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Frankterran Colony of Glaw


Use Magic and Let the Light Shine
Let it Shine
A map of Glaw
Capital Glaçau City
Political structure Fallen Monarchy
President {{{leader1}}}
 -  Upper house King
 -  Lower house Parliament
Historical era 21st Century
Currency Club Penguin Gold Coin
Today part of Colony of Frankterre

The Royal Monarchy of Glaw, Glaw, or Glowus Islands was a young monarchy that is located far north of Ed Island. The nation's Population is currently (as of January 1, 2013) 9,000. The island is believed to use to be connected to Ed Island, but after a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the island split into two pieces. It was discovered by Fum Pie and his parents, Sue and Garmield Pie in 2000; when they landed on Magiclow Island. Fum decided to rule the island as a monarch, and took control in 2002. Many hermits came to the island, seeking "elbow room". Fum made Garmield his royal adviser, and created a parliament to help him rule the island. Glaw is located about 200 miles west from Yow Kingdom Island, placing it far north of Ed Island; therefore, many Glowus citizens came from Ed Island.

Glaw fell to the Frankterrans after the Great Yowien War, and became a Frankterran colony.


1 BC-AD 989[edit]

It's believed by many that penguins, or another creature brought the odd creatures that live there today. The Glowus Islands remained untouched by penguins until after AD 989, when it is believed the first penguins arrived.


In AD 989, it is believed that a ship full of wizards crashed onto Glowus Canalisation. These wizards were forced to leave their homeland, when they blamed for a sudden rise of natural disasters. It is believed these wizards came from the Ninja Archipelago, because, much of their known culture was similar to ancient people in the NA. These wizards had to hike inland, in order to escape the crocodiles that lived in the swamp areas of the island. The wizards came to the Sunset Mountains, and settled on the peaks of the mountains (where it was cold enough for them). In 990, the wizards built Sorcerer Temple, where the community would retreat to during invasions, shop, work, and study. The temple was built out of stone, that was painted yellow. The wizards would later fill the temple with golden statues, and other artifacts. Soon the Sorcerer Empire was established. From examining ancient documents found on Glowus Canalisation, historians have discovered that the empire was socialistic. Diaries of citizens there give different accounts of the empire; some wrote that it was terrible, others wrote that it was good. Historians have discovered that there was no private property in the empire, everything, even chicks, were own by the community. Parents could not raise, keep, or decide for their chicks. This form of government proved terrible for the Sorcerer Empire, and caused madness. The only reason the empire stayed socialist is because the High Wizards had complete control over the citizens. Life became horrible in the empire, and many left the empire, and established independent nations outside of the empire. These nations eventually fell under the Sorcerer Empire's control, when the wizards learned how to use light for warfare.

In AD 1005, the Sorcerer Empire was invaded by unknown creatures. All accounts of the battle are not descriptive enough, and only describe a blue-skinned creature, with tribe like appearance. It is known that there was an army of these creatures, and they had the aid of other Yetis (which did exist on the Glowus Islands at one point in time). The Sorcerer Empire was destroyed, and forgotten to history. The ruins of the Sorcerer Temple were founded in 2010, and have become a popular tourist attraction in the present monarchy.


When Glaw was discovered by Fum Pie and his parents in early 2000, it was claimed as Frankish island. However, the Frankterre was occupied with warring against the USA over Hontana. Eventually, the Frankish lost control of Glaw. The USA tried to get a hold of the new territory, but the citizens already occupying the islands revolted against Antarctican control. They sided with Old Yow Kingdom and Frankterre's statement that no mainland nation shall cross the Ace Borderline. The settlements in Glaw were then broken up when they argued about what government to have. Some wanted anarchy, others wanted a republic, but the majority wanted a monarchy. The citizens elected Fum as their king, and had him create the government. Glaw became a constitutional monarchy, which made everyone but the anarchists pleased. When the monarchy was established, it received much aid from Frankterre. It also received some aid from Yow, and Castilla. In 2003, a mass immigration to Glaw took place; many Frankish and Castillans went. Most of the Castillan immigrants were mafia members, hoping to manipulate the young nation. For the first few years of its existence, Glaw was doing fine. Its military kept law and order, the government was uncorrupted, and crime was low. This all changed in 2007, when a massive immigration of mafia members from Castilla took place. These mafias devastated the once peaceful nation, and caused much chaos. Fum and parliament tried to stop the sudden rise in crime, but the military was outgunned and outnumbered by the mafias. Eventually, the government lost most of its military power. Crime rates rose quickly, and many citizens tried to leave the nation. However, many were robbed, and couldn't afford to escape. Fum got military aid from Yow to help stop the rising crime rates, but the efforts hardly affected the crime rates. Fum decided to raise the military and homeland security budget, in order to stop the rising amount of crimes. Yet, no matter what the government did, crime rates kept rising. In 2009, the crimes slowed down. This gave the government a chance to take action, in order to hunt down the mafias and criminals, but they didn't.


