off the scarves successfully, meaning that he could buy a sufficient amount of potatoes, peas and the seeds for both plants.

After the war, Ghostly realised that his nation had no language of its own, apart from English. He then created the Ghostlian Language, and asked his subjects to invent words and give them meanings themselves. Unfortunately, everybody had different words for everything, rendering communication too difficult, and the plan was ditched. After hearing the news, other penguins began to ridicule him and his nation more, but instead of another war, they did it in other ways, such as calling for a psychiatrist to go and give him a check-up, steal his nation's flag at night, throw endless amounts of tomatoes, and other "acts of opposition" by the anti-Ghostlians, as Ghostly35 and his government puts it.


In order to give more status to the nation, Ghostly hired a travelling artist blissfully unaware of Ghostly's situation and extreme opposition, and got him to draw the "Population Puffle" to add to their store of national symbols (see more about Ghostlia's culture below), and design the pictures on the Ghostlian passport. One the artist had finished, Ghostlia scanned the passport design, put his, the artist's and his siblings' details on them, printed them off and bound them in the special thread made of daisies, and wrote in gold letters "Passport of the Nation of Ghostlia", finally giving its name and proving false the rumours spread by anti-Ghostlians (they usually said it was "Idiotland" or something else insulting). Only the five residents of Ghostlia and the travelling artist (much to his ridicule) had the Ghostlian passport, leading to more humiliation of the Ghostlian nation. Eventually, the Population Puffle got onto the original flag (see below and above for new design) as well, to show Ghostlia has culture too.

The next day, the First Ghostlian Presidential Election began. When the election closed (which was the day after), however, it was revealed that since everybody had voted for one another, the candidates (all the inhabitants) all had the same amount of penguins/puffles for them. Paraphrased, everybody had 1 vote supporting them. In order to resolve the issue, all their names were written on a piece of paper, put into a hat, and the first name that Ghostly35 drew out was, to the shock of everybody, himself, meaning that Ghostly35 retained his position as president. When other penguins heard of the news, they thought it was ridiculous that an igloo should have its own elections, and the nation became more and more of a joke.

This caused the First After-Election War to begin, when a group twice the size of the last war waddled up to Ghostlia and begged Ghostly35 to return to his senses and allow Ghostlia to be re-absorbed into Club Penguin. Not wanting to give up power, Ghostly refused, which meant that the war began officially. The group of anti-Ghostlians threw the eternal tomatoes, whilst Ghostly, with abundant amounts of potatoes and peas, used leftovers and every now and then the fresh plants themselves. The anti-Ghostlians gave up when they realized what a waste of time, food and energy it was, and left, meaning Ghostly was the proud victor. Even though it ended well for him, Ghostlia didn't get any more respect.

The next year, another war began, now known as the Second Nation War. A large group of penguins (mostly teenagers) crept up to the back of the igloo, and ambushed it. Ghostly saved his precious flag in the nick of time, and once again declared war on the anti-Ghostlians. Due to the inhabitants of Ghostlia being so unprepared and more than half of the gardens being seized, Ghostlia almost lost the war, but thankfully for them, a new police officer who didn't know of Ghostlia and the shame cast on it stopped the penguins for disturbing the peace and trying to rob the house owned by innocent penguins, saving Ghostly's nation. In order to show their thanks, after having a vote (with everybody supporting), they decided to give the police officer a Ghostlian passport due to his loyalty to the nation, which gave shame to the poor officer but a little more respect for Ghostlia from the general public due to showing that they have feelings too.

Ghostarctica Theory[edit]

Main article: Ghostarctica

A week after the events of the Second Nation War, one of the very, very few non-Ghostlian supporters of the "nation" suddenly had a radical idea - what if Ghostlia, with their pieces of crazy improbable luck, suddenly managed to rise to power, and annexed most, if not all, of the United States of Antarctica, and maybe even most of the other countries? The penguin then decided to write a book about his theory, but halfway through it, he suddenly changed his opinion on Ghostlia, and decided to turn the book into a kind of dystopian dictatorship. When it was published, it was actually received quite positively, especially by the inhabitants of Ghostlia, since they got some more status by having an essay about their nation.


