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Goorpboarer Loorp Doorp XXII, best known as Goorp, is an Adelie penguin who is a good friend/test subject to Abdul54, previous Mwa Mwa Penguin, and is a stuntdevil.


Goorp with his helmet on
Born Goorpboarer Loorp Doorp XXII
March 10 1998 (age 15)
Club Penguin Island, USA
Gender Male
Other names Goorp
Occupation Trying out inventions he think is "safe"
Years active 2006-present
Height 1' 6"
Weight 9 pounds
Known for Helping Abdul54
Title Good


Goorpboarer Loorp Doorp XXII was born in March 10 1998 in Club Penguin Island, USA. On his 7th birthday, he was gifted his helmet and, when receiving it, was inspired to do dangerous stunts. When he was 11, he shot a cannon to Darktan. Because of Darktan's fury, this caused him to become a Mwa Mwa Penguin for 2 years. Once he became 13, he continued to use a cannon to shoot around many things, but the only time he failed is around Winston. When he was 15, he said that the "most amazing thing to happen" to him was, well... to him, the most amazing thing to happen to him was when he saw Abdul54 come from the future to 2013, and once he got into the conversation with him, they became friends and Goorp soon became Abdul54's wingman.

Friends/Allies and Enemies[edit]




He is pretty dumb, as he never thinks before doing dangerous stunts. He also is extremely clumsy.


  • Despite being a test subject, he also helps Abdul54 with his inventions.
  • Nobody not even Abdul54, knows what is under his helmet.
  • He hates clothes.
  • He is very ignorant.
  • Never ask him what he did when he was a Mwa Mwa Penguin, or he will get into his cannon and fire at you.
  • He was a record-breaker for 50 seconds, then a PWNguin beat him.


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