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Giant Pen Complex
Giant pen.jpg
The Giant Pen
Key details
Type Giant magnetic pen
Level 100
Location Right under the magnetic south pole, South Pole City
Inhabitants 100 staff

The Giant Pen is a monument in a remote area of South Pole City. It is a large bar magnet in the shape of a ballpoint pen.


It is unknown who or what built the giant magnet. It just appeared out of nowhere in the early days of South Pole City. Due to its sensitivity to magnets and metal, visitors are asked to not bring anything metal to the monument. The pen stands upright, moving slightly in synch to the motion of the faraway South Magnetic Pole.


The Giant Pen is housed in a large complex in South Pole City.

Map of the Giant Pen Complex

Giant Pen Park[edit]

At the entrance to the complex is a large park. It has lots of trees, plastic benches and fountains. At the center of the park is a fountain nicknamed the "Un-Wishing Well" due to the lack of coins found. This is because of the large magnetic field created by the magnetic pole. If coins were brought into the park, it would be instantaneously taken from your grasp and stuck to the pen.

Near the fountain, is a kiosk. The kiosk sells souvenirs and, occasionally, food. Such food includes hot dogs, pies and chips. Souvenirs range from T-shirts with "I ♥ Giant Pen" on them to a miniature "Not-so-giant Pen" that doubles as a fridge magnet. The kiosk promises to be 100% metal free and instead substitutes it with aluminum.

Giant Pen Buildings[edit]

Next to the Giant Pen are two buildings. They are Giant Pen Building A and Giant Pen Building B. The two buildings are very similar in size, shape and structure.

Giant Pen Building A is the main tourist office. Up to 50 tour guides can be found here everyday. On the walls are pictures of the Giant Pen throughout history. A small piece of the magnet has also been chipped off and placed in a glass case for tourists to look at. In addition to this, the main counter is here. At the counter, you can request a tour around the complex. In the middle of the building, there is a small cafe where tired tourists and sit back and relax after a long day.

Giant Pen Building B is where the offices and warehouse are located. The bottom floor of the building consists of the warehouse. In here, maintenance equipment such as mops, brooms and magnetic readers are stored. The whole bottom floor is the warehouse, so there are many spare mops and such, most of them covered in a layer of dust from not being used for so long. Above the warehouse is the offices. On an average day, there are around 100 workers present. They work in cubicles and labor every day, making sure that everything from the plumbing to revenue is in order.

The Actual Giant Pen[edit]

The actual Giant Pen is in the center of the whole complex. The base pedal of the pen is surrounded by a velvet rope to keep visitors from trespassing to close. On the base, a tall pole rises up into the sky. At the top, via a series of gears and gimbals, the giant pen is held in place on the pole. The gimbals help the pen to slowly move just as it traces the magnetic pole.


  • There is much controversy surrounding the Pen, due to the fact that the pen traces the motion of the Earth's magnetic field. There are rumors of messages being written out by the Pen. One such rumor that is actually true is that the pen scribbled the large ornate S onto its pedestal. G proved this to be true after highly scientific reasoning, computing, and testing the Pen with beepy probe things.
  • The Pen was once brought to life in the Great Darktonian Pie War using a Substitutiary Locomotion spell. It destroyed large portions of the Darktonian lines, trapping them all with sticky ink.
  • To be able to enter the complex, you must pass a metal detector. All of your metallic items (watches, coins, etc.) must be kept with the security guard at the entrance.