Nothing really happened, until a second famine & drought began in the summer of 2014. This was because a water pipe burst, which took a long while to fix due to the plumber's worries of earning ridicule and shame for fixing something in Ghostlia, and this meant that there was not enough water for their crops. There was snow, true, but it was far away in the Forest, and by the time Mayor Jetpack, who for some reason or another was able to go out into the outside world without facing shame, came back with it, it had either melted into tiny amounts of water or he had spilt it all. Everybody was sure that at last the silly "nation" of Ghostlia would finally fall, and Ghostly and his inhabitants/government were seriously considering leaving when there were only 10 crops of each plant left, when suddenly a downpour came. They collected as much excess water as they could, and by the time the plumber had the courage to fix the pipe they still had a little left, which they used on the daisies. Thus Ghostlia was saved from being reabsorbed into Club Penguin - an act which the poor plumber still regrets to this day due to his having been gifted a Ghostlian passport.

One winter's day, in the early in 2015, a new inhabitant of Ghostlia arrived - a penguin named Flypie90. The President and Mayor welcomed him with one of Maymay188's scarves and a Ghostlian passport, but the Governor, President Puffle and Judge increasingly became suspicious of Flypie90. He didn't like to eat mashed potatoes and peas together, and he didn't celebrate the Monthly Anniversaries of the Wars (see Ghostlian Holidays below). Whenever the two events were going to be seen, Flypie90 was never to be found. Governor Maymay188 and the Judge were about to make an investigation against him, when he suddenly disappeared. After a day, the unbelievable was discovered. Flypie90 was actually a spy sent by the anti-Ghostlians, and he had told the anti-Ghostlians exactly what the inhabitants of Ghostly's nation were doing at what time and what day, in order for them to attack Ghostlia and make it into Club Penguin again.

They also understood why there hadn't been a war in 2014 - it was so they would be unprepared for another war, and once war came, they were almost ambushed and only saved the (unprotected) gardens in long and difficult hand-to-hand combat. The war came to be known as both the Third Nation War, and as the Great Anti-Ghostlian Battle. As with the last war, Ghostly35 and his fellow comrades almost lost the war due to the opponents, using an onslaught of tomatoes at the rear, having seized their food supplies, but thankfully for the nation of Ghostlia, at the same moment, a woodcutter (who was later gifted a Ghostlian passport) fell a tree, which fell on all the enemy's tomato carts, meaning that the war couldn't go on. In history, this is thought of as a completely ridiculous and most Mary Sue-like event, but nonetheless, Ghostlia managed to last longer.

The next year, the Second and First Tri-Annual Election began. This time, everybody voted for Ghostly35, which made him very happy that his subjects liked him very much to the point of keeping him in power. This second and first election was what caused the Second After-Election War to begin, as the anti-Ghostlians were tired of what they thought was an ongoing joke. This time, Ghostly35 and his small army were prepared, and they managed to make the enemy retreat when Jetpack and Maymay188 pushed a block of ice on top of their leader (thankfully, he wasn't hurt), and once the anti-Ghostlians retreated a good 15 yards away, Ghostly35 made them accept peace.


Nothing extremely eventful really happened in 2017, but this was because - as Ghostly puts it - a large blizzard covered Ghostlia in a blanket of ice and snow. This happened because there was some very heavy snow in the neighbourhood, and when the neighbours woke up very early the next day, they found the igloo-nation half covered in snow. They got upon the good idea to shovel the snow off the roads onto Ghostlia in order to cover up the entire nation, and make sure that they never get out. Once the Ghostlian inhabitants realized that nothing could be done, they would raise a white flag through the chimney, and then the neighbours would dig them out in order to be able to send them to the local hospital. However, the inhabitants of Ghostlia were no fools. They decided to dig under the ground to make a secret opening to the Forest, and sent Jetpack to get their provisions through there. Once the ice melted, the neighbours were confused at how they hadn't surrendered yet and how they still had provisions, but the inhabitants only told them that they were cleverer than they thought.

