The Golden Waffle

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The Golden Waffle
Ooh... Ahh...
Type Lost artifact
Effects Gives owner control of all things weird
Source N/A
Location Unknown (right now)
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Priceless

The Golden Waffle is a legendary artifact that is said to give its owner the control of all things weird and insane. It was forged by Leonardo da Waffli.


The Golden Waffle, according to legend, is in the shape of a waffle with gems embbeded around its rim. It is marked with the seal of Leonardo da Waffli, a large blue "W" with a line going under it. The Golden Waffle, so says the legend, was forged in the remotest parts of Diamond Falls by Leonardo da Waffli, a famous inventor and artist. The legend continues on to say that the Waffle was given its powers by Sensei, and was widely coveted around the continent (the USA didn't exsist back then). Full-scale wars were fought over the ownership of the golden batter cake, and Leonardo, seeing what misery the artifact had wreaked, seperated it into its key indgredients: a box of Golden Waffle Mix, 2 Golden Eggs, and a third cup of Liquid Gold. To make it even harder to recombine the ingredients, Leonardo hid each one in a secret place across the continent. He built a booby-trapped underground temple on a secret island to hold the waffle-maker that would recreate the Waffle from its batter.

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