Glaw got involved in The Great Yowien War from the beginning, and Fum took charge of both Yow and Glaw after Feey was kidnapped from his castle on F Island. Glaw was soon invaded and taken out after Yow and Hontana. The Glowus takedown was driven by them attacking a Frankterran ship. Glaw, after a fight between the Allies and the Axis of Tyranny, fell to the Allies and became a colony of Frankterre.



Glaw is divided into multiple provinces, which serve no politically effect. Glowus provinces are simply divisions of the nations, in order to keep things in order. Some citizens and members of parliament argue that the provinces should have political power, but the government still wouldn't do so.

Here is a list of provinces:

  • Water Drop Peninsula
  • Tourte Bay
  • Sunset Lands
  • Tourte Islands
  • Derriere Coast
  • Sunrise Lands
  • Magicglow Bay


Here is a list of major cities in Glaw:

Skyline of Glaçau City.
  • Glaçau:Is the capital of the monarchy. It is located on a well-sized island hidden inside Glaw's eastern cove. It is has a large population of over 1,000 penguins, and has much Frankish and Castillan heritage.
  • Ville-de-Soleil:Is the second largest city in the monarchy. It is located on the southern most part of Glowus Canalisation, and has a booming economy. Most imports and exports go through Ville-de-Soleil.
  • Ketappe:Is an agricultural town. It has grown greatly since 2006, when oil reserves were found within city borders. Many Polarians moved to Ketappe to work in the oil fields, and since then, has been growing in population.
  • LightMuffin:Is another port city, not far from Magicglow Island. It is known as the bakery capital of the monarchy, and has a great Frankish influence. However, the city's population is highly democratic, and some want to liberate LightMuffin as an independent nation.
The S.S Puffle passing by Île de Pufoe in 2007.
  • Île de Pufoe:Is a major port city in the monarchy. Centered by the bay, and Tourte River, is a major trading destination. Many goods being shipped further into Glowus Canalisation go through Île de Pufoe.
  • Touroun:Is a small port town near the Derriere Sea. It is where most trade between Glaw and more northern nations take place. It has a high Castillan population, and the majority of the citizens speak Spanish.
  • Appaloosa Appaloosa Aya ya Plains:Is a lumber town located near the Tourte River. It has a mixture of Antarctican and Frankish culture that makes it different from other Glowus cities.
  • Île de Junlie:Is a city located on the banks of the Tourte River and Tourte Lake. It's known as the daughter city of Ile de Pufoe, and receives trade from both Ile de Pufoe and Touroun.
  • Sunset Valley:Is a small city located in the westward area of Glowus Canalisation. It is a popular tourist destination, having the ruins of the Sorcerer Temples located close by.


Glaw is a very humid, wet, and hot island. It is also a very low lying island, the highest point only being 612 feet above sea level. As a result, flooding, hurricanes, and tsunamis are quite common. It took some time for settlers to become use to the weather conditions in Glaw. The mainland of Glaw, Glowus Canalisation, is well known for its swamps, wetlands, and low-lying valleys. Over 500 square feet of the monarchy is complete swamp; making it the perfect habitat for crocodiles, snakes, and insects.