Eventually, one of the neighbours found the secret tunnel, and, furious, they all declared war on Ghostlia. However, the ice gave them frostbite and numbness, and they were quickly discouraged when their leader fell into the snow from cold, and eventually left (but not without vowing to destroy them next time), allowing Ghostlia to exist for another year. This event is now known in history as the Blizzard Crisis. The next year, early in 2018, the neighbours gathered together and went to extreme measures, by planning to chisel the ice bricks and force their way into Ghostlia, beginning the Fourth Nation War. However, Ghostly35's igloo was now very strong, with ice bricks mixed with cement and varnish and the ice coating from the years that passed, and thus made chiseling very difficult. Exhausted, they tried to break in through the chimney, but as it was too small, only the smallest soldiers could go in. Those who were small enough to go in, however, were quickly taken prisoner and tied firmly as hostages. Eventually, so many hostages were taken that the enemies had to surrender the battle, creating peace once again.

In early 2019, Sarah Penguin visited Ghostlia. This became the first case where a legitimate politician visited the pseudo-nation, the other time being when Penstubal visited some months later. Because of all their wars, they were suspicious of anybody who had a position in power, but thanks to her rhetoric, she earned their respect, and was given a Ghostlian passport. She was, however, planning to become the Supreme Lieutenant there, and hopefully President or Mayor, when she was called away to another country who were willing to see her in-person for an election. She failed there, however, and when she came back, all her dreams were shattered, as Ghostly and his government turned her away, in fear that she would discover their secrets and betray them. Thus Ghostlia lost their chance of actually being taken more seriously than they could ever hope.

A week before Christmas, Jetpack mysteriously disappeared. This caused great panic amongst Ghostly and his supporters, and he was only found with great difficulty by a Ghostlia-supporter at Christmas Eve. The reason for his disappearance was because during the night, he thought that their fireplace(?!) was blocked, and as he went under it to clear the soot, he felt himself whisked up by a magical wind; according to his accounts, he flew around the world in 80 minutes (beating the legendary Finlay Mist by about 115,120 minutes), never getting hungry or tired as he did so, and he was only able to rest when he slowly sank down on a random mountain which appeared from nowhere. He then had a long nap, and then decided to fly back home. However, this "magical wind" was probably the jetpack he had still unknowingly strapped onto himself, but he refuses to admit this. Unfortunately, he could not invoke the magical wind to return (e.g. he had used up more or less all of his jetpack fuel), so he was forced to trek back; fortunately, he was on a mountain on Antarctica (as opposed to some outlandish-in-distance place like Dorkugal or Foolscap), so, with a great deal of stopping and starting, he was able to make it to South Pole City, where somebody recognized him and paid for his flight back to Club Penguin.

To celebrate, Ghostly35 created a massive party which didn't stop until Boxing Day, much to the annoyance of their neighbours.


On New Year's Eve, Ghostly created another massive party, which did not finish until five days after. The neighbours tolerated it for the first two days, but then evacuated for a while when they discovered that the Ghostlians were throwing Cream Soda and Cactus Juice at their igloos.

Their attempts to bring it down have been so unsuccessful, they have given up campaigning against it; they just take lots of long holidays in the sun to retain their sanity. Later in January, some penguins gathered to discuss plans to build some kind of wall to separate the two factions, but Club Penguin's Council got wind and broke the meetings up. It would have looked bad for the country if they had tired to shield themselves against five or six scrubs. Unfortunately for them, the news leaked, and it is now a public secret.

Ghostlia is still in existence, with no signs of breaking apart, much to the frustration of the neighbours.


Since Ghostlia is the least important country in the history of everything, nobody has really bothered to research what would happen to Ghostlia in the future, and when they do, it's only to cite something, or make a point in an essay/speech. One thing that is certain, however, is that a certain scrub will take a fancy to Ghostlia, and create a rival nation named "Scrublia", which will be supplied with his newspaper the "Pingu Post". It will, however, be eventually destroyed by one of Quackerpingu's agents for using the name "Pingu Post", allowing Ghostlia to even win a rivalry with other nations.


