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An old photograph of Gknee19 and her twin.
Title Gknee19
Gender Female
Race Emperor Penguin
Health 100%
Level 100
Status Unknown
Location Club Penguin

Gknee19 is Hat Pop's twin sister, and Chillie102's and Beanies93's older sister. She currently lives on Club Penguin.



With family[edit]

Chillie102: These two have a typical "younger brother-older sister" relationship. Sometimes, they're at each other's beaks, other times, they seem like best friends.

Beanies93: Beanies and Gknee both love to be silly together, laugh, crack jokes, and play games. Gknee hardly ever gets mad at him, quote, "it's hard to be mad at him because of his bouncy personality".

Hat Pop: Despite their differences, Hat Pop and Gknee are like two peas in a pod. Because their personality traits differ greatly, both like and dislike completely different things, but yet, still manage to have fun together by versing in Card Jitsu or playing Find Four.



  • Purple: Bubbles
  • Red: Sara
  • Blue: Rebecca
  • Black: Skateboard
  • Pink: Petals
  • Yellow: Sunshine
  • White: Marshmallow
  • Green: Juggle
  • Pink Rabbit Puffle: Hat Pop

Differences between Gknee and HP[edit]

  • Gknee loves to purchase every single item in the Penguin Style catalog, no matter how costly.
    Hat Pop is more conservative with her coins, spending most on tendering to her puffles, and less on clothing items.

  • Gknee has an obsession with shiny, and delights in wearing frilly and fancy outfits.
    Hat Pop detests anything shiny, and is more of a casual dresser, never dressing up fancy.

  • Gknee's athleticism is higher, and she's bouncy, hyper, and often messes around with HP.
    Hat Pop is slightly less athletic and a bit clumsy. She is known to be more mellow, with some exceptions.

  • Gknee can be very messy and disorganized, especially when it comes to igloo design. She's known for also getting stains on her clothing.
    Hat Pop is an absolute neat-freak. She always maintains her igloo to perfect status, and keeps her things tidy.

  • Gknee would never put on a pair of bunny ears unless forced. She thinks they're silly, and not sparkly enough.
    Hat Pop loves them to pieces and hates removing them.

  • Gknee is sometimes forgetful, and had a lower grade point average (but not by that much) than HP when in school.
    Hat Pop, though mirrorly forgetful, is skilled in technology and academics.

Blah, blah, blah, you get the point.


  • Gknee was confirmed as Hat Pop's twin when they were once seen in nearly identical clothing while dancing and laughing at the Dock.
  • Gknee gets bouncy and hyper often during the day, caused by ADHD.
  • Like Winston, she gives incredibly gripping hugs. However, she only does it to her sister.
  • Hat Pop once offered Gknee a "UsaPager" in the Clubb Phengin Weekee.

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