Glaw is a very harm island, usually reaching temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit; these high temperatures make it hard for penguins and puffles to adapt. The coldest temperature recorded in Glaw was -50 degrees Fahrenheit. In recent years, the temperature in the monarchy has been going up, possibly because of the recent habitation of the island. To stop the climate from getting too hot, Fum has outlawed more than one factory in one county. Of course, this law hurt the local economy of many towns.


Vert Swamp near Ile de Pufoe.

Glaw is a very humid, and tropical. It is known as "Antarctica's rainforest" because of its humidity. Glaw is well known for its great diversity of vegetation, with thick, cold forests in the south, and balmy rainforests in the north. Glaw has many palm trees and oak trees. There are not many local flowers in Glaw; bushes, field grass, cotton, and trees are much more common. The lumber and cotton industry in Glaw is extremely powerful, and Glaw has become well known for it. In order to aid local industry, parliament has outlawed any foreign wood or cotton be imported to the monarchy. This law forces citizens to buy from local industries, who have raised their prices to get more profit on the easy market.


The Glowus islands have a extraordinary amount of reindeer puffles. The reindeer puffles have no natural predator besides ticks, and parasites. In the Glowus waters are large abundances of shrimp, Fluffy fish, whales, sharks, and Mullets. There are many other fish and sea mammal species near Glaw.


The Royal Monarchy of Glaw is a parliamentary monarchy. The parliament is a council of the nation's mayors, and smartest citizens. The parliament directly controls the military, and yet, receives some dictation from the king or queen. The parliament is the only branch of the government that may suggest bills, but for bills to become official laws, they must be approved by the current king or queen. The king or queen can also overrule city or providence laws. According to law, any member of the Pie Family may become king or queen (they don't have to be descendants of Fum). The Glowus government allows the king or queen very little control, and some worry that overtime parliament will overthrow the government, and Glaw will become a democracy.

Law Enforcement[edit]

Because the Glowus government lacks the knowledge of how to enforce law, there is very little justice in the monarchy. In small, rural areas, justice is usually brought on by mafias and militias. These law-enforcing groups usually receive prizes from the government, but do not receive government funding. Government sponsored police stations do exist in larger towns, but receive poor funding. Many officers have outdated weapons, or no weapons at all. This makes law enforcement highly difficult. As a result, in some places, military force has had to be used to enforce law. Glaw does not have a court system, so suspects are judged by eye-witnesses, and at the end, a vote is made to decide the suspect's fate. However, this system is highly flawed. Many parties will attempt to bring more citizens to their aid, so they have more vote. There is no supreme overrule or judge, it's completely democratic.

Relations With Other Nations[edit]

  • Yow Kingdom-Great. Both nations are ruled by members of The Pie Family, who just so happen to be brothers. However, the Yowiens have become annoyed that their taxes are used to help the Glowus military.
  • Barbearer Islands-Horrible. Fum is furious at Coldless M. Gutter for invading his brother's nation, and having one of his robots nearly kill him.
  • United States of Antarctica-Good. Fum and Billybob have a good trading contract with each other, and have slowly become friends. The USA aids in Glaw's government.
  • Frankterre-Good. The two nations' cultures and governments are very similar, and many Glowus citizens are originally Frankish. Fum and the Frankish president have created an alliance between the two nations.
  • Castilla-Okay. The two nations' have different views on many topics, and some Glowus citizens blame Castillan mafias for ruining the law and order of Glaw. Castilla, however, can care less about Glaw.
  • Snowzerland-Bad. Swiss Ninja views Glaw as a duplicate of Yow Kingdom, and wants to destroy it. However, the Snoss are too busy to worry about Glaw.
  • Polaris-Horrible. Fum is furious at the Polarians for invading Yow Kingdom, and has broken all contract and peace agreements with them. Rumors are now spreading throughout Polaris that Fum is paying terrorists to attack Polaris.
  • Batavia- Bad. Batavia has no relations with Glaw. They have labelled Glaw a terrorist state due to it's crime and instability.
  • Lisboagal- Unpleasant. Lisboagal dislikes Glaw with a fiery passion ever since several mafias and militias have robbed Lisboaguese tourists, especially the mafias of Castillan origin.
  • 'Snowiny - Poor. Relations between Snowiny and Glaw were rather okay prior to the Great Yowien War, when the Snowinian government publicly declared its support for the Shopper and Francterran invaders and supported sanctions against the Yowiens. Public opinion in Snowiny was strongly against the war in Yow and banners in support of Glaw and Yow were waved during demonstrations in Winsburg.
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The Glowus economy, according to parliament, is weak and small. Unlike Fum's brother's nation, Glaw is not abundant in raw materials. It is believed that the only thing keeping the economy running is the sports industry. And estimated 1 billion coins are spent each year that involve the sports industry. The Yowien king, Feey1, has attempted to help the Glowus economy alive by donating money to the government each year. Coins for Change is also rumored to be aiding Glaw financially, but on loans.