Due to Ghostly having no idea what to substitute for it (and even if he did knew he wouldn't know what to call it), Ghostlia uses the Club Penguin Gold Coin, which is useful because it is used in all Club Penguin areas. Unfortunately, this convinces the anti-Ghostlians that Ghostlia is a lie and it should be re-absorbed into Club Penguin immediately. However, having coins is almost pointless in Ghostlia, because they all live in one igloo where they don't really need to buy things off each other. Ghostly is currently considering whether to drop using coins in the nation, but is keeping it just in case more to-be inhabitants wander in and set up their own trade using the Gold Coin, or if Ghostlia manages to expand to other areas, and after all, he needs the coins so he can buy seeds for daisies, potatoes and peas, and a new loom for his sister whenever it breaks.



The infamous "white igloo" photo.

Ghostlia is an igloo. It is stained red because of all of the tomatoes thrown at it. The photo Ghostly35 used to distribute was a white igloo, but this photograph is now identified to be that of the nation before it was stained red. Ghostly35, however, denies this, and insists that it looks exactly as it looks like now. However, with every passing day staining the igloo redder and redder, he is slowly beginning to accept the fact that it is no longer genuine.

Ghostlia hopes that their lawn will look like this one day. Click to enlarge.

Ghostlia itself is two and a half square kilometres across, meaning that it is very spacious. The garden/field/potatoes-and-peas farm/daisy lawn was originally only 25 square metres, but as time and wars pass, Ghostly35 and his government slowly claim more and more land, so now the garden/field/potatoes-and-peas farm/daisy lawn is now one square kilmetre across. One square kilometre. Ghostlia hopes that one day, it will look like the picture on the left.


Jetpack, alias Straw000, threatening the viewers with an Oxipie Flamethrower.

Ghostlia's military is miniscule. There are only 5 members, and they also hold important positions in power, being the President (and the President Puffle), the Mayor, the Governor and the Judge. Their weapons involve potatoes, peas and two Oxipie Flamethrowers stolen from the Copier Gang, which, so far, have never been used. If they can, their weapons also includes either unnecessary furniture, or broken pieces of furniture. Surprisingly, however, the miniscule army and their equally miniscule weapons are very strong. This is due to their cunning. If these inhabitants/soldiers were fearful, illogical cowards, then Ghostlia would have been pulled down the day after it was created. Another thing that helps them in battles is crazy pieces of illogical luck, like the way the woodcutter stopped the Third Nation War by cutting down a tree, which landed bang onto the enemy's tomato cart.

Police Force[edit]

Ghostlia has never needed, or even had, a police force. This is very good for a nation, especially underdog and excluded nations, which is obvious. A survey carried out by Ghostly35 in 2017 showed that from full-time inhabitants, robbery was the last thing that they had ever thought of - in short, in Ghostlia, nobody ever thinks about stealing from others. This might be because they have everything they want, and they can easily sent Jetpack to transform into his alias Straw000 and go and get whatever they may want. The only recorded case of robbery was when the spy Flypie90 stole a Daisy Scarf from the President Puffle, mistaking it as an object nobody owned so far. The Judge did a full trial, and sentenced him to 1-hour solitary confinement in Sewerland (see below), with the light out. That is the harshest punishment in Ghostlia, as Sewerland has a strong and rotten odour coming from the sink.


Due to Ghostlia not being particularly big, there is extremely limited transport. The only means of transport allowed in Ghostlia are waddling (permitted in all areas), battery-operated toy train (permitted in Ghostcity; see below), and hybrid truck-scooter (permitted in garden/field/potatoes-and-peas farm/daisy lawn).

Waddling is permitted in all areas because it is 100% safe, and it isn't particularly obnoxious or intrusive to anybody. Battery-operated toy train (going in a clockwise direction), however, is strictly limited to Ghostcity, and is usually used for conveniently passing things to one another. It also provided ample transport for the puffles Yellow and Green, and the occasional fly that might sneak into Ghostlia. Finally, the hybrid truck-scooter is only permitted in the garden/field/potatoes-and-peas farm/daisy lawn because there would be no free room for it in the igloo without it being intrusive to everybody. Not only that, in a few minutes, the entire igloo would annoyingly smell of fossil fuels. The hybrid truck-scooter is also only allowed outside, because one of the inhabitants can get on it and patrol the grounds to make sure nobody is planning to invade, and they can harvest their crops at the same time.


