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Country USA
Area Eastshield
Population 600,000
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles
General information
Demonym Glassyglower

Glassyglow is the fourth largest city in Eastshield.


Glassyglow, or as in the Colonial times Glasgy-glowe,or Misty River in Olde Penguainian was founded by two explorers venturing into the wilderness, they came upon the River fog of Glassyglow. As written in the Glassyglow Chronicles, "We came upon a mist floating above the water" wrote the first explorer. Soon many settlers heard of this Glassyglow, soon a wave of immigrants were pouring in, from Zurich to Neo Domino City, 100s of thousands of penguins, snails, puffles settled in the town. Soon the town was granted with City hood by the State of Eastshield in 2005. The city has many hotels, resorts and shopping centre. The area is home to high mountains and lush, snowy beaches. The town is close to the Glassy River, a long river stretching from the City of New Antarctica to the ocean. The area has major trading ports, and lots of inner city islands, It is one of the cleanest cities in the Antarctic continent, where the water meets, the "purified standard". The city has friendly people and a great culture, the music in the town is from Jazz to Rock, and Pop to Disco, the city has it all.


  • Town Igloo
  • Glassy Hall
  • Hamperden Park
  • River Cloud
  • Igloos
  • Glassyglow Department Store
  • Winter Lodge
  • Many restaurants
  • Glassyglow Airport
  • Snowing Factory
  • Fjord Factory

Notable Glassians[edit]




  • Entertainment:
  • Fruits
  • Sugar
  • Incense
  • Clothing
  • Airplanes
  • Cars
  • Trading

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