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The Googolplex is the capital of the island nation of Dorkugal, and is located entirely in a 90-story wooden skyscraper. The skyscraper occupies the entirety of Pi Island, Dorkugal's major island.

Key details
Type Skyscraper
Level 90
Location Dorkugal
Inhabitants Nerds


In 2000, when the nerds were exiled, they found the islands of Pi and Phi. They named the location Dorkugal. On Dorkugal, the nerd settlers found copper, silicon, and other computer materials on the islands. There were no other metals found on the islands. However, there was plenty of wood. They also needed a place to settle into, like a town or a city. Being the bright nerds they are, they decided to turn all of Pi Island into a humungous skyscraper. So they built this tower, called it the Googolplex, and made it as their capital.

Map and Places[edit]

The first floor of the Googolplex is a huge artificial beach.

The second floor is the Antarctic Express terminal. Here, there are also apartments for the dockworker nerds as well.

The third floor contains the offices of Dorkugal's many computer companies.

There are more offices on the floors above. In fact, floors 4-30 contain even more offices. From there, all floors up until floor 70 are taken up by residential blocks. This is where the bulk of Dorkugal's millions of penguins live, eat and sleep. There are also residences for the important Dorkugese government officials. Also on the 70th floor is Nerd Inn, where tourists stay when they visit. The Inn is very large and stretches up to floor 77.

Squeezed in between these residential floors are some museums, located between floors 59 and 69. This stretch is often named the Museum Block. The three most famous museums are the Dorkugese History Museum, the Bill Gates Computer Museum, and the Googolplex Art Museum. The Googolplez Art Museum has a large permanent exhibition, which has pictures made by the nerds on Micro Hard and Soft Paint.

The floors between floor 71 and 75 (including them) is sometimes known as the Commercial Block. This is where the large Dorkugese shops are located. On the 71st Floor is Dorkugal Mart, which is where the nerds buy their food and other products. Above, on the 72nd-75 floors is Googolplex Mall. The mall which has many computer stores, restaurants, shops and other stores.

The floors between and including floor 76 to 81 is known as the Education Block. The Education Block is where the prestigious education facilities of Dorkugal are located. On the 76th and 77th floors is Googolplex Elementary School, where the young nerds learn. There is also a few hotel rooms here, where tourists can stay at. On the 78th and 79th floors is Googolplex Middle School. On the 79th floor there's also a golf course for both tourists and nerds. On the 80th floor is Googolplex High School and above it on the 81st floor is Dorkugal University.

On the 82nd floor is Dorkugal Exercise Center, where the nerds go so they don't get fat.

On the 83rd-85th floors is an extremely large movie theater. There are 20 large screens in the theater, all of which can play movies in high definition 3D.

On the 86th-89th floors is the CEO'S Palace.

On the 90th floor is a lounge serving a Dorkugese favorite as well as drinks, burgers, nuggets, and hot dogs. The lounge doubles as an observation deck and it has got an awesome view of Pi and Phi, the two islands of Dorkugal. Since the lounge is located so high up, you can see 8 kilometers out into the Southern Ocean. Sadly, it's closed to all but Dorkugese Government Officials. However, in addition to the lounge, there's a fancy restaurant where everyone, including the citizens, can dine out.

On the rooftop is Googolplex Heliport. There are a few helipads where helicopters operate a routine shuttle service, which flies from here to Stevie Falcon International Airport, the airport of Dorkugal.

In addition to this large, towering skyscraper, there are also ports. The Googolplex has 2 ports, North Port and South Port,both located on the northern and southern coasts of the island respectively. The two ports are very large, since most of Dorkugal's imports arrive from here. This is one of the places where computers are exported, and since Dorkugal has no iron, coal, or oil, many other products are imported here.


  • Tourists


  • Castillan Spies. Although Castilla feels superior over the Dorkuguese, the Castillans dispatch spies against the Dorkuguese to learn all their secrets.


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