  • Ghostcity - The capital city of Ghostlia. The centre of it is marked by a very large table and a few chairs, meaning that this is where Ghostly35 and his government make important decisions in their country. This is also where they eat their meals. The battery-operated toy train is also located here.
  • Cinemaland - Located on the outskirts of Ghostcity, this is where Ghostly35 and his government watch television, which they claim to be a cinema-screen. Three landmarks of this area are three chairs, where the penguin inhabitants sit to watch their "cinema".
  • Foodtown - Basically, this is where Ghostlia's kitchen is loctated. Ghostly35 goes here to prepare their meals, and the other inhabitants also sometimes wash their flippers here when Sewerland (e.g. the bathroom) is occupied.
  • Sewerland - Ghostlia's bathroom. This place is historic for the inhabitants, because the spy Flypie90, after stealing a Daisy Scarf from the President Puffle, was sentenced to an hour's solitary confinement here. This was done so, as there is a strong and rotten odour coming from the sink there - making suitable punishment.

Flags, Motto, and Anthem[edit]


There are many versions of the flag, but below are described the three most prominent - but now unused - flags in Ghostlian culture.

The flag used for serious national events (e.g. Ghostlia itself) is no ordinary flag. Hand-crafted by Ghostly35 himself, there is only one in existence, and it is rumoured that he used his least favourite tea-towel, glue, double-sided tape and a broken golf club to make it. Half of the flag is blue and the other gold, and it is a rectangle like most other flags. On the "blue" half there is a smiling golden puffle, and on the "golden" half there is a frowning blue puffle. In the centre, there is a tree with a fish placed on the very top, whilst a puffle is at the base of the tree. In real life, a ring of sparkling green glitter enclosing the picture is glued on, but online reproductions and the occasional copy either show it as a green, thin circle (photographs show it as a thick circle, like a tube) or omit it, which is why there is only one "real" copy of the flag existing.

Ghostly35 says that the "gold" half represents the time before Ghostlia was a nation, the "blue" half the happy time afterwards; the tree their strength, their making-thread-from-daisies and their staple foods (potatoes and peas); the puffle at the base of the tree their Population Puffle which was added by the artist; the fish on the top the futile efforts of the anti-Ghostlians to destroy the nation and the glittering green circle how united the inhabitants are, and how likely it is that Ghostlia will last a long time due to their efforts.

The second version of the flag, used for serious international events (for example Ghostlia's reception to the Attempted Assassination of Lavender) was just the "Fake Igloo" photograph printed onto a sheet of cloth, and superglued to a golf club that was left behind by a solitary penguin revolting against Ghostlia. Nobody knew why this version has to be used for international events, given that the photograph is no longer true to what the "nation" looks like now, but Ghostly35 and his siblings stubbornly refused to change it, until the 2018 incident.

The third version and alternate version of the flag for serious national events (e.g. Ghostlia itself) is a drawing of the Population Puffle itself carrying the Ghostlian flag. Every time the Monthly Anniversaries of the Wars come, the President Puffle carries this version of the flag itself, representing the Population Puffle. Otherwise, it just sits in their cupboard, gathering dust and being unused.

2018 Flags[edit]

On New Year's Day 2018, Ghostly had a bet with Jetpack that he wouldn't be able to make as PWNsome a flag that Ghostly made when the country was new under 24 hours. If Jetpack lost the bet and Ghostly turned out to be right, then he would lose his position as Mayor. If Ghostly lost and Jetpack did make the new flag, then he would have all his precious Cactus Juice confiscated by Maymay for a week.

Determined not to lose his position, he locked himself in his private room study, and got to work with his printer and Maymay's loom. After five hours of hard work and designing, he made the first flag.