Glaw uses the Gold Coin as its national currency, and is a member of the CP Gold Coin Alliance. The coin in Glaw is worth 2 fish, whereas in many other nations, it's worth 1 fish. The Glowus Gold Coin (GGC), is not real gold. The coin is a plate of metal, colored gold. The currency is backed up by private and federal banks, which makes the value of it go up and down.


The monarchy is well known for trading cotton with other nations. Thousands of acres are owned by cotton plantations, making the industry very powerful. Cotton is commonly grown in Glaw because something in the soil tends to make the cotton 10 time softer, but 20 times stronger. Cotton exported from Glaw usually arrives at Ed Island, Yowien Sea, the USA, and the Asiapelago. Despite the economic power of the cotton industry, and its potential, Fum and parliament have placed an embargo on the Barbearer Islands, Snowzerland, and other enemies of the monarchy. Cotton plantation owners have rebelled against the embargo multiple times, declaring that they are loosing a potential 5 million coins each year because of the embargo's.


Glowus soldier.png

The Glowus military is extremely weak. The government cannot get enough citizens to join the military, and for the most part, have made the military too hard to join. To join the military, recruits must have lived in Glaw the majority of their life, they cannot be married, and they have to pay a fee to recruit into the military. This has made citizens not want to join the military, and, therefore, making it extremely weak in numbers. Because of its weak military, the government can hardly keep law and order within its borders. The government has had to have Yowien troops help keep law and order; fortunately, this aid is completely free to the government until the year 2050. Soldiers in the military are usually very disrespectful. Some soldiers wear their uniforms sloppy, disobey commanders, and tend to play pranks on one another. This disrespectful army, that has not yet fought a war, weakens the defense of Glaw even more. The Glowus military is frowned upon by other military's.


The culture in Glaw was originally influenced by Frankish immigrants; however, when Ed Islanders started coming, the culture became more Antarctican. Of course, the Frankish architecture and heritage remained in Glaw; especially in the city of Île de Pufoe.


Fum's castle on Magicglow Island.

Glowus architecture is purely Frankish. Frankish immigrants made great attempts to make sure that they would have a lasting affect on Glaw, and they succeeded. Richer buildings, such as Fum's castle, are very Frankish. They usually are very tall, and have large halls with beams. Some buildings are painted gold, yellow, red, and sometimes black. Some palace owners like to place original Frankish paintings in their grand halls, including Fum (who has 100's of famous paintings in his halls).

For normal citizens, architecture is much simpler. Citizens usually live in Creole buildings, which are specifically made for the hot and humid climate of Glaw. These buildings are usually small, one-story, and have large porches. Many of these buildings are made of rock, timber, or even metal. Large porches, thin columns, and Frankish doors are commonly seen on Creole buildings. When Ed Islandian immigrants came to Glaw, they added a twist to Creole buildings. They introduced a more Greek style to the Creole buildings, and helped create taller Creole buildings.


Frankish and Antarctican food is very common in Glaw. The original Frankish immigrants re-created their recipes for the interesting foods found on the Glowus islands. Foods such as pastries, chili, and seafood are especially common. Some chefs have mixed vegetables, fruits, and meats together to create unique meals. The most well known dish created by Glowus citizens is Poisson Fruité Chili. This meal includes Fluffy fish, with 10 pieces of shrimp inside; then marinated in a stew of fruits and vegetables. This meal is extremely popular across Antarctica, and an estimated 1,000 tourist come to Glaw simply to taste Poisson Fruité Chili. Another popular food is Crêpes, because its simplicity to make, and delicious flavor. Over 300 versions of Crêpes have been created by Glowus chefs since 2000.


