Gold Bug Society

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Gold Bug Society
Name Gold Bug Society
Type Army
Location Munijoch, Antarctica, UnitedTerra, various other countries
Head Unknown
Job Enlighten the world under the guise of unity through a singular order
Members Multiple heads of government
Headquarters Munijoch

The Gold Bug Society of Esteemed Leaders, or simply Gold Bug Society, is an organization established in the 1900's in Antarctica with the purpose of establishing a single order ruled by them. Communicating primarily via cryptography and encrypted messages, they operate outside of international law, but are watched by the UAN in case they step out of line. Multitudes of world leaders are members, often without telling the public of their involvement with the organization, or what their intentions are. They meet bi-yearly in a skyscraper within the Upper Spire of Munijoch, much to the protest of liberal activists who demand answers to their purposes. They are often required to wear a necklace with the image of a gold scarab, indicating membership, although this is often foregone or hidden.


Founding and Exile[edit]

In 1902, the earliest known record of the Gold Bug Society indicated that the 2nd meeting occurred during this time, implying that it was founded sometime between 1901 and 1902. Originally, the society was primarily a method to keep members of the government busy and hidden from public view during turmoil. Quickly, however, it devolved to meetings about legislature and favors were oftentimes brought up to prevent passage of said legislature. Often times, however, the meetings were to discuss the state of government and how they alone could be able to fix it. As membership grew, the government took notice of this and sought to stop them in order to prevent conspiracies or plots against it. In 1910, they were officially forced to relocate to another country or face persecution for their views.


Following their exile, they chose to reestablish themselves in present-day Munijoch, marking their official arrival in the 13th meeting. During this meeting, they created a code language in which to communicate, known between cryptologic technicians as E-26:24!G, or simply E-26TO, due to it's complicated decryption method involving a numerical set for letters being converted by subtraction, factorials, ratios and logarithms to the intended letter. In addition, they settled membership requirements for their society, such as being a member of a government, and guidelines to abide by during these meetings, called the Golden Rules.

Present Day[edit]

Today, the organization recently made headlines after The Globalist, a prominent member of the society, became President of Munijoch. Conspiracy theories erupted into prominence following reports of malpractice and conspiring to create a global order being reflected under the Globalist's inauguration speech. As a result, several countries have begun investigations into the practices of the society, only to be blocked by an archaic Munijoch law barring investigations into private organizations. Despite their former President and fellow member, Joseph Yslenski assuring the public that there's nothing to fear, people remain suspicious over the true intent of the Society.

Leadership Structure[edit]

The organization consists of a council of leaders (with an elected supreme leader and council meeting initiator) numbering in odd numbered ranges, the most being 17 at any given time, and the minimum being 5 to hold a valid meeting. Below the council are three branches: financial, executive, and representative branches. These branches control the money, laws, and membership voices respectively, as well as cohesively dictate what information gets released to the public at any given moment in time. Unlike the Whitebloods, there is no appointed omnipotent leader that is above everyone else; the organization strives to be equal in some sense to the rest of the club.

To be appointed, a chapter must nominate a member to a regional nomination, where all the leaders will vote on them, followed by a sectional nomination, and finally onto council voting. Throughout the process, the individuals will be subject to intense scrutiny, and if they quit, will most likely undergo mind wiping to prevent secrets from getting leaked.


The Gold Bug Code, or E-26TO, is an extremely complex code that is difficult to master, but easy to use. It involves using the Pendant that each member gets to successfully identify and operate a Bug Transcriber to read and write such code. Such transcriber is only given out by the society itself, and is only around the size of a credit card, and as thick as a pill box. When the pendant is placed on the transcriber, 6 different interlocking knobs with 2 varying modes per knob pops up, as well as a side button for spaces. The two modes, a 1-100 digit mode and A-Z character mode, are able to be switched by pushing the knob in to the transcriber.

Communication can occur only when the sender gives both the signal code for the transcriber, and a sample message that will be relayed. Once the two transcribers are linked, communication can take place. Due to the complex process of sending and receiving messages, the E-26TO code is one of the most secure lines of communications ever created.


The Gold Bug Society, no stranger to controversy, frequently appears in newspapers and international magazines portrayed as villains that manipulate global politics from either behind closed doors or the sidelines, with members being supposedly listed, revealed or "leaked" every other week. However, spokespeople for the society deny these reports, dismissing them as tabloid content. Members also deny the society acting evil, instead calling it more of a "summit" for people to meet, interact, and share their viewpoints on politics, economic forum, or other topics within either their country or region. As a result, according to them, the public may get the impression that such meetings are for "policy-making" for global leaders to follow. However, in comparison to other organizations, they say, the Gold Bug Society actively resists influences from truly evil societies. Likewise, however, other societies deny even knowing who they are. This leads to many heads being scratched.

Most governments also deny that the Gold Bug Society influences them, including the Munian government, Magonian government, and UT Government, all of which have members of prominence within the Gold Bug Society. They often dismiss the society as a mere "club," which only seeks to throw the public off. Members, however, give outcry against those statements, feeling insulted.