Jetpack claims that the yellow presents their food - mashed potatoes and peas - soaked in butter, the blue their everlasting freedom (like the sky), and the igloo their humble abode.

Determined to show that he was something, he decided to make another flag. He had, after all, enough time, and plenty of daisies and ink. After five more hours of toiling, he made the second flag.

He claims that the light blue symbolizes their defiance against the authority of their neighbours, the dark blue their everlasting freedom (like the sky), and the igloo their humble abode, like the first flag.

Jetpack had planned to finish after that, but seeing he still had plenty of material, he decided to make just one more to show off to Ghostly. After all his practice, he had become good at it by now, so this time he took three hours.

The finished result was white with blue, with Jetpack claiming the white represents their happiness despite the snow, the blue their everlasting freedom (like the sky), and the igloo their humble abode.

Jetpack's flag designs
First design
First design
Second design
Second design
Third design
Third design

When Jetpack waddled out and showed the three new flags to Ghostly and Maymay, the former was so shocked he fainted, and he had to recover with lotsa lotsa Cactus Juice. After Jetpack finally persuaded Ghostly to have his Cactus Juice returned (with much reluctance), they spread the news to the world, especially their supporters. When the news reached their best friend Scrubia (led by Penstubal), the flags were especially praised, as the "citizens" there said that it was being the most epic thing created since the creation of their nation (Scrubia) and the Penstubal Post.

A few days later, Maymay revealed that she liked the flags so much she wanted them to change their current flag with a new one. They had a vote, and it was revealed Flag No.1 was the most popular. This then became the flag they use now.


The nation's motto is Si taedes fito natio, which is what the inhabitants claim to be the Latin for If bored, become a nation. This is perfect, as the English translation is a summary of the nation's history in a simple sentence with 5 words. The motto is inscribed on the wall, the curtains, and on a sign in the garden to inform non-Ghostlians that they are now entering Ghostlian territory. The motto also used to be scribbled on in numerous places on the outside of the igloo, but thanks to the 24-hour daily onslaught of tomatoes, the motto has long since been erased. Curiously, the sign in the garden hasn't been uprooted yet, and isn't tomatoed very often, keeping the letters and the sign's condition well. This is probably because nobody notices it (so much for a sign declaring the beginning and end of Ghostlia), because penguins are too occupied throwing tomatoes at the igloo itself or stealing the flag.


Royal Anthem[edit]

The royal anthem's title is "I Hereby Declare Secession From Club Penguin Because I Am Bored", which was exactly what Ghostly35 said when he put the Ghostlian flag outside his igloo. The lyrics, invented a few hours after the event, begin like this -

Oh Ghostlia, Ghostlia
Ghostlia Shall Last Many Years
Good President Ghostly
Said at Once
I Hereby Declare Secession From Club Penguin
Because I Am Bored

Every time a war/siege/crisis/whatnot ends, a new stanza is added to this anthem to remember the event.

The full version is always sung on the Monthly Anniversaries of the Wars, and on Foundation of Ghostlia Day, by the three penguins. According to a survey carried out by the Judge, this anthem is more popular than the plain Anthem, but due to it being a Royal Anthem, it is only sung at the holidays.



Surprisingly, unlike most other nations/countries, the inhabitants of Ghostlia have never written a single book. Not even once. However, Ghostly did write a three-paragraph explanation of why Ghostlia exists and why it should exist, but unfortunately for them, after a limited print run of 100 (nobody knows how that happened), the pamphlet proved to be so unpopular that the publisher gave up the title. Now, among Ghostlia supporters and completely uninterested gallery/national library owners who just want it in their collection because it's rare and expensive, these pamphlets are worth a lot of coins. Apart from that, there hasn't been anything else. However, a random penguin wrote the theory of Ghostarctica, which is a dystopia, and it half-counts as it's the only academic study/theory about them.

Population Puffle[edit]

Alongside the Daisy Scarf, the Population Puffle is one of the national symbols of Ghostlia.

