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Gill about ready to work.
Title Gill: The Builder
Gender Male
Race Rare Puffles
Faction Good Guy
Health Great
Level 450
Status Building something
Location Feey1's castle on F Island
Birth date December 1st, 2000 (Aged 19 years)
Occupation Helps Feey1 build stuff
Interests Engineering, mechanics, weapons
Friends Beep, Meme, Feey1, King Alexander, Heimlich Zimmer, Gary
Enemies Piper, Dave, Billybob, Swiss Ninja
Archetype Good Guy

Gill is a friendly brown puffle, who loves to invent things. He is very inventive, and even helped Feey1 build the Penguin Super Suit. He is currently 19 years old.


Gill was born in Hontana on Decenber 1st, 2000. His family was very large, and lived in a cave near Jalispell. The cave was really cold to Gill, and very frustrating. He decided to build what he called a 'fire area', or what it is called a fire place. His parents were very impressed with what he built, and asked if he could more crazy inventions. Gill then made an O-Berry harvester, which was a large machine that sat on a puffle's head. His parent's were proud of him, and as a result his mother made him a nice sweater with lots of colors. This made his older brothers mad, so they devised a plan. They decided to trap him then sell him to a penguin, and would tell their parents that he died. So on his third birthday, they took him deep into the woods. They tricked him to go into a bush, and in the bush there was the cage. They quickly locked him in the cage, and took him to Jalispell. They sold him to a yellow colored penguin, and got paid 80,000 Gold Coins. Gill was transported to F Island two years later, but got lost by his owner. He escaped from his cage, and went up the mountain to Feey1's castle. Feey was outside looking at the sea, when suddenly he spotted Gill standing by his side. Feey picked up Gill, and brought him inside. Gill got along good with Meme, and Beep. Gill then started to show his passion for inventing to Feey1, and Feey was surprised. Gill started to build weapons for the Yow Kingdom's military, and was paid for it. In 2009 he and Feey1 built the best weapon ever: the Penguin Super Suit and the Puffle Super Suit. Gill continues to be a great inventor, and has almost forgotten about his home and brothers.


Gill helped build the Penguin Super Suit with Feey1 in 2009, and when done gave the designs to King Alexander. He was famed across Yow for building such a devise, but news about the weapon spread quickly. He then continued to create weapons for the Yowien military, and got paid for most of them.


Gill is a very helpful puffle, and friendly too. He likes to give to charity, and help the elderly. If someone needs help, he's there. Plus he is very cautious, and a "look before you jump" puffle.


  • "This is the biggest, baddest weapon ever!"
  • "No! Don't put out an electric fire out with..."
  • "Wait, that looks dangerous. I think we should go this way!"
  • "I'm going to go build something guys."
  • "Shut up, and listen to me! There's a large group of Snoss soldiers coming, and we have to go!!"
  • "Castilla was cool, I guess. Until they forced me out of Yow..."
  • "The RDA can do whatever they can do, but they will never be better than me and Feey1."



  • In 2006 he bought out a large building on Yow Kingdom Island, and turned it into a homeless feeding shelter. He hired a staff of chefs to feed the homeless, and paid them with donations. He sold the food shelter to Coins for Change, but continues to donate to the shelter.
  • Every year he donates 2 million Gold Coins to Coins for Change.
  • He has a lot of ideas on mind, but he is high class. He doesn't like to interrupt others, and therefore doesn't get a lot of ideas out.
  • He is a slight parody of Joseph from the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible.
  • Gill is secretly working on a special project, he calls it Digi-Tonia. So far he has only drawn up plans for it, the computer programming is a little complex for him at the moment.

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