Fashion is a important statement to Frankish immigrants now living in Glaw. Some fashion designers have tried to express, with fashion, the connection of Frankterre to Glaw. Much of the Glowus fashion olden style, similar to the 1800s in Frankterre. Females usually wear nice tight dresses, with skirts. Males are seen commonly wearing bowler hats, and suits. However, since 2009, a large amount of Rednecks have migrated to Glaw; changing the culture of small towns and communities greatly. Now, more commonly, Redneck fashion (simple clothing, such as just t-shirt and jeans) is seen. The Redneck fashion is said to sicken proud, Frankish immigrants.

Arts & Media[edit]

Art and media in Glaw is hardly important to the citizens. Many citizens like to spend their time outdoors, and do not watch much TV, or create art.


Unlike arts and media, sports are highly popular in Glaw. The majority of citizens like hiking, fishing, swimming, soccer, football, and rugby are extremely popular in the monarchy. Glaw's official football team, The Icy Gators, have ranked the #10 team in all of Antarctica. Glaw is extremely proud of its sport industry, especially when a census in 2007 revealed that only 10 citizens died of fat in 2006. The government sponsors the sports industry a lot, not only because it brings it fame, but also because it stops citizens from using up too much electricity on things such as TV, or computers.


Because of the high amounts of Frankish immigrants in Glaw, many citizens speak Glawdian French. It is estimated that 55% of citizens in the monarchy speak French, 1% speak Tuxloqberg, and 40% speak Glawdian English. In recent years (since 2009) the percentage of French speaking citizens has gone up. In 2011, a sudden "explosion" in the French speaking population happened. There was a 7% difference from the previous year. The main languages are Glawdian English, French, Tuxloqberg.


Culturally wise, Glaw is highly Frankish; but, in early 2012, it was revealed that Frankish citizens are outnumbered by other demographics combined. The majority of citizens do speak French, but aren't Frankish. It was discovered that the monarchy has a high count of Jock Penguins, Rednecks, and Jerk Penguins. Many of these penguins have interbred with more Frankish penguins, creating a new and interesting breed of penguin. These penguins are simply called Glowus Penguins because they're only found in Glaw.

Puffles in the monarchy are very wild. When Fum and his parents discovered Magicglow Island, they found a herd of reindeer puffle. Reindeer puffle were not seen anywhere else in Antarctica until December 2012, when they were found on Club Penguin Island. As the other islands were explored, more reindeer puffle herds were found due north away from the wetlands. Very few puffles have to come live in Glaw as citizens, because of the heat, and amounts of predators. Pet puffles, however, have no choice but to go if their owner moves there. There are an estimated 6,000 puffles living as pets, and 23,000 reindeer puffles living wild.

Flag, National Anthem, and Motto[edit]


The official flag of Glaw.

The Glowus flag was designed by artist Glaçon Jo, who also designed coat of arms and other flags for militias and rebel armies. Glaçon was hired by the Glowus parliament in 2004 to create an official flag for the monarchy (until 2004, the flag was simply red with a purple circle in the middle). Glaçon showed the parliament and Fum the flag in summer 2004 (an exact date has not been given by either party), and the flag became official the next week.

National Anthem[edit]

The national anthem is named "Let It Shine". It was written and composed by Harry Bonsmith, and was published in 1983. It became Glaw's national anthem in 2005, when Fum heard his guard listening to it. It is a highly popular song, and is loved by the Glowus citizens.


The official Glowus motto is "Use Magic and Let the Light Shine." It was created on July 8, 2009, by the member of parliament: Mayor Edward. Edward said that it represented the nation's history, and told citizens to be themselves. Fum and the rest of parliament liked it, and the motto became official the next week. However, many citizens dislike the motto; some believe that the motto should be shorter.


  • This is a loose parody of the Republic of Louisiana.
  • Glaw is one of two monarchies ruled by the Pie Family; the other being the New Yow Kingdom.
  • It is rumored that Elves live on the smaller Glowus islands, and are receiving military funds from parliament.

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