Daisy Scarf[edit]


The Ghostlian holidays are the same as everyone else's, but there are some unique holidays no other country has. These are -

  • Mashed Potatoes and Peas Day, January 25 - Basically the day when they celebrate their tradition of eating mashed potatoes and peas. To celebrate, they have double portions of the dish, adding a tablespoon of honey, a pinch of salt and a dash of butter. Anti-Ghostlians think this is a stupid holiday, and consequently this is usually the day when Ghostlia gets bombarded with tomatoes the most.
  • Foundation of Ghostlia Day, May 4 - To tell the truth, nobody knows when Ghostlia really was founded, but they decided to put it on the 4th of May for the sake of it. On this day, they put huge dollops of honey on their mashed potatoes and peas, and sing the Anthem once, the Royal Anthem three times and then circuit Ghostlia whilst carrying the flag, five times. Afterwards, they celebrate some more by drinking two bottles of Sockan Brand Cactus Extract, one of Ghostly35's favourite drinks. Like Mashed Potatoes and Peas Day, the anti-Ghostlians target this as the day to attack Ghostlia with tomatoes.
  • Nation War Days, May 5-6 - The days the First Nation War and then the Great Famine is remembered. On the first day, they sing the two Anthems once, then they jump up on the rooftop and then unfix and fix their flag to symbolically represent what a narrow escape Ghostlia had. Then, the next day, they double their portions of mashed potatoes and peas, to represent the hardships they have finally overcome.
  • First After-Election War Day, June 1 - The day they remember the beginning of the First After-Election War. To commemorate, they jump on the rooftop and throw a cupful each of compost mixed with potatoes at their garden, and then they trample the spot it happened to fall on. Ghostly says that this is so they remember how many foodstuff they lost, which is probably true. Afterwards, they make honey tea mixed with peas and then pour it over their mashed potatoes.


  • Ghostly35 (President) - Established Ghostlia, and is still President. He controls their food supplies, by preparing their food (he did, after all, invent Ghostlia so he could eat mashed potatoes and peas together).
  • Jetpack (Mayor) - Alias Straw000, he is the real inventor of Ghostlia because he thought of it five minutes earlier than Ghostly35. He is the only penguin with a Ghostlian passport that can go out in the world without facing shame, thanks to his alias.
  • Maymay188 (Governor) - An underrated genius, she is the producer of daisy scarves, which are the most common feature of Ghostlian culture.
  • Two puffles (President Puffle and Judge) - The President Puffle, a green puffle named Green, carries the Ghostlian flag on their holidays, and the Judge, a yellow puffle named Yellow, is in charge of the law, but due to there not being much to steal, he doesn't work very often.

Note that all the penguin inhabitants are all related, because they are siblings. There are a few more could-be inhabitants of Ghostlia, however, because there are penguins who own Ghostlian passports. The penguins known to have a Ghostlian passport are -

  • A travelling artist who designed the passport and the Population Puffle, who is no longer a famous artist.
  • The local police officer who ended the Second Nation War, who is no longer a police officer.
  • The local plumber who ended the Great Drought, who is no longer a plumber.
  • A spy named Flypie90 who began the Third Nation War, who is no longer a spy.
  • The local woodcutter who ended the Third Nation War, who is no longer a woodcutter.
  • A politician called Sarah Penguin, who is no longer Ice City's governor (and anybody else's, either).
  • A furious mallet-wielder called Grump, who's infamous for his temper. He only comes and lives here when the general public are furious about his Super Smash Mode, and have taken over his igloo.

Note that, apart from the infamous Grump, due to these penguins having been gifted Ghostlian passports, the shame that also comes with it caused them to lose their jobs.


To reach Ghostlia, one must stray off the usual Map's member igloos (those are for the absolute elite) and head to the neighborhood areas, where the poorer penguins live. Ghostly35's igloo is down in the middle of West Tri-State Lane, a block from Explorer's home, and behind the Coffee Shop. It can be easily recognized, with its red-stained walls, flag and at least one penguin ridiculing it in some way or another, the most common being throwing tomatoes at it.


