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Gordon Jaime Ramses
Gordon Ramses.jpg
The famous chef, Gordon Ramses!
Title Chef, Meanest Puffle on Earth (Yes, he rivals Mabel)
Gender Male
Race Puffle
Faction Puffle Chef Union
Health That depends on what he is doing
Status Insulting you and your bad cooking
Location His kitchen, screaming at a student
Birth date 8 November, 1966 (Age 45)
Occupation Chef
Interests Cooking, insulting, screaming, being mean in general.
Friends Anyone who can pass his class. But don't get too good, or he'll see you as a rival and challenge you to a... COOKING DEATHMATCH!
Enemies Mabel, You, everyone who can't cook
Archetype Antagonist

Gordon Jaime Ramses is a Puffle in Club Penguin Island, known for his excellent cooking but also for his mean attitude agaisnt anyone who can't cook. He also has the ability to talk, just like the rest of the Ramses family.


Early life[edit]

Gordon Ramses was born in Puffle'and, from his father Gordon Ramses Sr. Ever since he was two, he was interested in cooking, but his parents thought different. At age 12, his parents forced him to try out for a soccer team (or as he called him "Association Football"), and he passed, but not as the player, but as the ball. After playing as a ball for five years (his parents wouldn't let him leave the team), at age 16 he left the house to go to The Frankterran Le Cordon-Rouge culinary academy. He studied there for three years. It is rumored he got his bad temper from his teacher. His teacher was the one who screamed at him each time he got something wrong, and Ramses, desiring to be like him, started screaming at other students when they did something wrong. And this is what made him what he is today.

Glory years[edit]

Ramses started his career as the teacher that would substitute his old one at The Frankterran "Le Cordon Rouge", who had died months earlier. He wanted to be a different teacher, but also the same one. What I mean is: Different person, same personality. What I mean again is: Ramses insulted and screamed at all his students. Only at a much higher degree of anger. After serving two years at the academy, he was fired for bad temper and throwing at a student a kitchen knife because of his cooking belonging to the "lou". After this, he was offered various jobs as chef at various restaurants, which he always quit two months later (he says those restaurants are not at "his level). During his time in different restaurants, he won 6 Michealon stars. He moved to Club Penguin Island, and founded his own restaurant, Pharaoh's Restaurant, which won 3 Micheal stars, and won for Ramses 5 more Micheal stars.

TV Show[edit]

Gordon Ramses stars in his own two TV shows, Ramses' Cooking Hell, in which he has a student over which he teaches how to cook (and if he fails, insults him, screams at him and will hate him forever). In his other TV show, Culinary Fail, he visits an unsuccesful restaurant and tries to make it better (and if he fails, remember, it's the restaurant's fault for not being good at first).


  • Gordon Ramses owns a restaurant, Pharaoh's Restaurant.
  • Ramses stars in two TV shows, Ramses' Cooking Hell and Culinary Fail.
  • He used to be a teacher in The Frankterran "Le Cordon Rouge" culinary academy.

Teaching methods[edit]

Gordon Ramses is a really nice guy when you meet him, but when it comes to cooking, he is like a true Demon Penguin. Those who fail his class are insulted in front of all the world on television, both he/she and his/her cooking. He is obsessive about perfection, symmetry, and ripeness. His high temper has reached its limit when he started throwing kitchen utensils and the student's bad cooking to his guest. He was sued, but the judge and jury we're too scared to contradict Gordon, so they declared him not guilty. As demonstrated in a interview, Ramses has no idea of his excessive bad temper, forgetting every insult and near-crime he has committed. Or he is too embarrassed to admit it. Ramses will treat well good students, but excessively good students will be considered a dangerous rival to him, and will be challenged to a COOKING DEATHMATCH! Note that no one has won AND survived a Cooking Deathmatch with him. EVER.


To bad students[edit]

  • What kind of cooking is this? This thing belongs to the lou!
  • How do you dare call yourself a cook? This you have prepared looks like it came from my garbage can!
  • Agh! That cooking... It burns my eyes!
  • What is this you have cooked? I swear I cooked better when I was one! (Ramses is lying here. Ramses didn't even know what was cooking at age one. He knew what it was AT AGE TWO!).

To good students[edit]

  • You, my friend, are not a man. You, are a man-angel!
  • You, are a smart ol' lad indeed! If you we're a woman, I would kiss you!

To excessively good students[edit]

  • You are too good for this show. So, I challenge you to a... COOKING DEATHMATCH! *thunder and lightning*.
  • (After beating someone at a cooking deathmatch): You have lost to me. And now, you will-(This part of the phrase has been censored for excessive senseless violence. We will return you to the article shortly).



  • Gordon Ramses is a talking puffle. We wish he wasn't...
  • Ramses could be considered a criminal for kitchen violence, but the jury and judge are too scared to declare him guilty.
  • Ramses has no idea of his high temper and his excessive violence.
  • He claims he quit all his jobs as chef, but it is possible he got fired for reasons we all know.
  • Ramses favorite food is cuisine. So if you have cuisine in your hands, and Ramses sees you, it BETTER be good.
  • Almost everyone has failed Ramses' on-screen classes.
  • As many puffles, Ramses can lift things (his ingredients and his throwing utensils) without hands or thumbs. Weird...
  • The chefs of Frankterre despise him because he is from Puffle'and.
  • He is a parody of Gordon Ramsay.

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