Current number of tomatoes thrown: 10,950 to date.
Number of "Kick Me" signs placed on Ghostly to date: 120.
Number of Ding-Dong-Ditches performed: 1100.
Number of insults dished out on Ghostly: 3,701,032 and growing.
Number of tourists to this igloo: 100.
Number of times the National Flag was stolen: 19.
Number of times the stolen Flag was used as a napkin: 9.
Number of times the stolen Flag was used as toilet paper: 10.
Number of times Ghostly had to wash the flag: 19
Number of political discussions in CP to re-annex Ghostlia: 4 (stopped by the local council, but one in the past hypocritically took place there).
Number of penguins who take this seriously: 5 (the residents, of course!).
Number of Parties at this "nation": 100.
Number of PET Scans on Ghostly35's brain: 90.
Number of psychiatrist visits made by Ghostly: 1500.
Number of attempts to destroy the "nation": 9
Number of ghosts who toured the "nation": 35
Number of praises by Penstubal in the Penstubal Post: 5 (incidentally changes every time there is a new citizen; why could that be?).
Number of visits by Scrubbypingu: 0

Please add more to these statistics, as well as updating the existing ones.


  • USA flag.PNG Antarctica - Neutral. The government of Antarctica has nothing against Ghostlia (in fact, only a few of the government officials know of Ghostlia), and after all, Ghostlia's largest supplies import comes from Antarctica, down to the daisies and loom that Maymay188 uses for her scarves, and Antarctica's fashion stars sometimes own Maymay188's daisy scarf, usually without knowing its origin.
  • Citizens of Club Penguin - Horrible. The citizens of Club Penguin think Ghostlia is idiotic, and would do anything for it to be reabsorbed into the home nation. The neighbours surrounding Ghostlia think this too, but more extremely, giving them the title "anti-Ghostlians".
  • ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island - Fair. Shops Island and Ghostlia have never had any direct interaction in the past, but when Lavender was almost assassinated, Ghostlia expressed their sympathies by sending him some Cactus Juice and mashed potatoes and peas.
  • PenstubalFlag.png Scrubia - Excellent. Some day, the president of the self-proclaimed Republic of Scrubia, Penstubal, got bored and decided to recognize Ghostlia completely out of the blue. This completely shocked its leader and its inhabitants, and eventually Penstubal came to visit and was welcomed with lots of Cactus Juice.
  • Willow Island flag.png Willow Island - Fair. For some reason, their monarchy have decided to recognize them as a legitimate country, but despite this, they don't know of this. As a result, their relationship is fair enough.


  • The inhabitants of Ghoslia, unlike popular belief, do eat things other than mashed potatoes and peas, such as pizzas, but not as often as the aforementioned.
  • Grump is the only part-time-inhabitant with a Ghostlian passport that doesn't face extreme shame.
  • Then again, he's got no pride to lose, given his going crazy with his mallet and his smacking anybody who contradicts his beliefs.
  • Ghostlia is often compared to That Place to the Left, a supposedly haunted-house that ended up being demolished.
  • There have been wars against Ghostlia almost every year, due to having extreme opposition from the general public.
  • Being gifted a Ghostlian passport tends to be thought of as a kind of punishment, due to the shame it brings to the owner.
  • Ghostlia claims to be part of the CP Gold Coin Alliance, but as they haven't spoken to EBUL about it, this is highly doubtful.
  • The nation might withdraw using the Gold Coins anyway, so it isn't really a big deal.
  • Ever since the First Nation War ended, Motorbike Fred of the Pizza Parlour Delivery Service has been paranoid that if Mayor Jetpack goes to buy a pizza, he will recognize Fred and give him a bad reputation.
  • Robert Winston, however, supports Ghostlia, and whenever Ghostlia puts in pizza orders he goes to deliver them himself
  • Ghostlia is considering giving Winston a Ghostlian Passport, but luckily they haven't or else poor Winston will immediately get bucketfulls of ridicule and shame.
  • One of the parodies of East Pengolia's motto features them - "In Ghostlia, you eat mashed potatoes and peas. In East Pengolia, mashed potatoes and peas eats YOU!"

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